Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

It seems I never run out of older toys to discover on the internet- having only began toy collecting as an adult less than a year ago, there was a lot to explore.  If you've been keeping up with The Super-DuperToyBox, one might imagine my delight when I found these:

*Mattel DC Super Friends Superman w/Slam & Bam Wall and Batman w/Throwing Action.
These chunky, colorful action figures from 2007 are right in line with the kind of toys I've been enjoying lately (DC Imaginext, Batman B&TB, DC Action League). The same day I ordered these, I got an Aquaman & Hawkman which I showed you last week. And by the way... why didn't anyone tell me about these??!  (Bubba, ChunkyB- I'm lookin' at you!)  Actually, Bubba did in a post on the Hawkman from this series a little while back. Like the Super Friends Hawkman, I chose the variant Superman & Batman figures from this toy line- sometimes I'm just that kinda guy  :D

*Mattel DC Super Friends My First Batmobile
Try not to laugh too damned hard, but when I saw a video of this on YouBoob awhile back (where I first saw the Superman variant), I squealed like a little girl  :D  DEEE-Lighted, Friends! I questioned my own sanity at purchasing such a whopping BIG vehicle, but I found one for five bucks less than it went for retail in '07, and I just (laughs) couldn't pass it up  :D 

Yes, I have opened it, and have been playing with it non-stop for the last few days- it has a variety of sounds, lights, pop-out wings, and a hidden net launcher in the grill! Principle photography has already been completed- there will also be videos, a parade, dancing bears, and a twenty-one gun salute with fireworks as I rocket past the stratosphere fueled with unbridled excitement over this most kickass Batmobile  :D 
Stay Tuned!


  1. Haha nice!

    In my defense, I stayed away from this line - I did once have a Superman and gave it away in a contest, but that was pre-SDTB by a long ways.

    CB has no excuse, he should have told you about these sooner ;)

    BTW is that Superman variant HTF or something - I'm pretty sure I saw it in a local Rite-Aid store or somesuch recently.

  2. Hard to find? Well, I've never seen these in a store- I assumed four years had killed off any inventory left. The variant Superman was hard for me to find initially, as I wasn't 100 % sure what I was looking for after seeing him on YouTube- I was obseesed about him, though- and eventually found him on Amazon. There aren't A LOT of these on E-Bay- they were likely bought for children, mostly, and thrown away after used or in the bottom of some kids closet right now

  3. That batmobile actually looks pretty cool haha, can a figure be put in the driver seat?

  4. Those are cool Colin congrats on them and i have never seen these before.

  5. Thanks JBoy! YES, Jcee- two figures fit in the cockpit -guess who's in there right now? :)

  6. Nice score!... one of my favorite toy Batmobiles of all-time. I couldn't pass this one up, either. Don't you just love how many play features and how durable the thing is? If only toy companies would put that much into their toys for older kids (... and OLD kids, like us)...;)

  7. These look awesome! I'm gonna have to start investing in some of these for my two month-old son

  8. I think maybe you should buy your postman/post woman lunch sometime, you have to be killin' em with all the great stuff you are getting in the mail.