Sunday, November 27, 2022

Mego 8in. Penguin

I'd been waiting to get a deal on this newer 2021 Mego Penguin, and finally landed him for under $2.50 shipped using Amazon points, so it wasn't going to get better than that. But decided to upgrade him with accessories from World's Greatest Superheroes on eBay for about the cost of $19.00, negating my once-in-a-lifetime deal on the figure. In my opinion, it was worth it- check out the video:

Below, 8" Mego Penguin with my 6" Mattel Batman Unlimited Series Super Friends Penguin, whose umbrella came with a heavy artillery attachment! Like the original 8" Mego Penguin from '74, these two versions exemplify the classic Bronze-Age Penguin all of us know and love.

I picked up two, vac-metal pistols while enjoying a consolidated shipping charge for accessories from the vendor, one with the BANG banner for Joker. Penguin, Joker, and Riddler are certainly the Mego figures I had in mind when I picked up the Bratz Rock Angelz Cruiser! And the NECA Street Scene Diorama is a great fit for 8" Mego figures, in my opinion...

Uh oh! Looks like Batman will have to rescue the Boy Wonder 
from Penguin and his dastardly partners in crime, Joker and Riddler!

My Figures Toy Company Mego Batmobile replica is considerably smaller than the Bratz Cruiser, but the toyetic Mego Charm of it is undeniable, and the newer Mego figures fit nicely in the seats. They sell a red and blue version of the Meg Batmobile reissue, which is quite tempting! This George Barris Batmobile design really stuck with the sixties TV show in heavy syndication throughout the '70s and beyond. Visit the Mego Museum online to see look back into Mego's successful run with the World's Greatest Superheroes in the '70s and keep up with what's new since their triumphant return in 2018!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

1:6 Scale Mattel Movie Masters Christopher Reeve Superman (2010)

I had, then eventually sold off this 1:6 scale Mattel Movie Masters Christopher Reeve Superman, and General Zod, regretting it some years later. I finally caught up with one at a semi-reasonable price, but more than the sixty bucks I paid in 2010, and vowed to open and enjoy this one. Check out the video:

There was a lot of backlash regarding the Christopher Reeve portrait on this figure, and while it's fair that the sheen of the plastic is off-putting from some angles, the sculpt isn't that terrible for a $60.00 figure- for all the accessories, the soft goods outfit, deluxe packaging, it's a decent value. He looks a lot more like a toy than a deluxe 1:6 scale figure like the Hot Toys 1978 Superman, but he was a fraction of the cost. I feel like the portrait is on the same level as the outfit, and while there is a deluxe aspect to the figure, he still feels like a toy- and I like that.

My brother gifted me the Superman The Movie magazine format collector's album some years ago knowing what a big fan of Christopher Reeve. The 1978 movie captured my 6-year-old imagination, permanently melding the actor to the character in my mind.

The gripping hands don't properly hold the Kryptonian crystals, but the input station is a nice little accessory that I think adds value to the set, and you can kinda fudge it for poses...

Below, the Mattel Chris Reeve Superman with my newer 8" Mego Superman and 14" Mego Superman, and my 13" DC Direct Superman that I've had for over a decade - all classic representations of the character. See the video above for more comparisons with other Superman figures in my collection!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Marvel Legends Sentry, Quasar, Nova, Binary

 Sentry, Quasar, Nova, and Binary were all Walgreens Marvel Legends exclusives- I may have found Nova through a third party seller a while back at a decent price, but most recently acquired the single Sentry figure I've seen in the wild so far- I saw far mor Quasar figures, and one Nova. Pretty sure I found Binary at her exclusive retailer. These characters all mostly fit in Marvel's "cosmic" canon, and though none are necessarily my A-List, I do like the figures. Check out the video:

I'm not a fan of the retailer exclusive Marvel Legends, though I often stumble onto what I'm looking for. Hasbro won't stop doing this anytime soon however, so get used to it- if your timing is right and you are in the know, you can sometimes get these at Walgreen's website, and over time I've noticed BBTS will later carry exclusives, months after the exclusive retailer has had their turn with a figure.

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Friday, November 11, 2022

Marvel Legends Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man

I must have over twenty different Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures now, right?? This 60th Anniversary Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man piqued my interest upon its solicitation months ago though, so I knew this day would be inevitable. I ordered him off Target with another figure for $17.68 each, and free shipping. This figure retails for $26.49 here in the Midwest, and the Thor I picked up $22.99. With prices like that, I will take advantage when I can, and Black Friday Sales are worth looking at.

