Sunday, October 31, 2010

ToyBiz Deluxe Edition 10" Silver Surfer

There was little information on this ToyBiz Deluxe Edition 10" Silver Surfer I scored for $19.98 on E-Bay (price included shipping). According to the PopTopShop.Com, this figure was released as a tie-in with the Marvel Action Hour television show, and is somewhat of a rarity. I bought him because I liked his chrome finish and the price was okay- I've seen him go for a lot more, but not much less. He's made of some relatively light-weight plastic, unlike Toybiz's 10" Ghost Rider, and quite frankly I feared he would break when positioning his feet onto the pegs on his surfboard. His light weight coupled with the sunken screws in his dorsal side and insides of his limbs tell me he's mostly hollow. His eleven points of articulation lie in his neck, shoulders, elbows (the right forearm swiveling side to side, the left moving up and down), his hips, knees, and ankles. He survived my tinkering however, and was great fun to photograph, as I knew he would be! He's a looker! I'd love to have one cast in stainless steel, like an Ernest Trova sculpture- can you imagine what THAT would cost?!

After grabbing this toy online, I bought Marvel Essentials Silver Surfer Vol.1 on Amazon.Com- though in reading through the reviews I learned that the real origins of this Marvel character begin in The Fantastic Four comic books, issue #48 (1966) more precisely, and so I purchased Marvel Essentials Fantastic Four Vol.3 in order to better understand the origins of the Sentinel of the Spaceways. As I write this I am still finishing up my Marvel Essentials Hulk Vol.6, so a more intimate portrait of this mysterious figure will be revealed to me shortly. For now I only know that the Silver Surfer was an astronomer from the planet Zenn-La named Norrin Radd who pledged to serve as herald for the planet-consuming Galactus in exchange for mercy on his people. Upon meeting the Fantastic Four, his conscience was rediscovered and he betrayed Galactus, forcing the Silver Surfer's exile on Earth.

-Silver Surfer at the online Marvel Directory
-Silver Surfer fan site at
-Custom "Mego-style" Silver Surfer at IllegalMego's Flickr site- Nice!

Friday, October 29, 2010

9" "Masterpiece Edition" Batman by Hasbro

In commemoration of the recent "Battle For the Cowl" between ChunkyB from Eclectorama and Reis from Hey!Look at my toys!, I wanted to share a recent purchase I made. I knew nothing about this mysterious 9 inch "Bob Kane" Batman by Hasbro until I saw it among ChunkyB's troops lined up for the Battle, and there he was- my Batman! Reis also had this toy and said it originally came with a cool book, which I'd love to see, and when I found an entry about this figure on Action Figure Insider it said that he also came with a reprint of the first edition of Batman comics (though this was not Batman's first appearance- he first appeared in Detective Comics #27).

Designed after Bob Kane's Golden Age Batman, this retro-styled figure spoke to both my great affection for the Caped Crusader as well as my nostalgia for the Mego World's Greatest Heroes line from the 70's that featured cloth outfits. The toy is very authentic to the early illustrations of Batman, and features a bendable wire inside the outer edges of the thick cape, enabling one to display the hero with his cape spread out, like the wings of a bat- this was a great idea. The figure's hands hinge at the knuckles, allowing him to grip his Bat-a-rang, an articulation not present in the toys of my child... I'm so glad the folks at Hasbro gave Bats this accessory, my Mattel Retro Action Batman didn't come with a Bat-a-rang. What a FUN toy this is!

Congratulations ChunkyBalboa on your stunning show of power in the "Battle For the Cowl", and hats-off to Reis for your own formidable flex of might in the contest. You were both good sports, entertaining to watch, and educational in the pursuit of the origins of my mysterious new acquisition.

-Cover of Detective Comics #27 at Wikipedia, featuring the shadowy figure this toy was modeled after!
-Review of 6 1/2" DC Direct "First Appearance" Batman figure at OAFE- very cool! Another review of that Batman with great comparison pictures at!
-Custom "Mego-styled" 1939 Batman at BatBlog! Nice job!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hey, Mr. Postman!

More TOYS came in the mail today- WooHoo!! Now what could be better than that, Friends? More superheroes as you might expect...

10" Ben Grimm/The Thing from the Marvel Universe/Civilian Heroes series by ToyBiz (1998)- comes with a trenchcoat and hat! This fella is BIG and HEAVY... feels high-quality to me. He was $17.95 (shipping included in price). His KB Toys price tag said $11.99, marked down to $5.99!

9" Signature Series Marvel Legends Cyclops by Hasbro (2006)- very "Mego-esque" with his cloth X-Men outfit and yellow plastic belt. Cool! I liked this outfit better than the Famous Covers Series Cyclops, which is still a good version I might have to score someday. Got this toy for $11.58 (price included shipping)- not bad!

