Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bandai Gundam Converge- Char's Zaku II

I found this odd, little 2 1/4" Gundam Converge at TRU a couple weeks ago, and as I'm a fan of vinyl figures, particularly of Japanese import, I thought I'd take a chance on him. He has some limited articulation in the shoulders and neck, merely plugged into the torso, and a removable bazooka. The eye moves side to side under his removable helmet as well, a nice touch. He stands okay with his bazooka down, but requires the included base with the weapon extended.

I know nothing of the anime Mobile Suit Gundam that populate the Universal Century metaverse, but I do admire the exotic appeal of this vinyl minifigure. For the same reasons I own Power Rangers/Super Sentai and Sofubi vinyl, these Gundam Converge interest me, and the detail in the sculpt is great. Fun!

Below, the Gundam Converge with my Hot Wheels Mega Bloks Racer, Mighty Minis Batman Beyond, Evangelion Bearbrick , MiniMates Heartbreaker Iron Man, and Lego Deadpool Minifigure...

Below, the Gundam Converge with the Mighty Minis Batman Beyond from my last post- I like these two together, a pairing I would have happily teamed up as a kid!

Below, the Gundam Converge takes aim with my Stealth Strike Knight Battle Batman...

Below, the Gundam Converge battles with my TMNT Mega Bloks Foot Soldier...

More Later- Make It FUN!

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