Friday, September 16, 2011

Toy Shopping this Month: Marvel Universe!

This last Tuesday was my first day off since my boss left for an eight day vacation, and I sold a heap of toys, so I went shopping  :D

*Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Deadpool & Taskmaster Comic 2 pack
I've been waiting for this one since I saw it at Slangards blog- I love the pictures on his blog, and I hold him personally responsible for my recent foray into the Thor movie figures. I'd heard about sightings in retail and finally found it at a TRU across the county. Love at first sight!

*Thor The Mighty Avenger Ram Smash Volstagg
Also have been waiting to find this first series 3 3/4" Thor Movie figures Volstagg! Check out the beard! ...only one I've seen out since I began my late charge into these. He had a messed up card, but I'll take it! Target.

*Marvel Universe Kitty Pryde
Also the only time I've seen this 3 3/4" MU Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat. Love the classic X-Men outfit. Includes her little purple dragon, Lockheed  :D  Target.

*Marvel Universe Jean Grey
Needed more ladies!  ...also more X-Men  :D  Marvel Girl in her 90's outfit- not for everyone, but I like it.
*Marvel Universe Cyclops
Jean's lover & field leader of the X-Men, Scott, also in his 90's outfit

*Marvel Universe Wrecker
I used to see him more often, but he's become more scarce. I like a beefy MU figure, and Wrecker is a little thicker than some. Read about him in Secret Wars series back in the 80's. Might I say that I also love the packaging art on this series of Hasbro product. Wal-Mart.
*Marvel Universe Skrull Soldier
I'm not really a conventional army builder, but this is one of the most detailed of these Marvel Universe figures- very cool! Needed another to play henchman to Thanos against the recent Frost Giant brawl  :D TRU sells these for 50 cents more than Wal-Mart...

*Marvel Universe X-Force 3 Pack
Deadpool, Wolverine, & Warpath on one team- lots of slashing blades, Friends. I actually passed on this awhile back while picking up a couple other MU box sets, but not this time. Wal-Mart.

Then after work Thursday I stopped at TRU & found some other cool stuff:

*Marvel Universe X-Men First Class Marvel Girl & Cyclops Comic 2 Pack
True, I had already scored a Cyclops & Jean Grey on Tuesday, but I liked the classic X-Men outfits on these- they'll look cool with Kitty Pryde! I've passed on this a few times, but couldn't stop looking at it- really cool. There's also a Secret Wars Pheonix/Cyclops 2 Pack I like...

*Marvel Universe Hulk & Ms. Marvel
While at TRU picking up the First Class 2 Pack, I lucked out and found S.H.I.E.L.D. Series Hulk I never thought I'd see. Wow!  Also found Ms. Marvel to go with my MU Capt. Marvel. Really wanted her too! One stop.  Like I said on my last toy shopping post, it seems like there's been some old stock dragged out in clearing out for the fourth quarter wave of merchandise, or someone put an order in. I've had amazing luck with these this month, and I haven't bought everything I wanted to  :D  I've seen a sudden flush of of earlier and newer waves. Good Times!

And... a month ago, before I got any of these, I scored some other great Marvel Universe stuff I never showed you:

*Marvel Universe Classic Avengers & Fantastic Four Box Sets
I almost fell over when I saw these at the Wal-Mart across the street last month- had been obsessed over pictures of the Classic Avengers set for months. Great timing since I'm reading Marvel Masterworks The Avengers Vol. 1 & 2 right now. The Fantasic Four set didn't include a Human Torch, but I scored a great translucent version back in July, so I went for it. These box sets are an okay value at Wal-Mart for twenty bucks.

*Marvel Universe Masterworks 16" Sentinel
Was waiting for this this guy to show up, and pounced on the first one I saw at TRU a month ago. I'd like a purple/blue SDCC version too, and heard they will eventually release those in retail. This one came with a 3 3/4" Wolverine in his blue & yellow outfit. I need to stop screwing around & crack this puppy open. Greatness, I say!

Needless to say, I'll be writing about Marvel Universe a lot in the near future, but also have a lot of writing to do about what I've been reading and other toys I've been photographing lately. So try to keep up, okay?  ;D

More Later- Keep It FUN!


  1. Fricken SWEET HAUL DUDE! I just finished the first volume of my Masterworks Avengers and now I want to get that Classic Avengers set, before read that comic I always thought that set looked ugly but not anymore haha! Now I am starting on the FF4 vol. 1...these comics are quite addicting haha!

  2. I want to read some early X-Men sometime this fall- on the lookout for some at a good price, and more Fantastic Four or Defenders would be great, too-

  3. A-FRIGGIN'-MAZIN' haul!I would have paid for Lockheed alone,Kitty Pride is a nice bonus though.Very Nice!

  4. Oh man it's Marvel Madness at the Super-Duper Toy Box! What a massive haul of MU stuff congrats on it all buddy.

  5. Holy haul! That's some loot you got there.

  6. Who's got two thumbs and is jealous? THIS guy, right here!

  7. That sentinel is pretty sweet. I like my figures out outsize all the others but for some reason I don't like the 3.75 figures. They are just too smalll for my meathooks to play with.