Well the day is now complete, save a couple of chapters from Marvel Essentials Hulk before bedtime... I hope your dreams are sweet and filled with wonderful TOYS! G'Nite!

ToyBiz 10" Ghost Rider, Deluxe Edition (1995)

Just in time for Halloween I recieved my 10" Ghost Rider by ToyBiz (1995)! Hooray!! He is considerably bulkier and more heavy-duty than the other 10" ToyBiz figures I have already, Moon Knight from the Marvel Universe Series (1997) and Silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four Series (1994). The chain strapped across his chest is removable, and appears to be his "accessory" advertised on the box- the five figures from the Ghost Rider Series pictured on the back don't really show any weapons or anything ??? Ghost Rider has a glow-in-the-dark head and spiked belt I HAVE tested! Spooky! The two "flaming" collar pieces are separate and swivel around his head independently- an interesting feature. I must say I don't know a thing about this Marvel character, and bout him only for his badass looks and attractive price, $7.99 (price included shipping). What a FUN toy!

Johnny Blaze made a deal with arch demon Mephisto in order to save his mentor's life, but his soul was accidentally fused with the entity Zarathos, allowing Blaze to turn his flesh into hellfire and shoot fireballs from his hands... can you believe that?? He also rides on a supernatural motorcycle that wields the "Spirit of Vengeance", if the flaming skull head wasn't frightening enough! Damn! Nicholas Cage portrayed the character in the 2007 film Ghost Rider, which I vaguely remember hearing about... I still haven't seen the Iron Man movies with Robert Downey Jr. either, believe it or not.

-Check out Ghost Rider's Marvel.Com page.
-Review of Medicom 1:6 Ghost Rider figure on TOY HAVEN!
-BubbaShelby's look at the Marvel SuperHero Squad Ghost Rider on Toyriffic- FUN!
-Custom "Mego-Style" Ghost Rider at Merlyn1976 Blogspot- Killer!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spooky Eight Inches!

I had to stop and stop and observe the beloved holiday of geeks across the world, Halloween. Halloween has always been my favorite- the candy, spooky stories, horror movies, mysticism, and masquerade make it a fun time. I saw these remakes of the old Mego Mad Monster series on ClassicTVToys.Com and grabbed a few a month or so ago, seeing as the supernatural season was upon us.

Mego had released The Dreadful Dracula and The Monster Frankenstein along with The Horrible Mummy and The Human Wolfman back in 1974. Drac and Frank each had a rare variation; Drac had a red haired version and Frank had a blue haired version. Given the choice at, I chose these re-released variations because they looked even more ridiculous than the black haired ones! J While the construction of these flimsy toys was laughable, they were pretty cheap in price. The arms didn’t even have the ball joint at the shoulder like a typical Mego doll would have- the arms only attached with rubber bands through a holes in the side of the torso. The hand casts are exceptionally poor, rivaling the worst 25-cent peg toys you’ve ever seen. The monster’s shoes were cast in very thin rubber very unevenly, and the outfits, particularly Drac’s, were made out of some really threadbare material. Frank had a (laughs) gold lame braid around his waist where a rope should have been- like he stole it off a Mego Star Trek doll- Fail!! They were so bad it made me laugh! J Still, they’re so goofy lookin’ that it’s fun somehow, heh, heh J

They had some very cool looking 8” “Mego style”, articulated skeletons on, too… though mine came with TWO RIGHT HANDS! Fail!! The only one out of the bunch that was engineered in any respectable way was The Demonic Devil, who seemed noticeably sturdier that the others, both in the fabric of his outfit and body construction. The coolest of all, Demonic Devil had a bitchin’ face sculpt, bendable tail, and cool pitchfork, but the same crappy hands as Drac and Frank.

I did get some cheap laughs out of these funny toys, and had a ball taking creepy pictures of them using construction paper and a flashlight! Ultimately I was amused, as one should be with a toy- though the only thing scary about these guys (laughs) was their quality! There are all kinds of cool accessories for your old or custom Megos over at, just order with care J Happy Halloween!

-Mego Mad Monsters at
-Check out TheGalleryofMonsterToys.Com to see some really cool old toys- Remco made some cool Universal Monsters in the early 80’s!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey, Mr. Postman!

More TOYS came in the mail this week, Friends- what could be better than that? I’ve been buying up some of ToyBiz’s 10” Marvel Universe Series from the late 90’s… they seem much larger in person, I must say!  That should completely fill up any room I had left in the glass toy case I just bought *sigh*- I was warned by several of you about “the obsession”, and well (laughs) it’s true!

