Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Marvel Legends Spider-Man & Spinneret (60th Anniv.)

The Marvel Legends Spider-Man 60th Anniversary releases are kicking off Hasbro's plastic-free action figure box initiative, and I found this Spider-Man/Spinneret 2-pk at Target last weekend. There's some controversy about this, but my sample seemed too fresh for a scalper to have switched contents and returned the item. I was never exclusively a mint on card collector, but I will miss the ability to scrutinize an action figure's quality before purchasing. I have not read the Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows story, but I liked what the box photography claimed them to be, so I took a chance. And at the somewhat exorbitant price of $52.99, you feel a little more is at stake- I was able to shave $2.65 off that using my Target debit card, but Mervel Legends have sharply increased in price.

Complaints aside, this is surely the best classic Spider-Man we have seen in the Marvel Legends line, upgraded to pin-less joints, three sets of hands, and a Peter Parker head. To their credit, the Marvel Legends team over at Hasbro has delivered recently a lot of what fans have asked for the last many years, and subsequently the price has raised. Hasbro should have put a half-masked Peter Parker head in there like the one that came with Pizza Spidey for that price, but this is a solid figure.

Below, my Marvel 80th Anniversary Hulk with my Spider-Man 60th Anniversary Spider-Man. These two were childhood favorites of mine in the '70s and the subjects of some of my very first comic books I got my hands on. In terms of Marvel Legends' 20 year history, this is by far the best we've seen.

I still have the entire first wave of the 2020 Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro Card series on card, including the Spider-Man this 60th Anniversary version is based on. The 60th Anniversary Spidey takes the win for his pin-less joints, but I do like the smaller old-school eyes included on the Retro Card Spidey.

I wasn't familiar with Mary Jane Watson as Spinneret, buying into this figure based on the merits of her design and great masked head sculpt. There are still improvements to be made on the majority of Marvel Legends female abdomens, but dome deep elbow and knee joints and ball hinge neck give her lots of range. The female Legends I've picked up recently have been phenomenal- a marked improvement over what we have seen before.

Spinneret with my Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen and Ashley Barton Spider-Woman...

We have seen this Peter-Parker head before, but the Mary Jane unmasked 
sculpt is something new- they both look good and are nice to have...

Below, Spider-Man & Spinneret with my Marvel Legends Spider-Man 60th Anniversary Iron Spider. I knew I would probably pick up some Spider-Man 60th Anniversary series figures, the Iron Spider being one I was interested in. Having these really makes me want the new Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man from this series!

I thought the retail price for this 2-pk was inflated, and I don't like not being able to see the figure through a window before buying- it will likely result in less purchases long-term, but these are some fantastic figures, both in look and articulation. They are still far lower in price than imports and have most the extra parts I care to juggle personally. Recommended!

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Monday, August 22, 2022

Marvel Legends Iron Spider (Spider-Man 60th Anniversary)

The Marvel Legends Spider-Man 60th Anniversary releases are kicking off Hasbro's plastic-free action figure box initiative, and I was surprised to see the Iron Spider at Target last weekend. I've seen similar packaging in Hasbro's Fort Nite action figures, but this is my first window-less action figure package I've bought. There's some controversy about this, and sure enough, mine had a small nick in the eye paint. At least a scalper had not switched contents and returned the item. I was never exclusively a mint on card collector, but I will miss the ability to scrutinize an action figure's quality before purchasing. 
The price tag has indeed gone up on Marvel Legends, this figure ringing up at $31.49 retail, $1.57 off that for using my Target Red Card. While I think we deserved a third pair of wall-crawling hands for that price, the Marvel Legends brand has continued toward import quality in paint and articulation, this Iron Spider also sporting pin-less joints throughout. Hasbro knows the import market taps some of their demographic, and if they can improve some things while still coming in well under import prices, they will ask the consumer for more $$$. Regardless, this is the comic book Iron Spider that Marvel Legends fans have been waiting for.

Below, Iron Spider with my Marvel Legends Modular Iron Man. While the former's first appearance was in Amazing Spider-Man #529 in 2006, I liked this '90s Iron Man paired with him...

WHile dipping back into the '90s, below Iron Spider intercepts 
Carnage from the Marvel Legends Venom Wave I reviewed at the end of 2020...

Marvel Studios changes things from the comics, but certainly pulls a lot from them, this Avengers: Infinity War Iron Spider a fine example. There are four "waldoes" instead of three, and a lot of Spider-Man's original look remains intact, but it's a Spider-Man enhanced by Tony Stark's technology. An Iron Spider, if you will.

Below, Iron Spider hits the arcade with Ironheart...

I opened another Fortnite Victory Royale Arcade Machine to complement the other one I reviewed her last year. This one has a couple semi-realistic assault rifles and a water container. These along with some custom crates and a boombox I picked up just add a little background to my Marvel Legends.

