Monday, September 14, 2020

DC Direct Justice League Supergirl

Produced in 2008, this Supergirl from the Justice League Series was modeled after artist Alex Ross' work, and a jewel wave by the recently dissolved collectibles company DC Direct. There has been a bit of despair among some of the action figure community regarding this development. DC Direct gave us figures faithfully rendered after the books we loved, and that's what made them special. I found this sample for twelve bucks shipped due to it's extremely distressed box.

Like a lot of DC Direct figures of this vintage, Supergirl doesn't have a great deal of articulation. but she more than makes up for it in sculpt and clean paint apps. Mine has some sort of manufacturing error in the form of a slightly extruded, unpainted peg outside her left elbow. It's minor but also idiosyncratic of the sort of issues seen from DC Direct back then. The face and hair sculpt are fantastic, though she can't move her head.  Like all the figures of this Justice League wave, Supergirl came with a deluxe base- my sample can stand without it, but this inclusion is welcome- I wish all action figures came with a base.

Below Supergirl with my other Alex Ross inspired DC Direct figure, the JSA Kingdom Come Superman. Kingdom Come (1996) was a fantastic book that really hooked me back into reading comics as an adult. Artist Alex Ross and author Mark Waid's deconstruction of the modern hero was certainly informed by Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns and Alan Moore's Watchmen, but didn't feel as cynical. Superman retained his sense of humanity and overcame- that's important to me.

According to She's Fantastic, this '70s retro hot pants Supergirl may have been inspired by Supergirl #10 (1974). Her face doens't exactly capture Alex Ross' version, but I really like her, and have had my eye on her for quite some time. I don't know if DC Direct/DC Collectibles' demise will make all their figures increase in value, but I have picked a few up in the last year and wouldn't rule out future opportunities.

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