Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!/November Shopping

It's been awhile since I got toys online since I've been having such good luck locally, but found some I'd been searching for at a reasonable price in the far outer reaches of the interwebs recently.

*Marvel Universe Archangel & Stealth Ops Iron Man
That damned Archangel can go for a fortune online- one of the most sought after in the line after the Vision. Having no luck on the usual online places, I found him & Stealth Ops Iron Man on someone's E-Crater store at a much better price.

*Marvel Universe Doc Sampson
 Doc Sampson- never found him in the wild & got him at a decent price- plus, he pushed an Amazon order over $25.00 for free shipping. Ironically, I've seen him out all the sudden! Sadly, while there's stock in back or at a warehouse, no one is walking around TRU or Target checking how many there are of each character, hence we see these occasional flushes of older figures.

And... along with the Doc Sampson above, I found some Brave & the Bold characters on Amazon for less than what they went for originally in retail & free shipping:

* Batman: the Brave & the Bold Rocket Blast Firestorm
Sellers have been trying to unload these since spring, and while I'd seen him out on clearance a little lower than this, seven bucks w/free shipping was pretty good. Since the new Stealth Attack figures came out, my enthusiam for these has been rejuvenated.

* Batman: the Brave & the Bold Super Saber & Medieval Batman
I missed these coming out awhile ago- so cool! Batman with a sword & armor? Hell yeah...

*Batman: the Brave & the Bold Ninja Batman & Gold w/Starro
I hope Ninja Batman doesn't need an explanation- that just rocks! Like the two Batman variants above, I'd never seen him out on the pegs.  I have the other Metal Man from this series, Iron with the crescent wrench arm- they'll make a nice pair  :)

I've found some cool stuff around town this month as well:

*Marvel Universe Cable
I thought I'd never see this guy out again! Like I said, every once in awhile there is an unexpected flush of figures we've missed as stores restock- I've seen a lot of this around town recently. Cable is a new discovery for me, having recently picked a lot of the 90's Rob Liefeld X-Force issues in the dollar comic bins at BAM!

* DCUC All-Star Flash & Young Justice Aqualad
Target was having a 1/2 off sale on Mattel DC Universe stuff, and I miraculously found a DCUC Flash, long missing from my collection. At $7.99 each, it was hard not to pick up some of the others I saw- a RARE deal, for sure! Speaking of rare deals, I also found this new Young Justice Aqualad box set w/diorama for 1/2 off. Ten bucks! Greatness! I love that show and I love this character!

*DC Action League Martian Manhunter/Deadman & Arkillo/Sinestro 2 Packs
I nearly forgot these were on the way, stumbling across them at Wal-Mart today. I have a ton of these fun little figures- the characters they are putting out are just great!

*The Dollar Comic Bin at BAM!
Ahhh, my curse & gift  :)  I love going through all the bins of old comics at BAM!- so much I haven't read, so many new adventures to experience! Found more issues of the early 90's X-Force recently, along with some Defenders, Dr. Strange, and other assorted oddities of my personal interests. I swear, never will I be done reading these old comics. I love it!

More Later- Keep It Fun!


  1. A-to the-MAZING haul!

  2. Nice grabs!
    And as for TRU and older stock. While Christmas shopping the other night with the wife...I found a clearanced 19inch Ultimate Han Solo. That figure was released in early 2009!
    Just goes to show that there is a treasure trove of stuff in the back room.

  3. Another sweet haul! I can't wait to see the review on Aqualad!!! These figures are REALLY tempting me since I absolutely LOVE the show!