Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dargo Block World Winged Batman Minifigs, Part 2

Just a quick jog back to the Dargo Block World winged Batman minifigs I posted on in January, two more from the same lot I bought off eBay in 2015. There may or may not be better toys in my collection I just haven't had time to show you, but as I enjoyed the recent Lego Batman film so much, I thought I'd share. The one on the left is a typical all-black Batman, inspired by the '89 Michael Keaton Batman, which carried over into the comics for awhile. The Dargo Batman on the right has a utility belt that reminds me of the Dark Knight outfit worn by Christian Bale....

Below, the Dargo Dark Knight Batman with an as yet to be identified, dark blue Batman from the first lot of Dargo Batmen, and the modern black Batman with another, caped version I posted on along with a BootLego Flash and Superman back in October of 2015...

I think I prefer the torso deco on the winged Dargo more than the caped modern Batman- it's simpler, but the belt and bat symbol show more color, and the armor lines of the chest show better. He looks more like a toy, and I like that! Seeing Batman dressed all in black for the first time back in 1989 was a shock to a Bronze-Age baby like me, but it makes sense as camouflage necessary for the job. It also looks cool!

More Later- Make It FUN!

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