Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thor MiniMates: Lady Sif & Volstagg

A quick trip back to my MiniMates fascination: I picked up this 2-pack on clearance awhile back at TRU on account of the damaged package. I loved the armor designs in the 2011 feature film, which was somewhat panned by fanboys and critics alike (and for good reasons), but I was entertained  :D

MiniMates Sif  here doesn't bring actress Jaimie Alexander to mind. Shouldn't she have a ponytail? Maybe not in this particular outfit? At any rate, Jaimie is a ravishingly beautiful woman, and this is a pretty good MiniMate. The deco and colors are nice, and the uniquely sculpted wristbands are cool. She also has a nice range of motion in her limbs, which not all MiniMates enjoy, and her sword is beautifully sculpted & painted. There was also a SDCC Thor "Stormbreaker" set released that included a more comic book inspired Sif with a winged red helmet that totally rules, but this Sif is not without merit, and is probably the more sophisticated version. 

While I was pleasantly surprised with Thor's scorned lover, but I really bought this set for his other companion Volstagg of the Warriors Three. Don't get me wrong- I am a fan of heroic and powerful women, but Thor's bumbling and boisterous brother at arms has some cool armor and a beard...!

I like the whole reddish brown thing going on here, and the copper abdominal armor is nice. There's a lot of paint apps on this guy, and some detailed sculpts- this is a well done MiniMate. His head won't turn and he's somewhat encumbered by the big armor overlay, but he has a wide footing stance. And another great accessory in this 2-pack, Volstagg's battle axe is as nicely detailed as his armor. Really cool! 

Hasbro also did a great job on their 3 3/4" Thor movie figures, the Volstagg from that line a ridiculously detailed, and perfectly executed action figure. This is a perfect opportunity for a round of BIGTOY/littletoy   :D

MiniMates Volstagg and Sif with the Armored Thor that came in a 2-pack with Beta Ray Bill, a set that totally got me into MiniMates...

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  1. lol that Volstagg looks really cool! I love the Minimates with armor bits that goes over the main body.

  2. You need to change you blog's name to MiniDuperMate...Box?

    Ok maybe not.

  3. Love it, nice find! I especially liked the the pic on of mini-Volstagg on big-Volstagg's shoulders.

    Oh, and that armored Thor is killer!