Friday, April 4, 2014

Marvel NOW: Moon Knight

I"m not sure when I heard Marvel would be launching Moon Knight under it's NOW! imprint, but was delighted to see it appear recently. My knowledge of the character's past continuity is very limited, but curiosity about him linked to early childhood memories, having first seen him in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #22. While I reminisced the 1978 issue in a post here last summer, I have not kept up on the nocturnal vigilante, who is often criticized as the poor man's Batman, the comparisons obvious. With little exposure to this somewhat second-tier hero, comparison to his handling in the past is a futile pursuit here. I will say this continuation of Marc Spector's journey as the Moon Knight has a spooky feel, haunted by the spirit of Khonshu and his resulting dissociative identity issues. Unfamiliar with the events surrounding his disappearance prior to this reintroduction, I am truly experiencing the character wax anew.

Moon Knight's first appearance was in Werewolf by Night #32, 1975 (included in the second edition of the said Marvel Essential TPB I've been reading), and the character hopped from book to book before getting his own title that spans five volumes, scattered between 1980 and 2011. Awhile back I'd found the first Moon Knight Special Edition from November 1983, and eerily found the second, December issue while picking up the first Marvel NOW! issue. Cool. The second Special Edition is pretty juvenile, but the first kinda has things going for it... like a story. These were reprints of  Moon Knight's appearances in The Hulk!, whose star bumbles stupidly through the beginning of the second issue- this kills the mood, then we get a serial killer, axe murderer in a clown mask. I prefer the cover on the first as well, which like the second folds around onto the verso, revealing his nemesis. Very dynamic! The art inside had some solid, traditional comics illustration by the celebrated Bill Sienkiewicz. 

The NOW! relaunch is dark but smartly dry ghost story, haunted by a skeletal avian apparition, post-Donnie Darko. The shadowy art is creatively arranged and cinematic in feel. Showing up in the first issue to confront the villain in a white suit continued the theatrical characterization Moon Knight evokes. I will keep reading to see how things progress from this interesting reappearance. What is your favorite run/volume of Moon Knight? 

Above: 4" Marvel Universe Moon Knight I scored in 2011.

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  1. I really liked the 80s stuff when they really played up his multiple personalities. I enjoyed this new Noir take on the character. The white suit is so visually impressive that I want there to be a Moon Knight Detective in the Marvel Universe.

  2. Am glad to see this character is still around in the Marvel Universe i have always liked Moon Knight and thought he was much more than a poor man's Batman much as i find Marvel's Sentry a much better character than DC Comic's Superman.

  3. Moon knight is such a kick @%# character.I wish his MU figure wasn't so darned expensive :(

  4. So glad I got his MU figure this year.