Monday, June 17, 2019

Marvel Legends Wolverine & All-New Wolverine

I posted a picture of these two on my Instagram in mid-October of 2018, and am just getting around to opening them! I've been selling off a lot of my collection, which has kept me busy along with a couple other very involved hobbies that take a lot of time and work. While they are from different Marvel Legends waves, I felt they'd make a nice pair, and I wasn't disappointed. Check out the video:

I've been reading some of the All-New, All-Different Wolverine from Marvel's 2015 relaunch, and have enjoyed it. Laura Kinney/X-23 is an interesting character - from her taking Gabby under her wing, a clone of herself also looking for absolution after escaping Allchemax, to their strange relationship with Old Man Logan from another dimension, designated Earth-807128. How long must we wait to see Laura as full-on Wolverine in the movies?  This needs to happen in the next wave of MCU. As a figure, Laura has some lateral hip articulation limitations, and her toe claws are hard to keep pegged while posing, but I love her aesthetic in that bright Tiger-Stripe outfit. There are some uneven tones in the yellows, but the mask and dynamic hair sculpt are fantastic. Like a lot of female Legends, Laura has single-hinge elbows on a swivel, though she does get beyond 45 degrees, and her hinged wrists help extend that reach. 

The X-Men Series Tiger-Stripe is nearly a perfect figure, built on the same base as the Retro Series Wolverine, whom he complements nicely. His claws are a little loose in their pegs and get moved posing, but don't drop out. An additional portrait would have been nice, maybe a berserker expression- Laura came with an unmasked portrait, and a huge BAF piece for Sauron, and we get skinny little arm hoses for the Apocalypse BAF, and a pair of regular fists for Wolverine. Still, he IS a great figure. Recommended!

Below, Marvel Legends X-Men Wolverine with some other Tiger-Stripe Wolverines that reside in the Super-DuperToyBox:  9" Origins Signature Series Wolverine, 2" Heroes & Villains Wolverine, Marvel Legends 10.5" Wolverine, and Marvel Universe 3.75" Wolverine. See the video above for more figure comparisons with both these Wolverines!

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Sunday, May 26, 2019

More eBay Clearance at the Super-DuperToyBox!

I've been clearing out inventory from the Super-DuperToyBox pretty much continuously since January! Click the eBay Clearance Sale badge at the top of the right sidebar of this blog to bid on some great DC Mattel, Funko POP, Be@rbrick, and more! Hurry- dozens of items have sold on their first auction due to my low pricing! Follow the Super-DuperToyBox Instagram to see live updates on a few of the items as they are going up for auction:

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Funko Dorbz Batman, Batgirl

With the 80th Year Anniversary of Batman this year, I've been a little nostalgic for my childhood favorite, so I thought I'd share these Funko Dorbz I've collected! While I'm a fan of Funko vinyl, these are the only 3" Dorbz I own: Walgreens Exclusive Gold Batman, Walmart Exclusive Zur-En-Arrh Batman, 75th Anniversary Purple Colorway Batman, and Walmart Exclusive TV Series Batgirl. Check out the video:

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Mego 14" Batman, Flash, Green Lantern

While initially excited about Target selling 14" action figures as part of last year's return of Mego, I was simultaneously unsure I wanted to dip my toes in, preoccupied by Hasbro's avalanche of great Marvel Legends being released. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, a sale ran on these for $15.00 each. I'm quite happy with them, though I had to take Green Lantern apart for some customization for combatting his mildly loose torso and limbs. See more on that, along with comparison photos in the video:

I had a lot of Mego action figures as a kid in the '70s, several of the 12" versions, including a magnetic Batman and Robin that remind me a lot of this newer 14" Batman. In fact, his scalloped  gauntlets and utility belt appear to be from the same molds! Batman's grapple hook didn't include a cord, so I opted for some spiffy yellow nylon cord I had. This and the need to customize Green Lantern knock off only a few points as far as I'm concerned, but we are dealing with some deeply seeded nostalgia here- these giant Megos take me back to my childhood, when superheroes and comics were enjoying a Bronze-Age renaissance! Head over to the online Mego Museum for more on the history of Mego!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Marvel Legends Thor & Black Widow (Avengers Infinity War Wave 2)

Backtracking to a couple Marvel Legends figures from the second Avengers Infinity War wave, I picked up Thor and Black Widow a couple weeks ago, the only two I have from what was a pretty good lineup. We are well into an incredible run on the Marvel Legends line, which has produced both comic and movie renditions of a ton of our favorite characters, often in multiple versions. There are so many that I have neither the budget nor space to collect all of them, especially when getting two waves of movie figures, such as the case with Black Panther and Infinity War.

Hasbro also released a sleeveless Thor w/o cape in a box set with Rocket Racoon and teenage Groot, but this one came with the Stormbreaker axe and lighting effect accessory. I love the monochromatic chest plate, and metallic tones throughout the figure's armor!

Below, Infinity War Thor with Marvel Legends Ragnarok Thor. I've had and sold a few Legends Thor figures, but these two are good as any of those- the sculpt detail on both is exceptional...

