Saturday, October 9, 2010

And then in September came more...

It couldn’t have been too many days after I purchased Mattel’s 8” D.C. Retro Action Superman and Batman this past September when I popped back on Amazon and picked up four more from the collection. For after all, didn’t they need their respective nemesis around to keep things interesting? And while at it, why not pick up that bad guy you liked so much and HIS enemy to keep HIM company? Whew! Now I’ve spent a small chunk of change  :D

Batman and Superman quite plainly needed Two-Face and Lex Luthor...

I’m really glad they chose to make Two-Face. Joker would’ve been an easy choice, but like the recent Batman Beyond animated shows, Mattel chose some of the other characters that sometimes get overshadowed by villains like Joker. Mego didn’t produce a Two-Face action figure in the 70’s either. The face sculpt is retro-comic book style that would compliment your 70’s Mego Joker, not disgustingly realistic, but like a toy- ya know, FUN. He has a nice little suit on, with two different colored shoes and even a tie. The tie is sewn to the shirt which closes with two adjoining  piece of velcro. Jacket, pants, shirt, and tie, he surprisingly doesn’t look too bulky. At first I was somewhat puzzled by the odd color choices of this figure, but he has really grown on me.  As with the rest of this line I wondered, “Where are his accessories?” He needed a couple guns, and so I pulled up Dr. Mego on the internet and got him a couple- they don’t fit very securely in his hands, but at least the man is armed and won’t be left out on a limb if Batman tries to kick his ass (sorry, no current photos packing heat right now).

Lex Luthor:
A classic D.C. Lex Luthor, Mattel stayed true to his outfit with the crossed black suspenders matching his belt and stripes down the sides of his green pants. Like Batman, the “glove issue” was solved by matching the color of his sculpted hands to his arm bands, and I’m fine with that- never was a fan of the Mego oven mitt approach. His outfit snaps up in back with a plastic snap, like the others, but has no cape to hide the bulk of this fastening. I would’ve preferred Velcro or a sturdier, metal snap like the Megos. They gave this guy a rubbery, translucent chunk of kryptonite to defend himself with that should have included a chain, as Lex doesn’t like holding it- like Face, he received a gun from Dr. Mego. Lex has a good head sculpt with very little, but expertly applied paint. Had to have him… I mean for Superman of course.

Next up, Black Manta and Aquaman! Until then, play with toys, have fun with your imagination, and take care of one another  J


  1. I do like this Two Face! I still haven't seen him in stores though.

  2. Nice review! Two-Face is my favorite Retro Action figure, so far. I love the colored backgrounds in your photos, too.