Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Seen Toy Shopping Recently...

This is merely a post to show a few things that interested me enough to capture a pic, but not get my wallet out in the last few months. This blog is rarely a source for what's new in comics or action figures, and though you have likely seen most of this, these action figures caught my eye on the pegs during a few recent outings.

Above are three Batman v Superman series Aquaman variants I've spotted multiple times at local retail. I must admit I've admired these more basic 6" action figures from the Mattel line, though I've not purchased any, which predictably include Multiple Superman and Batman variants. Below, Funko Dorbz Green Lantern Batman and Sinestro vinyl figures- I'm a big fan of the Green Lantern/Batman mashup and the Sinestro/Batman mashup, and these were hard to pass up....

While I'm not likely finished collecting large action figures, I already have a 12" New 52 Superman in this Mattel style. I liked these new Justice League Action toys styled after the recent animated show, but at some point you stop buying every Justice League action figure line that appears...

On the Marvel end of large action figures, some new Titan Hero series characters have been appearing, these from the Spider-Man subline. I nearly bought the Spyder Knight for his unique armored styling, and though not sighted on the pegs, the line boasts a Big Time Spidey on the packaging... 

I stopped buying Hasbro's 3.75" Marvel Universe figures after filling a giant tote of MOC examples, and opening/photographing as many, but I do like some of these new offerings. Another hindrance has been the price, which has doubled since the first I bought in 2011, which included bases! Purchasing the four samples pictured below would cost you about fifty bucks, which seems like a poor value- my advice would be to keep an eye out for a sale on these, as recent waves have ended up on clearance with time. 

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Damn,where was this,Target?Gotta get my hands on that Vision and Rogue.

  2. The Titan heros should REALLY release a Sentinel! Hell I would buy 4

    1. Hasbro missed their chance with Future Past. I have the Marvel Univ. version from a few years ago that talks & lights up

  3. These Titan heroes are cheap to produce though. And the cost is cheap. It would behoove them to make some Sentinels. A kid might buy only one Spiderman but army building he might buy more.

  4. I like the Momoa Aquaman in classic colors!