Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Toy Shopping

Had a wonderful Sunday off, so I decided to run around town and buy some toys  :)

*Hasbro Marvel Universe Dark Hawkeye, Thanos, Iron Patriot
I was never one for this scale of figure, but I saw Thanos at Wal-Mart & loved him! Dark Hawkeye is supposedly villain Bullseye posing a Hawkeye, doing dirty work for Norman Osborn- whatever. Just looked like a cool Hawkeye figure to me. And I'm a BIG fan of the Iron Patriot figure- VERY cool!

*Hasbro Iron man 2 Fusion Armor Iron Man & Air Assault Drone
While on the 4" figures kick, I saw these a K-Mart and thought they'd go well with my Iron Patriot. The dutiful lady checking me out noticed the SKU# marked out on the Fusion Armor Iron Man's package. Thinking it must be clearance. I told her it was priced $6.99 like the other toy, but insisted on calling toys to find out. When no one answered, she just gave me 30% off! "Thank You!" I like the heft of the Air Assault Drone, and I a fan of the variant so a Blue Iron Man rocks in my book. I already have a blue Marvel Select Stealth Armor Iron Man, so that's kinda fun  :)

*Hasbro Paratrooper Dive Captain America
I saw ChunkyB talking about the Paratrooper Dive Captain America on a fellow toy blogger's site, and when I saw it at Wal-Mart later on in the day, I could not resist. He looked sturdier than the other new Captain America toys we're seeing everywhere now. He has a parachute!

So yeah... all Marvel today. Shocked? I actually like Marvel a lot and have some cool Marvel toys, but yeah- this is kinda rare for me. I'll tell you though: I've already opened all these and taken about 140 pictures, and I like these a lot. The Marvel Universe toys in particular have some impressive articulation & detail for such tiny figures. I'm 98% sure I'll buy a few more!

More Later- Have A Great Week!


  1. What a great haul Super-D congrats. : )

  2. I am curious...does the parachute really work???

    Nice haul though!

  3. Aah, I'm super jealous that you found Thanos! And the Air Assault Drone.

  4. Awesome that you ot Thanos! Great haul, dude! :)

  5. Hey Thanks for the shout out, cool! That is a mass of Marvel goodies man, I still have not found Thanos, can't wait to see all you picts with that one.