Friday, January 27, 2017

BootLego Atom (DC Comics)

 I felt like this BootLego Atom deserved his own post- I loved the colors, deco, and helmet on this imported minifig. I have a few Atom figures I love, and though the character is third tier character among the DC pantheon, I was always a little more into him than Marvel's Ant-Man. Maybe the whole Atomic Age theme the character evokes appeals to my interest. At any rate, I found this one to be unique and fun!

Ray Palmer, a physics professor who created a belt to shrink himself down to sub-atomic size while maintaining his mass, was the Silver-Age Atom. According to, Palmer's first appearance was in Showcase #34 (1961).

Below, BootLego Atom with my BootLego Flash- what a pair of DC Comic's finest ...!
See my January 2013 post featuring the DC Action League Atom and Flash!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

BootLego Marvel Spider-Gwen, Flipside Spidey, Dr. Strange, Greenpool, & Capt. America

More Spider-Verse characters to add to my collection of minifigs! Spider-Gwen and Flipside Spidey are two more unique decos to complement the Spider-Man, Iron Spider, and Ultimate Spider-Man I posted on this past Christmas...

I loved the recent Dr. Strange film, the minifig pictured below styled after actor Benedict Cumberbatch's outfit. The clear spell orb accessories are a nice touch, detailed with hieroglyph...

There are so many variants of BootLego Deadpool out there, several of which are intricately detailed, like this green variant I refer to as Greenpool. He came packed with twin pistols and katanas, the swords sheathed on his backpack. I'm not sure what is supposed to go in the breifcase, but one of his pistols does fit inside, so he can carry everything!

Greenpool's deco is different from my conventional red BootLego Deadpool, perhaps a little more complex...

I loved this white variant Capt. America with the Mighty Micro Captain America, both from the same seller. Both are very different styles of Lego deco, one a more detailed, modern outfit, the other more classic and simple. Quite whimsical together!

The third Capt. America I picked up was in the Marvel All-New All-Different deco with the chevron shield, another variant of the character unusual enough to catch my interest...

Quite the patriotic trio ...!

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

BootLego DC: Joker, Venom, Blue Beetle, Katana, & Batman Beyond

A few BootLego DC minifigs scored off eBay- the Katana & Blue Beetle were part of a new purchase, the others from a Batman set I bought at the end of 2015. I really liked the New 52 version of Katana, my favorite of this group. I have a DC Collectibles Katana in this outfit that I absolutely covet. I like the idea of Katana as a partner to Batman in the 2013-14 Beware the Batman animated series- fresh!

This new Batman Beyond minifig is barely so, the chest insignia and belt true to character, but exposed chin & red cape not so. He looks a lot like the black and red Batman I got with a BootLego Nightwing and Robin posted on here in Nov. 2015...

The Joker below is standard Lego Joker, but a nice and colorful rendition. Like Joker, this simple Bane minifig came with the Batman set I bought at the end of 2015. Though irrelevant to the character, his sighted assault rifle is a bonus.

I love the third, Jaimie Reyes Blue Beetle! My only complaint with this minifig is the neck post barely accommodating the wings and neck horns, an oft fugitive blue head the unfortunate result. Check out my 2013 post on the Batman: Brave and the Bold Blue Beetle Cosmic Crawler!

Joker and Venom would have a hard time fighting Katana, Batman Beyond, and Blue Beetle!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Be@rbrick Sci Fi Series 5

In continuation of my last post on Be@rbrick Series 22 Green Lantern, Panda, & Uno, Be@rbrick Sci Fi Series 5. This is my last post on the Be@rbrick minifigures I scored on eBay a year ago.
Check out the video:

Pictured below, Be@rbrick Sci Fi Series 5 and Series 10 Metropolis:

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Be@rbrick Series 22 Green Lantern, Panda, & Uno Chase

My fascination with Be@rbrick came on strong a year ago, featured in a month of several posts on eBay aquisitions featuring the themed minifigures. I'd moved onto other things before showing all, and thought I'd come back to showcase the remaining few. These highly collectible Japanese figures come in a few different sizes, the 2 3/4" 100 % scale being my particular interest. I like colorful, fun toys, and am into Japanese vinyl and imported Tomica diecast cars, so the Be@rbrick's exotic appeal is not lost on me as a collector. A variation on MediCom's Kubrick figures, Be@rbrick are a lot like MiniMates in size, which I've also collected in the past. Check out the video:

Not featured in the video, the Amazing Spider-Man Logo Be@rbrick pictured below will stay on card for display with some other Spider-Man toys I love. Like Green Lantern, Spider-Man is a character strongly represented in my collection. I wouldn't mind finding some more Marvel and DC Be@rbrick at some point.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dargo Block World Transparent Iron Man Minifigs

I bought these from an eBay seller in October of 2015, and am just now getting around to filming them as I first envisioned. My Super Fun Hot Wheels Blog has taken a great deal of attention in the past couple years, but I always make it back over to the Super-DuperToyBox in bursts of posts, this recent jag centering around BootLego minifigs found on eBay. Check out the video:

I love action figures made of translucent plastic, and these have sparkle in them as well- really fun! Iron Man has been a character I've collected since starting this blog, and is a notable sub-collection among my collection at large.

Transparent Mark XLV and regular Mark XLV Iron Man from my 2016 Christmas Day post...

Around the time I picked up these transparent Iron Man minifigs, I posted on some transparent Dargo Block World Hulks and a transparent Dargo Block World Thor pictured below. It's fun to get back to these minifigs again!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

BootLego Capt. Marvel & She-Hulk

Continuing with my renewed fascination with Lego minifigs, two more BootLego minifigs scored on eBay, Capt. Marvel and She-Hulk. I've recently found a couple sellers from Asia selling an assortment of characters for under $1.50 a piece.

Above, BootLego Vision with Capt. Marvel- she came with a gun like Vison and three facial options, the masked head my favorite.

Below, BootLego She-Hulk with AOU Hulk...

Below, BootLego Capt. Marvel and She-Hulk with 

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Seen Toy Shopping Recently...

This is merely a post to show a few things that interested me enough to capture a pic, but not get my wallet out in the last few months. This blog is rarely a source for what's new in comics or action figures, and though you have likely seen most of this, these action figures caught my eye on the pegs during a few recent outings.

Above are three Batman v Superman series Aquaman variants I've spotted multiple times at local retail. I must admit I've admired these more basic 6" action figures from the Mattel line, though I've not purchased any, which predictably include Multiple Superman and Batman variants. Below, Funko Dorbz Green Lantern Batman and Sinestro vinyl figures- I'm a big fan of the Green Lantern/Batman mashup and the Sinestro/Batman mashup, and these were hard to pass up....

While I'm not likely finished collecting large action figures, I already have a 12" New 52 Superman in this Mattel style. I liked these new Justice League Action toys styled after the recent animated show, but at some point you stop buying every Justice League action figure line that appears...

On the Marvel end of large action figures, some new Titan Hero series characters have been appearing, these from the Spider-Man subline. I nearly bought the Spyder Knight for his unique armored styling, and though not sighted on the pegs, the line boasts a Big Time Spidey on the packaging... 

I stopped buying Hasbro's 3.75" Marvel Universe figures after filling a giant tote of MOC examples, and opening/photographing as many, but I do like some of these new offerings. Another hindrance has been the price, which has doubled since the first I bought in 2011, which included bases! Purchasing the four samples pictured below would cost you about fifty bucks, which seems like a poor value- my advice would be to keep an eye out for a sale on these, as recent waves have ended up on clearance with time. 

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lego Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Microbuild

Finally opened this microbuild TIE-Fighter to complement the X-Wing I posted on at the end of 2015. As I've said, I keep busy with a few very involved creative projects, one having been the Super Fun Hot Wheels Blog, and a recent career change has taken a great deal of attention. Still, I eventually make it back over to the Super-DuperToyBox in bursts of posts, this recent jag centering around Legos. I've been getting some great deals on minifigures recently on eBay, some of which have been Star Wars characters- another reason to build this TIE-Fighter. It's kinda funny what took little over five minutes has been sitting around for at least a year!

Below, the First Order TIE-Fighter with the aforementioned
Force Awakens Poe's X-Wing Fighter...

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lego Mighty Micros Iron Man Vs Thanos

There were at least three other Marvel Lego Mighty Micro sets, and we've all seen the DC sets, but I was compelled most by the vehicles in this set, particularly Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet car- nice! The vehicles are even smaller than I expected, the figures included fit with shorter, unarticulated legs, This past week, I picked up some of these shorter Lego minifigs on eBay, but opted to pick up the box set with vehicles for these two. The vehicles roll, each with moving parts, the jets on Iron Man's car, and each finger on Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet car. Fun! I had these together pretty quickly, and am very happy with them- if you only get one, get this set!

I love the abbreviated stature & whimsical style of these figures! For a comparison between the Mighty Micro and regular Lego minifigs, Mark 45 Iron Man from my latest Christmas Day post...

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