Spidey is a nice-looking figure with a youthful buck that is a little smaller than the medium sized male figures in the Marvel Legends line. I'm sure we are all tired of the enclosed packaging, but this is the way it is going, and despite complaints about the box art, I like the design overall. Hasbro did load up on three extra pairs of hands, two sets of web wings, and a web rope. Another head with the Ditko pupiled eyes would have been a nice edition, but it's a really nice figure with fantastic articulation. The web wings can be tricky to keep pegged onto the arms while posing, but they do have a cool effect once mastered- the I prefer the relaxed/hanging pair, but the flight pair are nice to have.

I am having a blast shooting with the NECA Street Scene Diorama I just got- 
perfect for a character like Spider-Man ...

There has been a great deal of comparison between this Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man and the Renew Your Vows Spider-Man that came with Spinneret- they are the newest and best Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures out right now, probably the best in the Marvel Legends line's history. They are just different flavors to me, and think they are both fantastic!

I have a couple other Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures with web wings, the Spider-Man: Homecoming Spidey, and the ToyBiz 1st Appearance Spider-Man. The web wings on this Amazing Fantasy figure work better than the Homecoming figure, and that old ToyBiz figure has never lost his fabric wings. While our newer Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures have great articulation and more realistic sculpts, I do love the charm of that old ToyBiz figure... 

I'm of course going to get my new Marvel Legends Rhino out with the new Spider-Man figure! Rhino was an early Spider-Man villain, first appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #41 in 1966. John Romita had just taken over drawing Spider-Man, only a couple issues before when Steve Ditko left.

Ditko did invent the character Vulture, however, appearing in issue #2, 1963. The wings on that figure can be tricky when posing as well, but what a classic Vulture- I loved that Spider-Man/Demogoblin BAF Wave he came in!

This is a fantastic Spider-Man figure that would give a lot of imports a run for their money, even with Hasbro's recently steep price increases. I've said before that Hasbro has to be noticing the prices imports are going for, and they want some of that action. I do feel like we are getting the best Marvel Legends figures ever, and at a fraction of the imports price. Recommended! 

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Marvel Legends Rhino & Leader


I have several of these Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro Card figures, this Rhino a recent purchase and the first I've opened. I never had the BAF Rhino from 2015, but I like the more classic presentation here. Butterfly joints at the shoulders would have been nice, but I do like the updated, classic portraits, one neutral and one grimacing.

For whatever reason, I pulled out my Ben Reilly Spider-Man from 2015 while I was familiarizing myself with Rhino, capturing a couple decent charging poses...

The Renew Your Vows/Spider-Man & Spinneret 2pk that dropped at Target recently is probably the Spider-Man to pull out first after opening this retro card Rhino, though. He's my new go-to Spidey. I love having that toe articulation. I still like the Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures I have on that Ben Reilly Spider-Man buck, which debuted on the Pizza Spidey.

Below, Rhino with some other oversized Marvel Legends in my collection: 

Rhino and The Leader are important characters for me in conjunction with the Hulk because of Marvel Super-Heroes #76, one of my earliest comic books as a child in the '70s, and first exposure to both villains. Because of this, I knew I'd be busting out my 80th Anniversary Hulk ...!

I bought this Leader figure loose on eBay, which looks very much like he did in that issue of Marvel Super-Heroes I mentioned earlier. I had taken to giving him the orange gun included with my MOTU Origins Webstor- a perfect fit!

I love being able to pair Leader with my 80th Anniversary Hulk,
where's he's been since I got him...

And finally, because it's such a great figure, Leader with my Marvel Select Immortal Hulk ...!

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Monday, November 7, 2022

Bratz Rock Angelz Cruiser


I believe I saw this being used by more than one person, Shartimus Prime posting a video confirming the use of this Bratz Rock Angelz Cruiser with 6" Marvel Legends figures, and I was pretty sure at that point that 8" Mego figures could be seated in it. For about thirty bucks shipped on Amazon, O received this heavy, rolling car with rubber wheels has a working trunk, doors, and glove box, locking seatbelts, and battery-operated headlights/taillights. The gear stick moves and while it barely turned the wheels, the steering wheel kinda works. After peeling the Rock Angelz sticker off the trunk, you basically have a big red car for your action figures. Check out the video:

The Bratz Rock Angelz Cruiser seats two 8" Mego figures comfortably and makes a great car for Joker and Riddler. My Ultraman and Ultraseven seem like they were made for it! Combined with my NECA Street Scene Diorama, also a very versatile piece in terms of scale, I can get a decent curbside scene with Legends and Mego- two well-tread portions of my collection and photography.

Per example of this vehicle's scaling versatility in the video above, the Rock Angelz Cruiser does accommodate 6" Marvel Legends. Below, Spider-Man intercepts Spinneret's kidnapping by Jigsaw and Scourge ...

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