10” ToyBiz Ghost Rider and Moon Knight action figures:

While we are on the subject of buying toys, I also scored this 14” Cosmic Power Galactus that lights up and talks just today-Hooray!! I already received his 10” Cosmic Herald (Silver Surfer) in the mail last week, who desperately needed a giant super-villain to oppress him… it takes all kinds of people, Friends…

In other news, it has been five weeks, officially one month since I gave up alcohol and began my workout regimen- 2 mile powerwalks + 150 60lb. lifts (three positions, four sets) with the weight bar, six days a week. I’ve lost ten pounds and really tightened up the muscles, I sleep less and much better, I have a better overall sense of well being, and I have more money to buy TOYS with. J  As I said in my previous post concerning the subject, this blog and my rediscovered love of toys and comics is a really special thing for me- something happy and new in place of what was an unhealthy situation before. Thank you for cheering me on and accepting me, thank you for sharing your toys with me- it means a great deal to me.
And remember:
-enjoy yourself… life is too short to be down all the time.
-take care of one another… each one of you are special, precious, and divine. Don’t ever listen to anyone who tells you different!
-play with TOYS and have FUN with your life… it might just be the only life you get!
Up, Up And Away!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

D.C. Direct 1:6 Scale Batman Beyond

D.C. Direct’s 1:6 scale Batman Beyond is really my first serious toy- these things were $100.00 new, and I scored him for $39.99 (price included shipping) on E-Bay. I probably wouldn’t have considered it otherwise, but for that price I couldn’t resist. Nearly everything I read about this toy was negative- the artistic license employed in the face sculpt was universally hated it seems. And while he is somewhat ugly, I find this toy appealing somehow- his lithe, angled body and emotionless visage look quietly dangerous and well… creepy. I like the revamped batsuit that features a red chest emblem on an otherwise all black outfit, evoking a vampiric feel to the character. There isn’t much to this figure- the batwing glider that attaches to his suit via two slots sewn into the back of his outfit, two extra sets of hands, his utility belt, and his stand are the featured accessories in the package. His suit has a zipper down the back, but I couldn’t seem to get it down, and if the utility belt is removable I don’t know how to unfasten it. The batwings were tough to get in the slots, as Batman’s suit fits pretty tightly to his body, but they stay in. Batman’s knees are pointy and almost alien-looking on the sides- which is characteristic of the overall angularity of this toy’s styling. “God, look at that thing!” my brother declared upon seeing him for the first time. A strange thing to behold, this one is indeed!

Ever since I read Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns in the 80’s, I was fascinated by the idea of some of theses seemingly immortal heroes that populate the world of comics getting older. Who would take the place of these fallen heroes? I’m a little sketchy on the Batman Beyond, but in a nutshell: many years after hanging up the cowl, Bruce Wayne meets a teenage Terry McGinnis, helping him fend off a gang he was protecting his girlfriend from. Helping Wayne back to the manor, McGinnis discovers the Batcave and Batman’s then retired, futuristic batsuit which the boy soon after steals to avenge his recently murdered father. Seeing how crime in Gotham City has run rampant without Batman’s careful watch, as well as the boy’s insistent determination to make things right, Wayne hires the young McGinnis to take the mantle of the Dark Knight.

-custom “Mego style” Batman Beyond at KnockKnockToys.Com… hey Alright!
-9” Batman Beyond doll… er, umm Action Figure at BatmanYTB.Com!

Just a couple more photos... this one was so fun to shoot!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Famous Covers Iron Man

I scored the Marvel Famous Covers 9” Iron Man figure by ToyBiz in mint condition at the end of September on Amazon for $55.48 (price included shipping). I had seen him go for a lot more, but not usually less, and to date he is my most expensive toy purchase.  This one was never touched either- totally perfect, I was pleased. While ToyBiz did an excellent job producing this toy, Ol’ Shell Head’s articulation is somewhat limited because of his bulky armor, though not as restrained as Dr. Doom’s. The figure’s helmet opens to reveal a good sculpt of billionaire playboy Tony Stark’s head. The Famous Covers Iron Man is not as detailed as many of the other versions of the modern Iron Man I’ve seen, but it really nails the character’s “silver age” styling. What a fun toy!  J

Genius inventor Tony Stark is the armored hero Iron Man in the Marvel Universe. Like Batman, Tony has no superhuman powers, but relies on armor he built for himself to save his life after sustaining a heart injury while being kidnapped by industrial saboteurs that hoped to destroy the world using their prisoner’s considerable technological talents. The industrialist then turned on the his captives as Iron Man. Like Daredevil, Iron Man overcame the worst odds and became a hero, using his powered armor, as well as Stark Industries to build weapons, to fight evil all over the world.

