Monday, April 7, 2014

10" JLU Green Arrow

These 10" JLU figures can be hard to come by at a decent price- retailing for around ten or eleven dollars a decade ago, they can run upwards to thirty, forty, even fifty dollars or more on the secondary market today. I love the the 4" Justice League Unlimited figures, styled after the popular animated TV show, so having an oversized rendition of the Green Arrow is of interest to me. I've eyeballed a few on eBay over the last couple years, but recently found this loose specimen in very good condition, shipped for about twenty bucks.

The 10" JLU Green Arrow is much like his 4" counterpart, with the addition of a bowstring. The leg articulation doesn't kick out at the hip, but swivels side to side at the shorts, and a waist swivel was added- this preserves the integrity of the sculpt. The JLU styling worked especially well on this character, proven in plastic with this display figure. I have a 10" JLU Martian Manhunter still boxed as well that I covet, another character I enjoy collecting.

I have quite a collection of Green Arrow figures, including two unopened DC Direct, and two unopened DCUCs. Below are a few currently on display at the Super-DuperToyBox...

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  1. He was so cool to me when they released him in the Super Powers series. Wanted him really bad. I have never owned a Green Arrow to this day.

  2. What a sweet collect of Green Arrows you have Super D and i will have to keep my eyes out at our local Flea Markets for some of these larger JLU figures for you. I had no ideal that the mark-up on them was so much higher now.

  3. It's interesting that they would even add a string to his bow. I guess it would look a little odd without it though. Still, those JLU figures were amazing. Tis a shame they couldn't add regular hip articulation though.

  4. I was looking at this and wishing I had one and then I looked at my pictures and noticed I had the figure in box with the rest of my JLA 10 inchers. I so wish I had a Wonder Woman. That is the one I am looking for. They are so great. I also love when you show the pictures of all the variations of one figure. Those I always will share at the Cave of Cool.