Friday, February 4, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

It is with great comedy that I announce for the fourth day in a row following my commitment to the 28 Day Challenge, I have received toys in the mail (laughs)! I hope you will concur that this most agreeable happenstance is both absurd and  hilarious- I could not have planned something like this, I'm just not that smart :D   Again, these were purchased during the month of January. As promised, I have purchased no toys or comics in February. I did buy a lot of action figures there at the end of January, more of which will arrive in the next few days. I have been completely honest about this, and am determined to stay the course for the duration.

*DC Armory Nightwing & Flamebird by DC Direct:

I found these to be most unusual upon discovering them, and though I knew almost nothing of the story they are based on, my decision to purchased them was based purely on their aesthetics. You may remember when in a previous post discussing the Nightwing of Gotham City fame, I mentioned that Dick Grayson decided on his new alias after retiring as Robin, Batman's sidekick, to strike out on his own. And that Dick borrowed that name from his idol, Superman, who used the alias for a brief period while fighting crime in the Kryptonian city of Kandor. Superman's sidekick at the time was none other than Jimmy Olsen, of the Daily Planet in Metropolis, disguised as Flamebird. When Powergirl & Supergirl found themselves fighting crime in Kandor in Supergirl #6, they adopted Clark & Jimmy's aliases.

The educated folks at OAFE.NET were as surprised as myself to see these figure produced by DC Direct, claiming that the Kandor City story arc didn't exactly set the world on fire. I love the reviews at OAFE.NET- they have a sense of humor, knowledge of comics, and  realistic expectations from the toys they review. I always check their review archives when looking into a toy I'm interested in.

*DC Armory Nightwing reveiw at OAFE.NET
*DC Armory Flamebird reveiw at OAFE.NET

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