Monday, May 30, 2011

Video Blog: Wave 3 DC Action League Found in The Wild!

Oh Man! So I'm at Wal-Mart tonight picking up some coffee for the morning, and they already have the third wave of DC Action League by Mattel there! Well, most of them anyway... I wasn't gonna pass on these...

Hal Jordan & Saint Walker
Hal Jordan half green/half blue, that is- he even comes with a tiny construct! And Saint Walker... Saint Walker! $6.97

Kilowog Vs. Zilius Zox
How could so much fun and mirth come in such a tiny package? Was delighted to see these are larger than I anticipated... GREAT!  :D  $6.97

Batman Vs. Deathstroke
I love my DCUC All-Star Batman & Deathstroke figures, so I couldn't pass on these cute little guys- LOVE! $6.97

MISSING IN ACTION: Superman & WonderWoman two-pack. Oh well... I was really more interested in the three I found, not that I wouldn't have bought them if they had been there. Probably saved myself a few bucks  :D

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Happy Memorial Day!

Who better to represent the troops this Memorial Day on The Super-DuperToyBox than Captain America himself?!

I got this Marvel Famous Covers Captain America by Toybiz last year, and had yet to properly photograph him. I have several of these 9" dollies from the 90's, and while they got a lot of criticism, I think they're great! Their fabric outfits remind me of my beloved Mego figures from the 70's- my favorite toys of my childhood memory.

I may not always agree with all of America's policies, foreign or domestic, but I do believe in the men & women who sacrifice their lives every day serving in our armed forces. Because of them, I can live in safety and freedom here in the land I love- and I truly appreciate that!

*Thomas Wheeler's Flashback Review of the Toybiz Famous Cover's Series.
*8" Mego Captain America from 1974 at The Mego Museum!
*12" Mego Captain America from 1979 at The Mego Museum!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

Some FUN toys came in the mail this past week I want to share with you  :D

Kenner & Hasbro Mission Masters Glider Strike & Knight Assault Batman Toys
When I saw this Hasbro Knight Assault figure (right) on ToyHaven recently, I immediately began a search for one.  In doing so, I stumbled upon the figure to the left, which is an earlier Kenner version. It seemed odd to me that the more typical black/grey Batman on the right was released two years later, traditional logic dictating that the odd, copper version to the left would be a repaint of the other. The sculpts look identical in the package... one Kenner, one a Hasbro. Tonka Toys (which owned Kenner) was purchased by Hasbro in 1991, but  Kenner wasn't dissolved until 2000, when it's product lines were merged into Hasbro's. Interesting.  I kinda want to open these & fly them over my computer desk with fishing line  :D  Just enjoying them in their packaging for a spell...

Mattel Justice Leauge Unlimited Metamorpho
I also saw this up close at ToyHaven- I have a few of these JLUs, and I really wanted this odd-looking little fellow. Metamorpho seems like a sad character to me- unable to assume a fully human, normal appearance, Rex Mason thinks of his metamorphic powers as a disease. There is something in that particular fictional archetype that touches me... I don't know why. This one is special to me, and somewhat hard to come by for a reasonable price- he was south of ten bucks, shipping included.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

6 1:6

While photographing my recent posts of  DC Direct 1:6 Green Lantern & Sinestro, some stuff in the ToyBox was getting moved around, so I thought I''d take a quick snapshot of all my DC Direct 1:6 dollies figures... nothin' fancy, just a quickie!

Click on the names to see more  :)
a.  Batman (Modern)
b. Superman (Classic)
c.  Green Lantern
d.  Sinestro
e.  Batman Beyond
f.   Martian Manhunter

 Kal-El & J'onn- SuperPals  :D

Bruce & Terry:  Back in Black

If you want to see a world class 1:6 collection, check out ToyHaven! Alex doesn't buy these DC Direct because they are slightly taller than the 12" figures he collects, and most are also in a different class/higher grade than these DCDs (think Hot Toys , Sideshow, or Medicom). Alex did however encourage me to go ahead and buy some of those larger figures I liked, and was a big inspiration behind my starting The Super-DuperToybox intitally. The photography on ToyHaven is great- it really sparked my imagination and made me start to think about how I wanted to photograph toys on my own to share with the world.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

DC Direct Deluxe 1:6 Green Lantern Corps Figure

There has been a recent deluge of Green Lantern toys coming out in anticipation of this summer's highly anticipated motion picture, but none have interested me quite as much as DC Direct's Deluxe 1:6 Green Lantern Corps Figure from 2008. I'd seen him many times on eBay going for way more than I'd be willing to pay, but eventually I won him for around the same price he was initially sold for ($99.95). I'm rarely showing you anything unique here at the Super-DuperToyBox, and often it's a toy that might be old news to many of you, but this one & the recent DCD Sinestro I got are a serious purchase for me. These DC Direct figures aren't close to the level of artistry a Hot Toys or Medicom 1:6 figure features, but are definitely head & shoulders above most all the other action figures I have, and I really like 'em!

Like the other DC Direct Deluxe figures I bought, Green Lantern came packaged in this handsome 4-color window box with a fifth panel, and included an extra sets of hands, three alternate GL Corps heads (one with a helmet), a display stand, and working lantern. While I'm unsure these DC Direct 1:6 dolls are really worth a hundred bucks, the extra accessories made the price tag more acceptable in my book...

This was a hard-won victory in more than one way for me: I had initially won the first release of DC Direct's 1:6 Hal Jordan (without the extra heads), which arrived with a damaged arm, water damaged box, and defunct lantern (with a severely corroded battery cavity)! As luck would have it, upon returning the damaged goods, I stumbled onto this superior 2nd release version for the same price: $105.00, shipping included. I knew then, (laughs) I was truly meant to get him!

