Monday, December 26, 2016

Funko X-Men Series POP! Cable & Marvel Mystery Minis Cable

Like Archangel, Cable was one of those Funko POP! X-Men bobble heads I felt strongly about getting based on my enthusiasm for the character and design. I went through a Cable phase starting around 2012 while going back to catch up on the X-Force title from '92. I was an instant fan, going on a burst of reading whatever else I could find featuring the character, including the X-Force/Cable Messiah War saga. The Marvel Mystery Minis Cable bobble head is a Gamestop exclusive I found on eBay, knowing he'd make a great BIG TOY/little toy pairing with the new POP! Cable- one of my favorite ways to collect!
Check out my video:

Below are a couple 1995 ToyBiz Cable figures in my collection:

Below, some of my more recent Funko bobble heads:  Funko X-Men Series POP! Archangel and Cable, and Marvel Mystery Minis Cable, Capt. Marvel, and She-Hulk:

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

More BootLego Marvel!

I'd been posting on Lego and BootLego minifigures last year, before being swept up in whatever other fascination that overcame me, neglecting to show some of the other things I'd found on eBay. So let's take a look at some of these Marvel minifigures...

I totally forgot this great little Iron Man with the flip-up mask and robotic arm accessory:

Looks like Hulk wants to help out with repairs... hopefully he won't get frustrated and smash!

I had two color variants of the Vision, one with a ray gun and pop-up base...

Wolverine and Deadpool seemed like partners to me with all those blades...

Perhaps best of all these were the three Spider-Man minifigures!

I loved the web ropes that came with Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man, who also came with a lamppost accessory. Iron Spider's tentacle arms sit on a brick behind him, but he still looks great...

And finally, a size comparison between Lego minifigure Spider-Men and a couple of my MiniMates Spider-Men to show just how tiny the former are...

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Power Rangers Legacy Collection Green Ranger

I actually bought and photographed this Legacy Collection Green Ranger at the end of August, but just now got around to posting about it. My interest in the Power Rangers does not stem from childhood nostalgia, but rather an interest in Bandai and exotic appeal of imported action figures. These Legacy Collection Power Rangers rival SH Figuarts in articulation, paint and fine sculptural detail. This Green Ranger came with extra accessories as opposed to a Megazord BAF, and I like the design of his helmet and chest overlay.

Check out the video: 

Below, Legacy Collection Green Ranger with my 12" Dino Charge Green Ranger...

Below, Legacy Collection Green Ranger with my SH Figuarts Chojin Sentai Redhawk...

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Call of Duty Ghosts Exclusive Mega Bloks Figure

After picking up a few of the TMNT Mega Bloks mini-figs, I found this Call of Duty Ghosts exclusive online for a song. He reminded me of the Punisher with his military gear and skull mask! I know nothing of the Call of Duty franchise, but enjoy little plastic army men like most all boys do. His military rifle disassembles, and he has a bowie knife that pegs onto his thigh belt.

Below, Mega Bloks Ghost with TMNT Out of the Shadows Foot Soldier and Raphael. Mega Bloks are hands down some of the best little minifigures out there. I love these together!

Below for size comparison, Call of Duty Ghost with Transformers Prime Dark Energon Bumblebee. I love to mix and match toys- as a boy, I would have paired these two for the team-up, exploring new worlds of my imagination together!

The truth is, I really picked up the Ghost minifigure to ride in my new Hot Wheels Ride-Ons Series Tanknator. I had a Halo Mega Bloks figure for my green Tanknator, but needed another soldier type for the new 2017 C-Case version...

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Funko Marvel Mystery Mini Bobble She-Hulk & Capt. Marvel

I couldn't resist these 2.75" Funko mini bobbles found on eBay. I had just seen them secondhand at twice the price the night before at local retail, and looking them up later that night, found them sold together for a reasonable price. I have a handful of Funko POP! I love, and thought these would make fun companions!

My phase of hitting the local comic shop for new titles on a regular basis seemed to fade a couple years ago. Though initially been caught up in the DC New 52 and Marvel NOW! excitement, I was following too many other titles and missed out on most of Carol Danvers assuming the mantle of Captain Marvel. I went through a Mar-Vell nostalgia trip around 2011-2012, so Carol's new assignment had caught my eye, but I never caught up. Still, I love the idea and the outfit. She's super cute as a mini bobble!

Unlike Carol Danvers Capt. Marvel, I did jump on She-Hulk's Marvel NOW! title a couple years later in 2014. I had just read John Byrne's first installment of Sensational She-Hulk from 1989, and had a brief fling with the Green Goddess. I love the styling of this mini bobble with the purple gloves and cute little tush! Would be fun to have a Fantastic Four variant of this!

Below, Capt. Marvel and She-Hulk with the Funko POP! Archangel from my last post...

*See my Marvel Universe She-Hulk in my 2013 post on the Super-DuperToyBox collection!

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Funko POP! Archangel

I try to buy as few of these Funko POP! as possible, but occasionally one comes along in a favorite character, and I have to pick it up. Such is the case regarding the new X-Men Series Archangel. I love the '80s design, and was always drawn to the silver wings of this character. Warren Worthington was Angel of the original X-Men, brainwashed by Apocalypse to become the most feared of his Four Horsemen! Check out the video:

Featured in the video above, Funko POP! Archangel with AOU Vision...

POP! Archangel with some other Archangel action figures in the Super-DuperToyBox, including my 10" Deluxe Toybiz Archangel. See more of my 3.75" Marvel Universe collection in my January 2013 post!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Batman v Superman Mighty Minis

Ha to grab a few more of these 2" DC Mighty Minis before they're all gone! I was on the lookout for a Superman & Wonder Woman, and picked up an Aquaman and Batman while I was there...

Batman v Superman Series 1 Mighty Minis Superman:

Batman v Superman Series 2 Mighty Minis Batman:

Batman v Superman Series 2 Mighty Minis Aquaman:

Aquaman with Batman Unlimited Series 1 Mighty Minis Flash, two of my favorites of these DC Mighty Minis. They both stand well, and have cool designs!

Batman v Superman Series 2 Mighty Minis Bronze Wonder Woman:

Bronze Wonder Woman with Batman v Superman Series 1 Gold Superman and Series 2 Silver Batman ... at last, the Trinity! I must say, I love having all these together!

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bandai Gundam Converge- Barbatos & Exia

I spotted a couple more Bandai Gundam Converge figures at TRU recently that interested me. As I said in my last post, the exotic appeal these odd little 2 1/4" figures do the same thing for me as the Power Rangers/Super Sentai and Sofubi vinyl- I'm a fan of vinyl figures, particularly of Japanese import. Though articulation is  limited to the shoulders, wrists and neck, the accessories on these two are great, their weapons swapped by pegging interchangable hands.

Bandai Gundam Converge #129 Gundam Exia:

Bandai Gundam Converge #126 Gundam Barbatos:

Below, Bandai Gundam Converge Barbatos with my Revoltech Yamaguchi Getter...

Below, Barbatos and Exia with the Gundam Converge Char's Zaku from my last post...

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