Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spooky Eight Inches!

I had to stop and stop and observe the beloved holiday of geeks across the world, Halloween. Halloween has always been my favorite- the candy, spooky stories, horror movies, mysticism, and masquerade make it a fun time. I saw these remakes of the old Mego Mad Monster series on ClassicTVToys.Com and grabbed a few a month or so ago, seeing as the supernatural season was upon us.

Mego had released The Dreadful Dracula and The Monster Frankenstein along with The Horrible Mummy and The Human Wolfman back in 1974. Drac and Frank each had a rare variation; Drac had a red haired version and Frank had a blue haired version. Given the choice at, I chose these re-released variations because they looked even more ridiculous than the black haired ones! J While the construction of these flimsy toys was laughable, they were pretty cheap in price. The arms didn’t even have the ball joint at the shoulder like a typical Mego doll would have- the arms only attached with rubber bands through a holes in the side of the torso. The hand casts are exceptionally poor, rivaling the worst 25-cent peg toys you’ve ever seen. The monster’s shoes were cast in very thin rubber very unevenly, and the outfits, particularly Drac’s, were made out of some really threadbare material. Frank had a (laughs) gold lame braid around his waist where a rope should have been- like he stole it off a Mego Star Trek doll- Fail!! They were so bad it made me laugh! J Still, they’re so goofy lookin’ that it’s fun somehow, heh, heh J

They had some very cool looking 8” “Mego style”, articulated skeletons on, too… though mine came with TWO RIGHT HANDS! Fail!! The only one out of the bunch that was engineered in any respectable way was The Demonic Devil, who seemed noticeably sturdier that the others, both in the fabric of his outfit and body construction. The coolest of all, Demonic Devil had a bitchin’ face sculpt, bendable tail, and cool pitchfork, but the same crappy hands as Drac and Frank.

I did get some cheap laughs out of these funny toys, and had a ball taking creepy pictures of them using construction paper and a flashlight! Ultimately I was amused, as one should be with a toy- though the only thing scary about these guys (laughs) was their quality! There are all kinds of cool accessories for your old or custom Megos over at, just order with care J Happy Halloween!

-Mego Mad Monsters at
-Check out TheGalleryofMonsterToys.Com to see some really cool old toys- Remco made some cool Universal Monsters in the early 80’s!


  1. Your pictures certainly made them look better than the way you've described them :) Happy Halloween CHEERS

  2. Going way back to find this one Super-D great review and thanks for the tip on these i shall back away from these for now but if you ever decide to get rid of yours let me know we can work a little trade or something for them. : )