I have more than a couple friends who have an extreme distaste for Hal Jordan, a sentiment I do not share. Hal is my Green Lantern- who comes to mind when I think of the title. As Dan from The Fantasy Shop poignantly reminded me just this past weekend, as a GL Corpsman, Hal was chosen for duty because he is fearless- his cocksure attitude is part of the package, as with fellow Lanterns Guy Gardner & John Stewart. How else would he be?

But it doesn't stop with Hal Jordan, three additional heads are included with this figure:
Tomar-Re, pivotal Honor Guard Member and one of the first to guide Hal Jordan as a rookie Lantern...

 NautKeLoi, an aquatic being (hence the protective helmet), and one of the first Green Lanterns chosen by the Guardians... my favorite of the extra heads :D

Abin Sur, predecessor of Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and mentor of Sinestro. My googly-eyed least favorite of the four heads in this package, Abin appears to be suffering from optical-poptitude here...  ???

And now,  my newest 1:6 additions to the Super-DuperToyBox, together- what a FUN pair! They are perhaps the best money can buy currently, and I am most grateful to have the pair for a total of about $150.00 combined- less than if I had bought them on their initial release dates. Not incredible, but not bad...

Links to other cool reviews/photos of this toy:
*GL at The Fortress of Testicular Fortitude

See my earlier post on the DC Direct Deluxe 1:6 Sinestro Figure HERE.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DC Action League Batman Vs. The Joker

The final pair from Mattel's second wave of DC Action League figures I'll be showing you is Batman Vs. The Joker. There was a version of this pair from the Batman: Brave & The Bold Action League series as well that is a lot of fun, though I feel Mattel improved the styling of the characters this time around with a little more detail.

Unique articulation to this line so far, Batman has been given hinge joints in addition to his cut joint shoulders- this really helps posing him with the batarang molded into his hand. He has more detail in his chest muscles & utility belt than the Brave & The Bold Action League Bats, and a slightly more modern styling. I really like the dark blue cowl...

While still a classic Joker, this version is also a little more modern than the Brave & The Bold Action League Joker, and has an orange vest and pop gun, as opposed to a mallet. He looks more Bronze Age here as opposed to the styling of the previous, which is still great. In the Brave & The Bold show, Joker is depicted with a Silver Age style that I just love...

I'm unsure what Mattel has planned after the next wave of these (which looks cool!), but the possibilities seem endless, really. These are FUN toys that are constantly in a brawling pile on my desk!

And now just for fun, a couple group shots from my Batman/Joker toys:

Some classic, blue/grey Batman: a. Mattel DC Action League Batman  b. Mattel Brave & The Bold Batman  c. Mattel Retro-Action Batman  d. DC Direct Series 4 Reactivated Super Squad Batman  e. DC Direct Series 1 Reactivated Batman   f. Mattel Justice League Unlimited Batman.

The joke's on me:  a. General Mills Cereal Joker  b.  9" Hasbro Joker   c. DC Action League Joker d.  Mattel DC Universe Classics Joker.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

DC Action League Prometheus Vs. Green Arrow!

From the second wave of Mattel's DC Action League, Prometheus Vs. Green Arrow:

I'm really a newbie when it comes to Green Arrow, and so I know nothing of Prometheus, other than the fact that he was (laughs) killed by Green Arrow! That's right: this child's toy is based on a tragic tale of a vengeful murder by a wayward & reckless hero :D  But like JBoy says: "What they don't know won't hurt them", and let's face it- the comics I grew up with were violent (Jason Todd's brutal murder by The Joker anyone??). I still haven't got around to reading the Cry for Justice & Justice League: The Rise and Fall story arcs, but I intend to.

This Action League Green Arrow is great! This hooded version of Oliver Queen's alter-ego has a quiver of arrows on his back, and his cut-joint bow arm can be positioned in some great action poses! In my return to comics just last year, I've come to enjoy this character I knew almost nothing about in my youth. It's funny: I've read way more comics in the past eight months than I ever did as a boy- I missed so much being a kid, it flew past too quickly!

From the Super-DuperToyBox: DCUC Green Arrow & Black Canary with their Wedding Album I read recently. I actually enjoyed it  :D  Some Amazon seller had slashed all their graphic novels to under a buck each, so I went for it- picked up nine others while I was at it!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sat. Nite Toy Find, Currently Reading, 1:6 GL Corps

 I found myself in the toy isles at Target while picking up some coffee beans to grind tomorrow AM, and what did I find??

Imaginext DC Superfriends Croc by Fisher-Price
I passed him up at another Target a couple weeks ago, and upon my return found him GONE. Lo & Behold, I crossed paths with this Non-Killer Croc Cutie again tonight. Time to go home with your new Daddy  :D

Mattel Justice League Unlimited Green Arrow
I have been looking for this one since I got into these damned JLUs- this is a good one! I love it! I could not believe he was at a particular off-the-beaten-path Target in my area, which must be under local toy hoarder's radar. Gonna keep an eye on things over there for sure  :D 

ALSO: the JLU Darkseid w/armor I scored on eBay the other week came in the mail Friday. He was about six bucks, shipping included. I'm not so interested in the armor as the basic figure underneath which is tight!

His weapon, which shoots a projectile (COOL), has a swivel sight that targets three of Darkeid's biggest foes, shown by tilting the lenticular screen:

Today's predicted Apocalypse was CALLED OFF- 
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