Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tonka Toughest Mighty Dumptruck

I've had my eye on this giant dump truck at TRU for quite some time now, but felt that fifty bucks was just a little more than I could tolerate for such a vanity. But this is the SuperDuperToyBox, my friends, and when I saw got the chance to pick it up for ten bucks less, I jumped. Aside from it's obvious appeal, the truck will serve as a catch-all for figures, parts, and blocks during photo sessions, of which it can hold a great deal. Sure, a tub could as easily do, but how a giant dump truck is certainly more fun! I love the simple design,  and oversized wheels and handle- only the bed and front grill are steel on these nowadays, but it's a sturdy toy nonetheless. At 19 x 11 x11 1/2", it was the largest I've seen. Visit MightyTonka.Com and explore the history of these famed steel trucks!

While on the subject of construction equipment, I also picked up a Power City Construction 160 pc. extension pack while purchasing the Tonka. I don't build model train sets, but as with the colored blocks I picked up awhile back, I could see some potential for staging more dynamic poses with smaller action figures using this set. I don't usually go out of my way in regard to elaborate backgrounds for my photography, wanting to instead focus on the toy as a toy versus fooling the eye with miniaturization. As with my flight stands, the extension pack will merely offer a stage and offer variety and drama in the angling of my shots. I don't want the viewer to forget they are looking at an action figure, rather preserve and emphasize that fact...

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

BIGTOY/littletoy: Hasbro Ultimate Iron Man

 I wanted to show a few more pics of the Marvel Legends Annihilus Wave Ultimate Iron Man that Miss M sent me, and figured it would make a great BIGTOY/littletoy post with my Iron Man 2 Ultimate Iron Man. Hasbro released the 6" Legends figure in December of 2006, and the 3 3/4" Iron Man 2 on January of 2011. I have dozens of Iron Man figures in both scale, many in complementary style like this. I've said before this character just lends himself well to collecting with such a wide array of armory.

See the Iron Man 2 3 3/4" action figure checklist at It's All True.Net, and collections page at Marvel Legends.Net! Also be sure to pop on over to my Boyish Wonder Pinterest and see more BIGTOY/littletoy photos- one of my favorite ways to play here at the Super-DuperToyBox!

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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Continued from my last post on the Four Horsemen resurrection of  Mel Birnkrant's Outer Space Men line, Orbitron, Man From Uranus has the kind of Atomic Age feel this line typifies, and is pretty much the Metalunan from This Island Earth. The pink and metallic copper color combo stands apart from my other Outer Space Men and reinforces the pop-retro appeal of these figures. His slender buck makes him a natural companion to Gamma-X for parts swapping, utilizing the Glyos joints system these figures are outfitted with.

This shorter 3 1/4" Outer Space Man offers offers yet more anatomical variety among the aliens in this line, and comes with one of the best accessories, a third, domed head at the end of a staff! More of a "Little Green Man" character type than the other aliens I've shown so far, the possibilities of head swapping are of course twice as interesting. Like a  few of the others , Gemini came with extra arms bent at the elbow. Again, any action figure with a a domed helmet like this appeals to me generally speaking...

The Giant From Beyond the Milky Way is larger than the others at 5", and is pleasingly hefty in my hand with an overall quality feel. The color combination may be my favorite among these- wildly contrasting. pop-retro in feel with the metallic gold and teal, and translucent orange accessories. Cyclops' rayguns can be holsters, and his single red seen through the visor in his gold helmet.

Colossus Rex
The final Outer Space Man, hailing from Jupiter, is another larger buck among this line, making him a good parts swapping companion to Cyclops. This warlord type character sports scales and carries a triton, giving him a nautical feel. Colossus Rex also comes with a shield and mace in the same translucent purple his triton is cast in. Like Cyclops, Rex has some outstanding metallic paint apps that dazzle the eye, and his heft makes him feel substantial.

The variety of characters and great quality of these, combined with playability due to the interchangeable parts using the Glyos system, make this line a homerun. I was lucky to get most of these at a discounted price at the StoreHorsemen website, but most of them are generally reasonable in price, the larger, more "deluxe" figures like Colossus and Cyclops costing more. I felt this grouping had some great variety and features, so I'm really happy with my purchase!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014


I'd never purchased any Four Horsemen toys up to this point, aside from their famous DC Universe Classics released by Mattel, of which I own many. DCUCs had a consistency throughout the line, even if resulting in sameness, that was admirable, and I consider them a hallmark in action figure production. That said, I was curious about the Four Horsemen's work outside toy giant Mattel's corporate bubble, and got most of these in a "dinged and dented" sale at their website. I love any action figure with retro appeal, currently trending in action figure styling, and the Four Horsemen re-creation of the Outer Space Men action figures from the 60's. Updated with the interchangeable parts using the Glyos system, imaginative toy designer Mel Birnkrant reinvigorated the forgotten toy line with the ignition and manpower of the Horsemen. I'm happy to report the results were delightful...

Commander Comet and Mystron
This Angel/Devil pairing caught my attention first a couple years ago- I'm unsure that combining sci-fi with religious archetypes in toy form is an original brainchild of Mr. Birnkrant, but these are very appealing to me. I love winged characters! The helmets don't snap onto the figure's armor, but sit nicely enough when posed. Mystron's devilish tail was a nice addition to the original Colorforms product, and the accessories on these two are plentiful.

