Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Iron Man #290 (1993)

Fresh from the dollar comics bin, this 30th Anniversary issue #290 of Iron Man, complete with '90s foil embossed cover, a trait I'm actually fond of. Though formerly unfamiliar with artist Kevin Hopsgood, I enjoyed the dramatic art in this issue, complimented by Steve Mitchell's inks and Ariane's colors. Like a lot of fans, Iron Man was a sort of 2nd tier character for me until the 2008 film starring Robert Downey Jr., even if unfairly so. It's fun to go back and appreciate the character properly, pulling stories randomly throughout Iron Man's history, and this issue did not disappoint me!

Presumed dead back in issue #284, Tony Stark miraculously wills himself back to life, having reprocessed his memories and artificial nervous system- like rebooting a computer! Through the Stark Enterprises computer, Tony summons Abe Zimmer to bring a neural interface to C.A.D.A.M., helping the paralyzed hero access and operate an automated design and manufacturing facility.

Stark proceeds to build the Neuromimetic Telepresence Unit (see The Iron Man Armory) remotely, powering the suit up just in time to save his company from hostile takeover by entrepreneur Osamu Moroboshi's drone army!

Iron Man is surprised by Moroboshi International's armored resilience, but comes back for round two swinging! The Telepresence Unit (NTU-150) enhances Stark's senses, a tactile simulation processor making it feel and react as though he were there in it, the disadvantage a sort of neural feedback that could kill the operator if fatally damaged in combat. That said, Tony won't allow this year's model to go down without a fight ...!

Angrily quitting his temporary CEO duties after discovering Tony alive, and unaware of what's happening back at Stark Enterprises, a rejected James Rhodes is violently targeted by Moroboshi International's drone army! I'm unsure of what happens in issue #291, "Judgement Day", but I'm sure curious if War Machine makes a comeback, his first appearance only six issues back in the September 1992 issue of Iron Man #284! Riveting!

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  1. I was a big fan of these wild foil covers or glow in the dark gimmicks during the 90s. I was seduced by all that sparkle.