Wednesday, March 13, 2024

More Imaginext DC Super Friends!

I found a bunch of these 2021 carded Imaginext DC Super Friends figures at 1/2 price at Walmart, and though I've tripled(?) the number of Imaginext Batmen in my collection in the span of a couple weeks, I found another I needed. Like my Scarecrow 2-pk  Batman and my Bat Signal Multi-Pack Batman, this blue Batman has a translucent chest that can be lit from behind,

This Imaginext Batman is special because he looks like my Imaginext XL Defender Blue Batman:

This Mr. Freeze looks a little different that the others I've seen recently- 
he reminds me a lot of the 6" Power Attack Ice Blast Mr. Freeze I used to have ...!

This is a cheery Batgirl!

Catwoman from my Bat Signal Multi Pack would make a good sparring partner!

I had a Flash in a 3-pk vehicle set with Green Lanter and Hawkman many years ago, 
but this Flash is a little more dynamic in his color and sculpt..

The blind bag Superboy Prime I got recently doesn't have a translucent torso unfortunately, 
but he pairs well with this Supergirl- their colors are quite complementary!

The sculpt on this Black Adam is really special, made more so by his black/gold deco- Wow!

But before you go, I also found this oddball/old stock  Batman/Man-Bat 2-pk as well.
They also have translucent torsos to light from behind...

It's crazy I had just found the new blind bag Man-Bat with the different deco...

And another Batman that is very much like the new blind bag Batman I just found ...!

I prefer the blind bag Batman more (left, but this light-up version has it's own appeal...

And just like that, I have an Imaginext collection again! I'll be on the lookout for any new/interesting DC Imaginext in the future- minifigs like these are fun to photograph!

More Later- Make It FUN! 

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Imaginext Batman Exo Suits & Bat-Tech Bat Signal Multipack

I couldn't make up my mind on which color of the Imaginext Batman Exo Suits I wanted, but a deep discount on Amazon convinced me to get both. The price on the Bat Signal Multipack was also heavily slashed, so I can finally illuminate some of my DC Imaginext figures. Check out the video:

There's a ton of play value in these Exo Suits- the clip-on figure Bat Glider, cuffs to restrain villains, interchangeable missiles, and of course, lights and sound. This makes a great substitute for some of the larger, more expensive playsets Imaginext produces, and the substantial discount from Amazon made it even better. Recommended! 

Featured among a few other comparisons in my video above are my Imaginext XL Batman figures which I love! The Deluxe Bat-Tech XL is my favorite for his translucent parts, lights, and sound!

My Mattel Batman Unlimited Bat-Mech seemed like an obvious comparisons with these Imaginext Exo Suits- it also holds a tiny, armored Batman from the Unlimited Mighty Mini line! Too much fun!

The Bat-Tech Bat Signal Multipack was an inexpensive solution to lighting up my translucent Imaginext figures- this play feature has been a design trend through the Imaginext DC Super Heroes line for awhile now, it's fun.

Among a few of the other Imaginext figures in the video above, are that modern, armored Batman, Black Bat-Tech Batman, and Bronze-Age Batman from my last post, Apokolips Armor Batman and Batwing, and the blue/gray Batman from the Riddler 2-pk. 

More Later- Make It FUN!

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Imaginext DC Super Friends Series 1 (2024) & More!

 As soon as BubbaShelby posted shots of these Imaginext Super Friends on Instagram, I had to at least snag that Martian Manhunter! And though I had sold off my collection, I compulsively scooped up what amounted to nearly the entire wave. And then I bought some other DC Imaginext...

As a Mego kid from the '70s, this color combo of Batman in his blue & gray with his chest insignia over a yellow oval with black trunks is my jam. Only the "bullet capsule" belt and blacked-out face cowl could have made it better, but he's certainly reminiscent of Bronze-Age Batman.

I found a similarly Bronze-Age Batman in a 2-pk with Riddler a couple years ago...

Oddly, this new Imaginext Batman has a black cape, made only stranger by the fact I bought my Figures Toy Co. Mego Batman an extra black cape just for something different only a month ago. The break of color between cape and cowl is too visually jarring for some, but I say why not?

I completely forgot I have a 4" Spinmaster Man-Bat, but I like this more classic brown with blue trousers and bandolier. He comes with a great katana sword accessory that could be useful to any number of other figures, too.

Bane looked a little plain to me, but the excitement ratchets up when the glow-in-the-dark feature kicks in. I guess the grapple gun is an okay accessory, again it's an accessory that can be used with other figures.

Classic Martian Manhunter is how we ended up here together, Friends- a character I took to later on more as an adult when starting this blog many years ago. J'onn J'onzz is the other alien powerhouse on par with the more popular Superman, and last of his kind from a lost world like the Man of Steel.

Classic Imaginext Martian Manhunter w/my BootLego Martian Manhunter:

Superboy Prime was an unlikeable brat and murderous psycopath in DC Infinte Crisis, but I did like his Ant-Monitor armor! I had a couple other Imaginext Superman figures I loved- I'll be on the lookout for another!

This is a more modern interpretation of Aquaman with the single shoulder pauldron, but he still hits a lot of the classic notes. I also had another Imaginext Aquaman I sold in a lot on eBay, but this is a fantastic, updated replacement! 

I love the classic Ted Kord Blue Beetle, but I also love the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle in his alien tech, and have a few other figures of this character. I'm particularly fond of the Batman Brave & The Bold Jaime Reyes figures ...

Imaginext Blue Beetle w/my BootLego Blue Beetle:

After opening some Imaginext blind bags, I found a couple Imaginext Batman 2pks:

Both these figures are designed to accommodate Imaginext's more recent light-up feature trend, central to the design of their more recent figure and playset interaction. The unfortunate consequence of this is the ugly slot in the cape in back. I need one of the light-up accessories to make this work better, but I still like the black and blue Batman.

This Imaginext Batman reminded me of my XL Imaginext Bat Tech Batman:

I had the this very Scarecrow before, but w/o the translucent torso- great sculpt!

These are more modern interpretations of Batman and Huntress w/updated sculpts and paint apps- like the Batman/Scarecrow 2pk above, only one figure had an accessory, but I do like the crossbow.

More Later- Make It FUN!