As much as wings on an action figure, clear or translucent action figures and accessories interest me. Gamma-X wears a clear torso and head armor that can be removed to expose his angular, robotic features. I also like all the metallic paint apps on these Outer Space Men, many in bright, fun colors any toy fan would enjoy. I can see a distant influence of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, and influence on George Lucas' Star Wars here...

Terra Firma and Jack Asteroid
If some of the names of these characters seem to have a comfortably cliche feel to them, there's also a smart sense of humor, most evident in these two space-age retro astronauts. With Gylos joints in the neck, shoulders, elbows, rib cage, knees, boot and glove tops, these Outer Space Men have more posing ability than the average 5-point retro figures we've seen lately. The helmet visors and snazzy jetpacks make Terra and Jack really shine, and the American flags are a nice touch. All this along with the orange flight suits made me think of 2001: A Space Odyssey! I very much admire this line by The Four Horsemen and Mel Birnkrant...

Stay Tuned for the sequel to THE OUTER SPACE MEN...!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Happy Meal Premiums

My dear Mother has a connection at the local McDonald's back in the hometown, and has taken to securing any superhero related toy premiums for me, such is the case with the latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 Happy Meal toys. She knows I love Spider-Man, one of the first comics I read, and a character I had many toys of as a small child. Some things never change! I was able to catch the recent film on my birthday weekend, and while I feel they tried to cram a little too much into it, there were a lot of great "Spidey" moments that captured the essence of this youthful hero quite well. I really enjoyed it!

*Electro & Spider-Man Light-Up Figures

*Spider-Man Spinning Top and Activity Book w/stickers

*Wind-up Crawling Spider

*Collector Cards in Spider-Man Tin and Spider-Car

*Spider-Man Mask

This was a fun series any boy or girl could enjoy! Thanks to my wonderful Mother for always thinking of me- she always makes my birthday fun! Be sure to check out my post/video on the Beware The Batman Happy Meal toys she gave me this past holiday season!
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Legends Infinite Series Amazing & Superior Spider-Man

I picked up the Superior Spider-Man from this series back in January, and after seeing the recent Amazing Spider-Man 2, I found the movie figure on sale. I've passed on most all the latest Legends Series figures due to their recent price hike, but couldn't resist cherry-picking a few of my favorites. I've said before I prefer what I perceive as the sturdier feel of the Mattel DC Universe Classics series figures, but there's no denying the great articulation of these two Hasbro Legends, especially important in a Spider-Man action figure. Often there is some integrity of sculpt sacrificed for this kind of range of movement, but these look more realistically proportioned to me than most the past Legends Spider-Man figures I've seen.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 figure disappointed with damaged paint on the left rib cage, but is otherwise a great Spidey, lanky but muscular like actor Andrew Garfield. The red plastic pegs in the elbow joints are somewhat distracting as well, but the detailed relief sculpting of the torso insignia, and incised web pattern & eyes are splendid! The texture of Spider-Man's body suit also gives the figure some added dimension & realism.

I would be remiss for not including an obligatory shot of Spidey with another childhood favorite, the Hulk! These two characters seem to go together like the proverbial peas and carrots of comics. Spidey is also pictured below with my other recent Legends find, Winter Soldier Capt. America....

Spidey has great articulation, including but not limited to ankle rocker-joints, hinged wrists on both sets of interchangeable hands, and a very expressive hinged ball-jointed head. The forward range of the figure's abdominal hinge is limited, but contributes, even if minimally with added assistance of the waist swivel.

I truly enjoyed the Superior Spider-Man title that recently concluded, wherein Otto Octavius managed to take over Peter Parker's body, vowing to be a better webslinger than his longtime nemesis was, only to manage wrecking it all with his ego. The redesigning of Spidey's suit was well done, sharing elements of  Ben Reilly Spidey and Miles Morales Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. The sculpt in the hands even detailed the   characteristic clawed fingertips Otto employed, even if only in duller bumps here.

We get alternative gripping hands on Superior Spidey as opposed to the fists Amazing came with- a web strand could have complimented this, but we are pretty much getting less for more across the board these days in all things. Superior Spidey has a little more range in his abdominal hinge, but has crankier butterfly/scapula joints than the Amazing Spidey. Both figures outfit patterns are broken up by the aforementioned shoulder articulation, but it was handled pretty well considering.

The chaotic web pattern in Superior Spidey's outfit is reminiscent of the character's chaotic representation throughout the series by artists Ryan Stegman and Humberto Ramos. This later evolution of the character's outfit seemed to have eye lenses more gun metal in color, but I like the bronze color Hasbro gave them a lot.

These new Legends Spider-Man figures are great fun, even if overpriced. I'd be willing to bet you will find more of them on sale now that the movie came out and Hasbro will be trying to sell the Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Series. I'd recommend picking at least one up if you find it at a discount- even a small one. These came with parts for a Green Goblin BAF if you care to collect the entire series, which while I wasn't personally interested in.

Superior Spider-Man with Marvel NOW Capt. America...

...and with Marvel Legends Modern Thor & Heroic Age Iron Man...

Legends Infinite Series Superior and Amazing Spider-Man with the ToyBiz First Appearance Spider-Man that Miss M recently sent me...

While I like the new Spider-Man figures, I'd say the ToyBiz First Appearance Spidey from 2005 still does his own thing- recalling the original look that artist Steve Ditko designed, beginning a decades long reign as  Marvel's hottest property. Spider-Man has been one of my favorites since childhood, his comics having been some of my first! See more of my Marvel Legends pictures at the Boyish Wonder Pinterest!

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