Sunday, August 26, 2012

X-Force Annual #2, Vol.1, 1993

Gosh I love comic annuals- they are usually double issues, and often a story you don't need knowledge of running continuity within a title to enjoy. I found this X-Force Annual #2, Vol.1 from '93 in the dollar comics some time ago, poly-bagged with a Subway sample sticker on it- you'd think a fast food restaurant would give away a lesser title like X-Men Adventures or something, but instead we get a 64 page annual of a hot title, introducing a new character as well. Fabian Nicieza wrote the story, and  Antonio Daniel did a dynamic job penciling the  issue.

Cable & Co. take on fellow mutie X-Treme, whose loyalty belongs to Martin Henry Strong, yet another self-loathing mutant bent on curing all of their genetic "defect". With Strong's promise of a cure and in search of his unknown past, X-Treme topples X-Force when they intervene his attack on Neurotap (Michelle Balters, making her first appearance along with X-Treme and Strong in this issue).  Romantically involved with X-Treme, she betrays X-Treme to win help with her comatose parents from Strong.

Using his Shi'ar blades to cut his enemies and thus oxygenate their blood, X-Treme used his unique ability to ignite the electrolytes present, burning his victims from the inside out.  Sounds unpleasant, no?

Neurotap eventually leads X-Force to Martin Strong, X-Treme seeing the error of his judgement and helping defeat him.  X-Treme, later known as Adam-X, is even offered to run with X-Force, but soldier's on in search of his past. It won't be the last we see of him though, as Adam X returns in X-Force #30 to battle Shatterstar again-but that's a story for another time  :)   Like a lot of those X-Men related titles from the 90's, this one came with a character card, and features the new character X-Treme. Everything was poly-bagged, collector's edition, foil/alternate cover back then- all in an effort to appeal to the sudden glut/boom in sales driven by market speculators, crashing the market and nearly destroying the industry only a few years later.

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  1. Good shit. Anything with Cable is awesome, IMO

  2. We all have polybagged versions in our collections and we all feel shame for contributing to the near demise of our beloved hobby.

    If you want to read a great Cable story check out his own titles with Hope when she was a baby and he raised her in the future with Bishop hot on their tails. All that leads to one of the great deaths in comics. I thought Cable would end up going out like a bitch but his death was fantastic.

  3. I have those Vol.2 Cable books, Kal- been meaning to read them, but keep getting behind on "the stack". Most recently< I've been distracted by about 30 issues of X-Factor from mid 80's to mid 90's and a New Mutants Annual from '84 ;D