I had mixed feelings about Black Widow returning with blonde hair in Infinity War, but Hasbro nailed the portrait, and I love the green flak jacket. We are once again denied firearms with our Black Widow figure, instead receiving holstered tasers and escrima sticks that can be assembled into a staff.

Black Widow's flak jacket can be removed if one prefers a more traditional look for the character, and while I'd rather have a couple sidearms, the tasers do sheath snugly into their holsters.

Below, Infinity War Black Widow with last year's Marvel Legends Black Widow from the motorcycle box set, which I got a smokin' Amazon Warehouse Deal on. I enjoyed that set and the 2016 Black Widow title it was aesthetically based on...

I was glad to find these in the wild so many months after their release- I'm now tempted to collect the remaining parts from eBay to assemble the Cull Obsidian BAF. Hasbro captured the look of actors Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johanssen pretty well for mass-produced action figures, and the small details are really great!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Marvel Select Destroyer

I had to circle back for this one after discovering it for a reasonable price on the secondary market, the price skyrocketing a couple years here after it's release. The Marvel Select figures I prefer tend to be their larger characters, though I don't have many- they outsize their Marvel Legends counterparts, and usually have better paint. Marvel Select figures have improved articulation the last few years, and this 9" Destroyer is a good example of this with 18 points, which include hinge/swivel wrists, ankle rockers, and ball-jointed shoulder pads. Check out the video:

While accessories are few, they are the ones that count in a highly 
detailed alternate All-Father Odin headsculpt and 7" Odinsword.

Below, Destroyer with Marvel Select Hulk and Thanos, a couple of
favorite big figs that have been in my collection for years!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

eBay Clearance Sale Continues!

I've been clearing out inventory from the Super-DuperToyBox pretty much continuously since January! Click the eBay Clearance Sale badge at the top of the right sidebar of this blog to bid on some great DC Universe Classics and more! Hurry- dozens of items have sold on their first auction due to my low pricing! Follow the Super-DuperToyBox Instagram to see live updates on a few of the items as they are going up for auction:

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Marvel Legends Dr. Strange

Marvel fans truly live in an Age of Wonder, enjoying a movie like Dr. Strange in these times- who could have imagined we would see something like that all these years later? It was certainly one of my favorite MCU productions, having gone back to explore some of the earlier Steve Ditko material, and later Defenders just a few years ago. I had admired the spectacular detail on this figure upon his release, but had not yet hopped back on the Marvel Legends train in 2016. He had gained some worth in the time since, so I was glad to snag him recently for his original retail price on eBay, shipped free.

The sculpted fabric of Dr. Strange's cloak and clothes are superb, and the portrait of actor Benedict Cumberbatch is reasonably close. Magic effect accessory and extra conjuring hands set are more than one could ask for with such a figure, but one or two more magic accessories could have been fun. He did include a leg for the Dormammu BAF, which may be fiscally irresponsible to pursue currently. Dr. Strange also includes the Eye of Agamatto necklace around his neck, which to my delight is removable. Paint is sparse on throughout, but is present where it counts, particularly effective in the small studs and hoop on Strange's belt. By the time this figure was produced, Hasbro was already taking it's Marvel Legends line to a new level, and this beautiful action figure is a prime example.

Dr. Strange with Marvel Legends Nico Minoru and Magik, the former also part of the 2016 Dr. Strange Wave. Though based on comic versions of these ladies, Strange make an appropriately mystic ally...

Below, Dr. Strange with Star-Lord, Iron Spider, Capt. Marvel, and Mark XLVII Iron Man Sentry. While I enjoyed the recent Captain Marvel movie, I'm really looking forward to Avengers: Endgame, and seeing our favorite Marvel heroes confront Thanos one and for all!

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Goat Guns M4A1 Replica Desert Storm

When Sgt. Gunner over at Goat Guns heard I was collecting Mega Construx Call of Duty sets and minifigs, he sent over their 1:3 scale M4A1 "Desert Storm" replica to complement my new Heavy Tactical Cargo Truck. The details in these diecast/composite model guns are nothing short of stunning, even including a few tiny dummy rounds that fit in the removable ammo clip, and makes a nice background set piece for my modest "army men" display. Check out the video:

Thanks for the care package, Sarge!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Mega Construx Call of Duty Heavy Tactical Cargo Truck

I ordered this Mega Construx Call of Duty Heavy Tactical Cargo Truck from Amazon in early January, and am finally getting around to posting it- assembling these sets is a daunting task, their instruction books not as clear as Lego's. I really enjoyed the Call of Duty ATV Ground Recon set, however, and felt even more accomplished after tackling this bad boy. It includes three figures and features that went well with other sets I had. Check out the video:

Among the many features and accessories that make this a really fun build are the hinged cab for engine access and chassis that perfectly fits my Call of Duty Mercenary Outpost Armory container. I've somewhat a casual fan of Mega Construx and Lego, but the Call of Duty stuff is so cool. Great toy design with a ton of play value from the Mega Construx team! Reccommended!

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