Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman: More DCD Blackest Night!

After a successful day at work Saturday, I was doubly rewarded at the front door upon my arrival home.
As stated in my last post, whatever DC Direct figures lack in articulation, they more than make up for in aesthetics! After seeing DC Direct's Blackest Night series, Mattel's effort left me somewhat underwhelmed. I was really happy to see these guys!

*DC Direct Blackest Night Series 1 Boodikka

*DC Direct Blackest Night Series 1 Saint Walker

*DC Direct Blackest Night Series 6 Hal Jordan

*DC Direct Blackest Night Series 6 Blue Lantern Flash

*Blackest Night page at DCComics.Com!
*DC Direct Action Figure Archive!
*DC Direct Action Figure Checklist!


  1. I like the packaging on these Super-D.

  2. i know... shame i'm just gonna rip 'em open :D

  3. I really could never open them. I so love the packaging as much as the figures themselves.

  4. they do look cool all packed up, don't they? i just wanna (laughs) touch 'em!