Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hey Mr. Postman!

More TOYS came in the mail today- Hooray!  J  Now, what could be better than that, Friends?

My Marvel Famous Covers 9” Daredevil- I’ve had a couple of these Famous Covers dolls, er ummm… action figures come with parts of the soft vinyl gloves torn from sticking inside the 15 year old packaging. In both cases, I paid a pretty low price so I wasn’t to upset. In Daredevil’s case, the damaged was done to his “mittens” which I didn’t like anyway- I’m currently looking into some better replacement gloves online, so if you have any suggestions please share. I paid $11.94 for him (that INCLUDED shipping), so it wouldn’t be worth the time returning him… I resent somewhat that he was listed as NEW on *sigh*. I really like the figure anyway, so hey- “don’t worry, be happy”.

I could not resist the 9” Hasbro Joker… he was just too much fun, and has accessories, including but not limited to a “surprise package” that he can pop open with his cane!
($24.95, included shipping).

And last but not least, the Kenner Legends of Batman “Batman Vs. Catwoman” 12” action figure set- FUN!
($19.69, included shipping)
Hey, it said ages five and up… J 


  1. Those are some nice scores, have you seen the Hasbro 9" Daredevil? That line pretty much replaced my Famous Covers, with the exception of a couple Spidey's, Iron Man and Thor.

    The Joker is sweet I have this guy and he's a keeper.

  2. Yes, I have the First appearance Hasbro Spidey- I didn't luke the Famous Covers Spidey's mask & mittens

  3. The mask didn't bug me that much, but you are right about the mittens, they are kind of a buzz kill. But, when these came out I was just re-discovering my Mego fascination and he fit the bill.