Thursday, June 29, 2017

Jada Nano Metalfigs Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora & Star-Lord

After picking up the Batman Nano Metalfig from my last post, I had to get a few more. I love simple toys and small figurines like this, and at $0.99, there's not much to lose! Check out the video:

Below, Gamora and Star-Lord with my Hot Wheels 2017 Milano...

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Jada Nano Metalfigs- Batman the Animated

Check out my post and video on this Jada Batman the Animated Nano Metalfig over at Batman The Animated Toys Blog! I bought a few other Nano Metalfigs that I'll post on here at the Super-DuperToyBox in the future!

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Monday, June 26, 2017

BootLego "Customer" & "Doctor"

Just a quick post  on two BootLego minifigs I found on eBay awhile back- I loved their prints and bright, happy colors, particularly the "customer" in his hoodie, plus I didn't have much in the way of medical personnel...

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Lego Series 16 Ice Queen & Imp

Though I was hoping for one of the other minifigs, I appreciate the Lego Series 16 Ice Queen up close in person more than I thought- her color is great, and the intricate pattern in silver paint on her dress is really cool!

Below, Series 16 Ice Queen with Series 14 Witch...

 I was happy to stumble onto the Series 16 Imp! I have a few Halloween themed, as well as short-legged kid minifigs he will fit well with. He has great accessories, including that great jack-o-lantern trick or treat pail!

Below, Series 16 Imp with Series 4 Werewolf...

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Batman '66 #1

From the archives, the 1st issue of Batman '66, Sept. 2013. The cover is by Mike Allred, one of my favorite contemporary comic book artists, whose retro style was a perfect fit for the title. The few issues I bought were true in spirit to the TV show, and filled with the kind of  madcap humor it was known for. I won't go into the synopsis, available at DCWikia if you care to read, but will instead share a classic trope within this issue taken from the show, featuring another well known creature of the night...

*Also read my November 2014 post on Batman '66 #14

RIP Adam West
1928 - 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

Batman: Gotham Adventures #3

In memoriam of recently departed actor Adam West, I fired up the Batman: The Animated Toy Blog again to post on issue #3 of  Batman: Gotham Adventures. The 18th episode of Batman: The Animated Series featured the voice acting West, star of  the beloved '66 Batman TV series. Airing in November of 1992, the actor voiced the character of the Simon Trent, a washed up TV actor who portrayed crime fighter Gray Ghost, idolized by a young Bruce Wayne. I love the cover of this issue, Batman and Gray ghost drawn as packaged action figures! Sorting some comics this weekend after West passed away, I came across this issue, reminding me of the late actor's connection to Batman: The Animated Series, like one final goodbye from my childhood hero. Read more about this issue at Batman: The Animated Toy Blog!

RIP Adam West
Sept. 19th, 1928 - June 9th, 2017