Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Batman Arkham Series Funko Mystery Mini Batman & Robin

I know what I want from a series, so I skipped the whole blind box novelty of these 3" Funko vinyls and bought them on eBay. Robin looks right styled with a hood, and chose the more conventional Batman from this series, which included at least three versions- likely due to his shiny cowl which has lots of eye appeal. In January I reviewed Kidrobot Flash and Green Arrow blind box figures, which had swivel heads and arms, but Batman has his own vinyl figure subcategory within my collection, within which these shall complement nicely.

Though not articulated, I love these together! My only complaint would be their somewhat unstable footprint, Batman the worst offender due to his forward stance. The issue seems inconceivable with their stubby limbs and short stature, but the head size is the culprit. This has been the case in a few similarly proportioned toys I've picked up recently, such as the diecast Jada Armored Batman. They do, however, stand well enough to amuse me...

Batman Arkham Series Funko Mystery Mini Batman & Robin with Mattel 6" Batman Unlimited New 52 Batman and DC Direct 7" Arkham City Robin...

Batman Arkham Series Funko Mystery Mini Batman & Robin with Funko POP! Series Arkham Knight... though from a different series, they go well together in a way, the sign of a toymaker with a style...

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  1. These do look really cool. I'm not that into the blind box aspect of these but I do hope we get a second series with a Batgirl or Oracle in it. I'd splurge to pick her up for the collection.

  2. Those look solid - and they look like they might have a little more detail than a lot of Funko minis, so that's cool to see.

  3. Hate blind boxes. But these look excellent as always. Might track down Harley on eBay though!