Tuesday, August 29, 2023

McFarlane DC Multiverse Ted Kord Blue Beetle & DC Vs. Vampires Superman

I don't buy a great deal of McFarlane figures because while I think they look great, I have a hard time posing them. Their joints often don't have that buttery smooth articulation with just the right amount of tightness to keep them upright in strenuous poses. These two recent Gold Label figures (false scarcity marketing tactic/total hype) are good examples of what McFarlane does well a fair amount of the time, that being sculpt and deco. From the tidiness of Blue Beetle's bright, flat deco to the horrific portrait of DC Vs. Vampires Superman, I had to pick these up.

At first, I wasn't sure I liked the opaque yellow eyes on this Blue Beetle as he is more often portrayed with translucent goggles, but not exclusively. His proportions feel right to me, and that clean deco really looks nice in those bright blues. I like the metallic Blue Scarab and grapple gun accessories. A slightly different figure came with Booster Gold in a 2-pack, but there was something about that Boster Gold I didn't like, maybe the cut boot tops detail. Regardless, I love this Blue Beetle.

Below, McFarlane Toys Ted Kord Blu Beetle with Mattel DC Universe Classics Blue Beetle- the DCUC Beetle is a fantastic figure that included a holster for Ted's grapple gun. DC Universe Classics was a fantastic action figure line that ran long and deep into the DC character roster.

Below, Blue Beetle with some of my other Gold Label McFarlane DC Multiverse heroes: Martian Manhunter, Jay Garrick Flash, and Shazam. I love the bright colors on these classic characters!

As with Blue Beetle, I only took a pass on this DC Vs. Vampires Superman once before taking him home- love the dark blue of the suit, chest emblem and that fantastic head sculpt! And I like this particular swooshing cape- some collectors don't go for that, but this one is really good. What an action figure! 

Below, DC Vs. Vampires Superman with my McFarlane DC Multiverse Black Lantern Batman, which I knew would pair nicely. This Batman is one of my favorite McFarlane figures- I purchased the Vampire Superman specifically to complement him...  a match made in HELL!

Below, DC Vs. Vampires Superman with Red Son Superman and Black Lantern Superman...

And finally, McFarlane Vampire Superman with my Mattel Batman Unlimited Vampire Batman...

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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Marvel Legends Dump -August 2023

 I didn't get all of these figures in August, but most of them I did, so I felt it was a good time to dump a bunch of them onto the blog!

Spider-Man 2 (Gamerverse)
I was disappointed in missing out on the first Gamerverse Spider-Man at GameStop a couple years ago, so getting this upgraded model was sweet. He came with several web accessories and has all the articulation you'd want in a Spider-Man figure, including a toe joint.

Above: Spider-Man Vs. The Lizard   Below: Spider-Man with my Gamerverse Velocity Suit Spider-Man and Spider Armor Mark III form the Marvel Legends Demogoblin Wave...

Quantumania Ultron
I'm not sure why Ultron was in this wave, but collectors who missed out on the Classic Ultron we got in 2021 with the Ursa Major BAF Wave will be glad to see him. His head sculpt is slightly different, and he is sculpted in that swirly metallic plastic instead of painted silver. Below, Quantumania Ultron pictured with Disney + What-If... Ulton BAF and my Classic Ultron...

Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu
I hate exclusives as much as the next collector, but I didn't have any problem preordering this Target Exclusive Yondu. What a presentation- live the color on this figure! He pairs nicely with the Walmart Exclusive Star-Lord we just got!

Moon Knight (Modern)
I've been a fan of Moon Knight since reading about him in Spectacular Spider-Man back in the '70s, and this modern interpretation hits all the right notes. I'm unsure what I'm supposed to do with the extra-small crescent accessories he came with, but he was packed with other useful weapons.

Below, Modern Comics Moon Knight flanked by Disney+ Moon Knight and Mr. Knight:

Heroes Return Iron Man/Model 01 Iron Man
How many Iron Man figures does a Marvel Legends collector need? Apparently two more!

Above: Model 01 Iron Man Vs. my ToyBiz 1st Appearance Hulk
Below: Heroes Return Iron Man with Iron Spider

Below, Heroes Return Iron Man and Model 01 Iron Man with some of the other Marvel Legends Iron Men I've collected in the last 3 years: Iron Man 2020   80th Anniversary Classic Iron Man   Modular Iron Man   Model 70 Iron Man   War Machine   Silver Centurion   Stealth Iron Man ...

Avengers: Beyond Earth's Mightiest Heroes Captain Marvel Vs. Doctor Doom 2pk
I read Secret Wars back in the '80s and was particularly fixated on this version of Doctor Doom that looks like the Mattel Secret Wars figure I had then. I was thrilled to see this set solicited a few months ago, and it did not disappoint!

Below: Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel with Mar-Vell Captain Marvel

Hasbro went all the way with Doom, including a Victor Von Doom head sculpt, collapsed hoodie accessory, and mask so we can relive issue #11 of Secret Wars "The Face of Doom" like it's 1985! So good ...!

Below, Secret Wars Doom with my Marvel Legends Classic Doctor Doom

Avengers: Beyond Earth's Mightiest Heroes Black Widow
And finally, a figure I picked up while shooting the rest of these, the newest Marvel Legends Black Widow. I passed on this figure in a local Target a couple weeks ago, but circled back to scoop her up- with three head sculpts, pinless joints (double hinged elbows as well), and all her other weapons/accessories, she is the Black Widow to have in your collection.

The 2018 Marvel Legends Black Widow also had an alternate head with a '60s/retro hairdo ...

Below, Beyond Earth's Mightiest Heroes Black Widow with my 2020 Walmart Exclusive Black Widow, Deadly Origin Black Widow and 2018 Black Widow w/Cycle

I'd have a difficult time choosing a favorite out of this bunch, but it might be the Secret Wars Doom Vs. Captain Marvel 2-pk. I'd love to have a 12" version of that Doom! Honorable mentions to the Model 01 Iron Man, Yondu, and Black Widow, but they are all pretty fantastic. Marvel Legends have become more expensive, but they often rival import-quality figures in the last few years. 

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