-Check out Mego’s 8” Iron Man from the 70’s.
-Thomas Wheeler’s Flashback Review of the Marvel Famous Covers line, including Iron Man.
-Read more info on Iron Man at his Marvel.Com page!
-Four part peek into the recent Hot Toys Iron Man CollARTible Exhibition at the Singapore Philatelic Museum, courtesy of Alex at TOY HAVEN blogspot- Amazing!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Marvel Famous Covers Daredevil

I scored my Marvel Famous Covers Daredevil on E-Bay for a mere $11.94- far less than I had seen him typically go for. Many hail the Hasbro Spiderman Origins Series Daredevil over my ToyBiz version, but I respectfully disagree. Though Toybiz reversed the crossing “DD” chest insignia, and gave him the dreaded mittens, I like his chunky rubber boots and bright red suit. His two part fighting baton, which tucks into a sheath strapped to his thigh was a nice touch as well, though he doesn't like to hold it. What a FUN toy!

Speaking of mittens, I’d like to make a public service announcement concerning the Marvel Famous Covers line: THE SOFT VINYL USED ON THESE FIGURES HAS A TENDENCY TO STICK TO THE WINDOW PANEL OF TOYBIZ’S PACKAGING, CAUSING IT TO TEAR. Such was the case with my Daredevil’s mittens- I wasn’t too concerned due to the price and my distaste for the said mittens/gloves. Though it was listed as “new” on E-Bay, the seller either neglected to check condition of the item, or simply realized I wouldn’t bother to return due to shipping costs. I hate to give a bad review, or be a squeaky wheel… what would YOU do?

While Daredevil doesn’t make my top twenty of all-time-favorite heroes, he is an intriguing figure due to the fact that he’s blind. One of my childhood friends had blind parents, and I was both fascinated and impressed at how well they got along raising their children, taking care of their household like anyone else- they didn’t have to flip around atop buildings, fighting bad guys to be an example to me of how one can overcome a handicap. When I stayed over at their house they took care of me as if I was their own child- feeding me, entertaining me, and disciplining me if I needed it.

Like Batman, Daredevil is a mortal who can be killed or injured as easily as the rest of us. But Matt Murdock does have superpowers, including a radar-like sense similar to echolocation and heightened sensitivity in his remaining four senses- both due to an accidental exposure to radioactive material that ironically left him blind. The “Man without Fear” uses these special abilities, as well as his mastery of martial arts to fight criminals in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York, including the Kingpin and Bullseye.

-Read about Deredevil on his Wikipedia page.
-Hasbro’s “Spiderman Origins” series Daedevil at Amazon.
-illegalmego's custom "Mego Style" Daredevil on Flickr! Cool!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Marvel Famous Covers Hulk! AAaarrrgg!

The  Marvel Famous Covers Hulk was really hard to find at a price I was willing to pay, some boxed, new going for as much as $35.00 to $70.00 on E-Bay. I settled on one for $27.99 (price included shipping), and today I saw one with a starting bid at $9.99 + $10.00 shipping… *sigh*. There is a reason why too, Friends: he’s really cool. ToyBiz’s version of the Jade Giant has a body sculpt unique to his Famous Cover counterparts, including a two-part torso that features a much larger chest than the others. I like his big hands and feet, and classic, clenched-teeth face sculpt, too! He reminded me of my Mego Hulk from the 70’s so much that I just fell in love J What a FUN toy!

Growing up watching the Ferrigno/Bixby T.V. show (1978-1982), playing with my Mego Hulk, the Green Goliath was a big part of my childhood- he was a favorite Marvel character of mine and millions of other children. To a skinny eight year-old boy, the ability to transform into a large, powerful being seemed very appealing, and frankly it does to a 38 year-old man too sometimes. Whether dealing with a schoolyard bully or a pushy boss, at one time or another we have all wished to “tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have”! I was somewhat surprised that two Hulk movies were made so closely together in 2003 and then 2008, both entirely separate productions- I was entertained, though I found the latter better overall. I recently tore into a rather hefty Marvel Essential Hulk Vol.6 I scored on Amazon that I’m actually enjoying- the Marvel Essential Series are all in black & white, but Sal Buscema’s drawings are still exciting.

Marvel Essential Hulk Vol.6 cover art, featuring a version of the Hulk I recognized instantly:

-See Mego’s 8” Hulk and 12” Hulk- I had them both as a child.
-The CBS television series of The Incredible Hulk on Wikipedia, starring the late, great Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno They changed Bruce Banner’s name to DAVID Banner for the television show, and to this day Stan Lee doesn’t know why.
-Incredible Hulk T.V. Series spoken intro here... don't look at me like that, you KNOW it!

Until next time, if you find a startling metamorphosis occur inside you- try to find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within  J  Sorry… I just had to say that!