Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman! ...AGAIN!

Yes, I received yet more toys in the mail... don't hate. It's fun to be me  :D

DC Direct 1:6 Deluxe Green Lantern Corps & Sinestro Action Figures
I've been waiting for the right moment to score these at the right price... that time has come. I have been reading A LOT of Green Lantern/Sinestro this year, and I love these big dollies - they have light-up lanterns :)

Batman: The Brave & The Bold Action League Series Batman Vs. Etrigan the Demon
I fell in love with this set after seeing it on Toyriffic toy blog, and am currently reading Jack Kirby's Etrigan Omnibus I scored on Amazon for, like, five bucks! Fun!

Justice League Unlimited Planet Patrol Wonder Woman
I've got a few of these little guys, and like the Superman & Batman from this series, I wanted a variant of Wonder Woman. She has pants, a sword, and cape...

Justice League Unlimited Atom
He was hard to find for under ten bucks, but I finally found him for six bucks (shipping included) on eBay. The best part about this guy is that he comes with a tiny version of himself, too- GREAT!

I also have a JLU Metamorpho coming that I'm excited about- it's really been a fun month for toys over here, and I'm glad you've come to read about my crazy obsession. It's hard to believe how unhappy/unhealthy my life was less than a year ago. I turned that around, turned off that negative pattern of thinking/living, and created this happy place where all are welcome to come enjoy TOYS and having FUN! I want you to take that joy with you and share it with all those you meet- you deserve to be happy and love your life!


  1. Great scores and great sentiment!

    Also, where did you score the Demon omnibus from - for that cheap I need to get one for myself!

  2. Hey Bubbs- got from Brilanti Books on Amazon- they looked like they were closing out... they still have one, but raised the price to $28.99. Did I luck out?? Maybe so...

  3. Awesome pick-ups buddy and i like the different heads for the GL Doll very nice.

  4. I picked up one of those DCD 13 inch GL a few years ago on a whim (FAO Schwartz had them clearanced for $30). I've got something like 5 figures now, along with a Barbie Supergirl (hey - scale's just about perfect).

    Dolls are awesome.

  5. Yes, Erin- I read all abot him at The Clearance Bin :) Did you review all the others on TCB? I didn't get as good a deal on him as you did, but I DID get a good deal on Sinestro. I think I saw Barbie Supergirl, and I've seen a Barbie Batgirl that is great!

  6. Oh, I definitely reviewed them all. In fact, I reviewed Bizarro twice: The best of the lot is The Joker, with the "Modern" Batman a close second. If you ever find either of those for a decent price, I strongly recommend picking them up.

  7. Ahhh- found them all today, very good- yes, i have Modern Bats, he's great