Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday Comics Haul: More 80's Uncanny X-Men!

A few words on my Tuesday comics haul, my love for old comics, and what I'm currently reading  :)

I enjoyed the 1988 Uncanny X-Men issues I picked up last Sunday so much, that I went back to BAM! and piced up some more issues that surround the "Fall of the Mutants" event of early 1988. As I say in the video, while I'm a novice at the X-Men, these aren't my first experiences with the group. I had some Uncanny X-Men in my teen years, including this trade paperback (left) that follows the group through 1980, telling the story of Jean Grey's fall from grace in the "Dark Phoenix" story arc- loved it as a kid and read it again a year ago. This well-thumbed tome is fallin' apart at the seams! -Loved it as a kid and read it again a year ago.

Also of note, I picked up Captain Marvel: Secret Invasion  trade paperback (Marvel, 2007-2009) at The Fantasy Shop last Sunday. The Kree Warrior is back ...or is he?  The collected works of his return- Captain Marvel # 1-5 plus Civil War: The Return. Greatness! I love Captain Marvel, and read the TPB  The Life & Death of Captain Marvel, as well as The Avengers: The Kree-Skrull War (Roy Thomas' excuse to write more about Cap after the title was cancelled, I understand!) both this year. The artwork in this rocks and I've really been enjoying it! The melodramitic nature of Captain Marvel stories are an acquired taste I almost didn't get at first, but I find his space opera heroics are a blast to me now. FUN!

AND... The TPB of Avengers-Defenders War (Marvel, 2002) I scored on Amazon came in today- a reprinted collection of Avengers #115-118, and Defenders#8-11, the 1973 crossover clash of these two titles' Marvel superhero teams. Look at that new cover! You know that's gonna rock!

As stated in my last post, I have great a love for old comics & the old Marvel stories, remembering pop culture back when I was a kid, and thinking about that in context with all that came to be up to now. Fascinating!  They are a slice of a time past- an exciting, fun time in the Marvel Universe.

More Later- Make It Fun!

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  1. I love these old back issues.It's great how they strategically place adds right after an exciting part of the comic making you want to skip quickly to the next page.Although some of those adds are great and bring me back to those good ol' days!Great haul!