Monday, May 25, 2020

Transformers War For Cybertron Earthrise Optimus Prime & Cliffjumper

I'm glad I didn't pick up the recent Siege Optimus Prime after it dropped, a figure that made me stop & look more than twice. But when I saw this Earthrise Prime with the trailer show up, I knew it was my chance to own a truly complete G1 representation without spending a fortune. I also picked up the new Earthrise Cliffjumper for a discounted price while I was at it. Check out the video: 

I've said before the 2015 was really my Transformers year, it's hard not to like what Hasbro/Takara Tomy have been putting out lately. The figures are great, if a little on the small side. "Leader Class" Optimus is a hair under 7", while "Deluxe Class" Cliffjumper measures in around 4". Still, their articulation is serviceable, and the vehicle modes on these two look great.

The Combiner Wars Megatron I recently reviewed makes a cameo in the video above. Both he and Earthrise Optimus are "Leader Class", so it seems Hasbro is doing some general downsizing in the last five years. For the record, I may or may not have paid more for a larger Optimus.

Despite his somewhat underwhelming size, Earthrise Optimus is a great figure! I love the Matrix of Leadership stashed in his window panels, and the truck mode and trailer hit all the right G1 notes. While the trailer won't stow most cars in this series, Cliffjumper can drive right in!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Marvel Legends Taskmaster (Black Widow Series)

I liked the Black Widow MCU figures upon their reveal, though I'm not really interested in the Crimson Dynamo BAF. I've not been out much recently, but stumbled on this Taskmaster at a Walgreens, and picked him up at a 25% discount with some reward points. There's been a rumor swirling that this character may be represented by an actress as opposed to an actor, but we'll have to see. I had the comic-based Taskmaster for a brief time, but sold him along with most of my Marvel Legends Infinity War figures. Still, I liked the MCU interpretation of Taskmaster best of most all the figures in this wave. This figure doesn't have any of the Crimson Dynamo BAF parts, but features a ton of accessories, including three sets of hands. 

I was glad Hasbro decided we're all big girls and boys and gave us at least one arrow to lose, but should given us two or three Still, Taskmaster can hold it, though a fully drawn bow might be tricky. The bow looks great however, as does the deco and sculpt of this beautiful figure. A scabbard for the sword and quiver for arrows would have solved the stowage issues here, but the bow can be strapped across the chest. I've heard complaints about the small shield, but this may be the case regarding the forthcoming film- what's missing is the dorsal port to peg the shield onto the figure's back.

This figure enjoys all the articulation of a current Marvel Legends figure, the incredible abdominal crunch being the stand-out. The head is very limited due to the hood, but there are slight butterfly joints at the shoulders that help a little around the armored torso. Not bad. For $20.00 at retail, this figure is a solid value.

Taskmaster has the ability to instantly mimic the individual fighting styles of his opponents, countering their attack to great effect. While we've yet to see the forthcoming Black Widow, I've heard postulation these clawed hands represent the Black Panther's combat attack. The modified adrenal steroid that unlocks Taskmaster's procedural memory makes him a nearly undefeatable tactician, but puts his body under great strain, and can only be effective for shirt periods of time- Black Panther's great endurance may be his saving grace against Taskmaster!

And finally, Taskmaster with my Marvel Legends Endgame Hawkeye and Black Widow, a great 2-pk with extra heads that I really liked. It may take two Avengers to take down the Taskmaster, and this make a formidable team!

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Marvel Legends Mar-Vell (Gamerverse Abomination Wave 2020)

Mar-Vell is a nostalgic hold-over for me since childhood, coming more into focus since my return to comics and starting this blog almost ten years ago. I posted about some of the Captain Marvel comics I'd been reading back in February 2019, and the 1978 Captain Marvel pinup I'd recently framed, so I was looking forward to an updated Marvel Legends Mar-Vell. I wasn't committed to getting the entire wave, but I must admit the Gamerverse Abomination BAF does look killer. There are a couple characters I don't care about, including a Ms. Marvel that is basically like the one I already have (and like), but I do like that Leader figure. Predictably, Hasbro turned in a really basic Mar-Vell that is serviceable, but could have benefitted from an extra set of flight hands and cosmic effects accessories, but he doesn't look bad.

The buck for this figure is perfect for the character, featuring stretched fabric sculpt throughout the body. Though not a complete failure, the dark blue is a little soft meeting the red in places throughout the deco. The Nega-Bands around his wrist are separate pieces, and adequate if slightly big. The head sculpt captures Mar-Vell perfectly in my opinion, this wind-blown blond hair a highlight of the figure. 

Below, Mar-Vell with my Marvel Select Captain Marvel, a fantastic 
representation of the character I've had for quite awhile...

Below, Mar-Vell with the Gamerverse Capt. America and Iron Man from my last post...

And finally, Mar-Vell my Marvel Legends Capt. Marvel (Carol Danvers)

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Marvel Legends Gamerverse Capt. America & Iron Man

I preordered these Marvel Legends Gamerverse figures near the end of February- the Avengers game these character designs are based on is set to drop in September, which looks to be pretty exciting. I also preordered the Target exclusive Gamerverse Starboost Armor Iron Man awhile back, which should arrive in August. It's been interesting to watch the MCU character design influence comics, cartoons, and merchandise the last twelve years. These figures bear that aesthetic distillation: they could fit in with your MCU Legends or your modern comic-based collection. Some collectors may bemoan another Capt. America and Iron Man, but they look great, and I love a variation on a theme.

Captain America has fairly realistic military combat outfit that reminds me of the Ultimates Cap, with his gray boots and knee guards. The Mark Millar/Bryan Hitch Ultimates of the early 2000's was a big influence on the MCU aesthetic, refined here years later in this figure designed for a new video game. The sculpt is fantastically sculpted, and I like the new shield. Pictured below, Gamerverse Cap with my MCU Winter Soldier Captain America

On one hand, picking up this Gamerverse Iron Man up was pointless, so similar to several of the MCU Iron Man figures in the Marvel Legends scale, but it's even harder for me to pass on variants of this character. The head sculpt is fantastic on this version of Ol' Shellhead, who also has the best chest reactors of any Marvel Legends Iron Man. Pictured below: Gamerverse Iron Man with my Avengers Endgame Mark LXXXV Iron Man

I'm sure Thor would be a popular addition to the Gamerverse line in the future, but I've not heard of plans for any others yet, aside from the Target Exclusive Starboost Iron Man I mentioned previously. I'm happy with these two, but probably won't collect the rest of the wave these two are in. The abomination BAF looks great, but I'm unsure I want to sink the money into it. I'm happy to have variations of two favorite characters, and along with the Starboost Iron Man, will likely leave it at that for now.

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Friday, May 8, 2020

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Starscream

My "Transformers phase" of 2015 lasted only four months, so by the time this Generations Leader Class Starscream arrived, I'd already moved onto other things. I caught up with one on the secondary market recently, drawn back by his cool jet mode, and fantastic crown atop his very G1 head. The crown is an homage to the "Coronation of Starscream", when the Decepticon crowned himself leader during the Battle for Autobot City, thinking Megatron was dead. Cyclonus and Galvatron arrive on the scene and promptly destroy him for this insurrection! Check Out the video:

Starcream shares some parts with my Combiner Wars Jetfire, my favorite Transformer, but is different enough to complement him as a pair in both robot and jet mode. I love their color schemes and their opening canopies really make the jet mode fun!

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