Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey, Mr. Postman!

More TOYS came in the mail this week, Friends- what could be better than that? I’ve been buying up some of ToyBiz’s 10” Marvel Universe Series from the late 90’s… they seem much larger in person, I must say!  That should completely fill up any room I had left in the glass toy case I just bought *sigh*- I was warned by several of you about “the obsession”, and well (laughs) it’s true!

10” ToyBiz Ghost Rider and Moon Knight action figures:

While we are on the subject of buying toys, I also scored this 14” Cosmic Power Galactus that lights up and talks just today-Hooray!! I already received his 10” Cosmic Herald (Silver Surfer) in the mail last week, who desperately needed a giant super-villain to oppress him… it takes all kinds of people, Friends…

In other news, it has been five weeks, officially one month since I gave up alcohol and began my workout regimen- 2 mile powerwalks + 150 60lb. lifts (three positions, four sets) with the weight bar, six days a week. I’ve lost ten pounds and really tightened up the muscles, I sleep less and much better, I have a better overall sense of well being, and I have more money to buy TOYS with. J  As I said in my previous post concerning the subject, this blog and my rediscovered love of toys and comics is a really special thing for me- something happy and new in place of what was an unhealthy situation before. Thank you for cheering me on and accepting me, thank you for sharing your toys with me- it means a great deal to me.
And remember:
-enjoy yourself… life is too short to be down all the time.
-take care of one another… each one of you are special, precious, and divine. Don’t ever listen to anyone who tells you different!
-play with TOYS and have FUN with your life… it might just be the only life you get!
Up, Up And Away!!


  1. Looking good man :) haha & can't wait to see your posts on these cool toys CHEERS

  2. Thanks Alex! So many TOYS to photograph, write about, and learn about here... and more on the way LOL! I'm havin' a ball!

  3. Nice haul! Hope to see more, especially with that Deluxe Ghost Rider. Congrats on the healthy living too :D

  4. Love your attitude, man! The joy in your posts reminds me of why I love toys so much too.

  5. I remember I used to have the GHostrider but in a smaller scale and it can glow in the dark. Really brought back some memories.