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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hey, Mr. Postman!

Holy Toledo, have I scored a bunch of these 10" ToyBiz figures- these just came on Friday afternoon!  :D   These are all characters I just read about in the "X-Cutioner's Tale" crossover event recently, so that's fun:

*Mr. Sinister & Archangel II 
Mr. Sinister & X-Man Archangel play a big part in "X-Cutioner's Tale", and are a couple of wicked looking creatures. These bizarre characters look especially strange in this format/style of toy! These are far out! I mean, really... look at them:

*Bishop & Forge
Well okay, Forge wasn't involved in "X-Cutioner's Tale", but I did read about him & Ororo in "The Fall of the Mutants", and I wanted some more blue & yellow uniformed X-Men. I like that, and Bishop, conflicted X-Man from the future, also sports a variation on that theme. 

More Later- Make It Fun!