And finally, Iron Spider with some other Spider-Men here at the Super-DuperToyBox: All New-All Different Spider-Man 2099. Big-Time Spider-Man, All New Amazing Spider-Man, and Ben Reilly Spider-Man...

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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Titan Hero Series Spider-Man 2099


There are some characters I am drawn to that I will often pick up various toy incarnations of, such as Moon Knight, Vision, Martian Manhunter, or as in this case, Spider-Man 2099. Based on the delayed sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, this Across the Spiderverse Titan Hero Series figure is a little different than the original character design, but close enough to hit all the notes I like visually. Hasbro did make a cheaper, simpler Spider-Man 2099 in this series two or three years ago, but it didn't have the incised sculpt on the chest insignia and mask like this new Spiderverse version. This figure surprised me arriving on shelves ten months before we expect to see the summer 2023 film- I'm curious what other product we'll see ramping up to its theatrical release.

The DC Comics figures produced first by Mattel, now Spin Master in this scale, have better articulation than these Hasbro figures, but the ones I have owned had good sculpts. I call this class of figure the "Big Dumb Toy"- meant for the kids to play with, but some adult character fans may latch onto as well.

Below, Titan Hero Series Spider-Man 2099 with my 10" ToyBiz Spider-Man 2099 from the '90s, a favorite toy in my collection. These larger ToyBiz figures from that era served the same purpose as Hasbro's Titan Hero Series, and I've owned many over the years.

My first exposure to the Spider-Man 2099 was 11 years ago reading the Spider-Man 2099, Vol. 1 trade paperback as an adult, having missed its debut in the '90s. And though I may not have the nostalgic attachment that kids 5 - 10 years younger than I, it does evoke that excitement I felt rediscovering comics & action figures as an adult.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

MOTU Origins Wave 6 Webstor & Eternian Goddess

 I've been sitting on these MOTU Origins Wave 6 figures for a bit, Webstor being the one that interested me most. I didn't have the original Webstor in 1984, having moved onto other things with the onset of puberty. I love the head sculpt and colors on this figure, but the grapple pack makes him top heavy- if I had a compatible back plate, I'd ditch the grapple- it's mechanism kind of works, but not that well. There's no place to stow the hook or his orange gun, and only one gripping hand.

Below, an Eternian Palace Guard spots Webstor scaling the walls of Castle Grayskull ...!

Webstor invades Castle Grayskull with some of the other Evil Warriors: 

Though a straight up repaint of the Origins Teela, I remember the Eternian Goddess of those early mini comics included in the 1982 debut of Masters of the Universe. This Eternian Goddess would later evolve through a somewhat convoluted continuity into Teela, further confused by her sometime identification as the Sorceress. Like the updated Evil-Lyn, the Goddess has the improved knees, which were a vast aesthetic improvement.

Below Sorceress, Temple of Darkness Sorceress (included with the MOTU Origins Castle Grayskull), Eternian Goddess, Teela, Evil-Lyn, and the updated Evil-Lyn.

Both Webstor and the Eternian Goddess included the "Rock and a Hard Place" mini comic that my LOP Beast Man came with. I'm glad they brought back the mini comics for this line- the original Alfredo Alcala mini comics included with the '80s MOTU line captured my imagination. Check out the online Battle Ram Blog to reminisce about the original Masters of the Universe line!

And finally, the Eternian Godess guards over Castle Grayskull 

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Masters of the WWE Rey Mysterio

I was really happy to find the Masters of the WWE Rey Mysterio at retail price on Walmart.com- many of this MOTU/WWE mashup series were hard to come by due to spotty distribution. I hate that the line came to an end recently as they complemented my MOTU Origins collection so well. I passed on the first blue/red/yellow version a couple years ago, but this second silver version is even better. I absolutely love this figure! The card was mangled due to it being shipped in a bag, but I don't care much about that.

While I know almost nothing about the WWE, I think tying this line in with the New MOTU figures and their interchangeable parts was a great move on Mattel's part- lots of fun! Rey was a mashup with Masters of the Universe Stratos, one of the original MOTU figures I had back in the '80s. I loved the updated MOTU Origins Stratos, which was nearly indistinguishable from the original to my memory.

See my post on the MOTU Origins Castle Grayskull!

The jet pack's design is different from the MOTU Origins Stratos, but this second verion of Rey Mysterio shares the same wings. The arm bands add flair, and the torso, pelvic, and thigh tampographs are fantastic- he looks great with or without the jet pack.

And finally, Rey Mysterio with the other Masters of the WWE figures in my collection: Ultimate WarriorMr. TRoman ReignsRicky "The Dragon" SteamboatKane, and Jake the Snake!

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