Monday, June 17, 2019

Marvel Legends Wolverine & All-New Wolverine

I posted a picture of these two on my Instagram in mid-October of 2018, and am just getting around to opening them! I've been selling off a lot of my collection, which has kept me busy along with a couple other very involved hobbies that take a lot of time and work. While they are from different Marvel Legends waves, I felt they'd make a nice pair, and I wasn't disappointed. Check out the video:

I've been reading some of the All-New, All-Different Wolverine from Marvel's 2015 relaunch, and have enjoyed it. Laura Kinney/X-23 is an interesting character - from her taking Gabby under her wing, a clone of herself also looking for absolution after escaping Allchemax, to their strange relationship with Old Man Logan from another dimension, designated Earth-807128. How long must we wait to see Laura as full-on Wolverine in the movies?  This needs to happen in the next wave of MCU. As a figure, Laura has some lateral hip articulation limitations, and her toe claws are hard to keep pegged while posing, but I love her aesthetic in that bright Tiger-Stripe outfit. There are some uneven tones in the yellows, but the mask and dynamic hair sculpt are fantastic. Like a lot of female Legends, Laura has single-hinge elbows on a swivel, though she does get beyond 45 degrees, and her hinged wrists help extend that reach. 

The X-Men Series Tiger-Stripe is nearly a perfect figure, built on the same base as the Retro Series Wolverine, whom he complements nicely. His claws are a little loose in their pegs and get moved posing, but don't drop out. An additional portrait would have been nice, maybe a berserker expression- Laura came with an unmasked portrait, and a huge BAF piece for Sauron, and we get skinny little arm hoses for the Apocalypse BAF, and a pair of regular fists for Wolverine. Still, he IS a great figure. Recommended!

Below, Marvel Legends X-Men Wolverine with some other Tiger-Stripe Wolverines that reside in the Super-DuperToyBox:  9" Origins Signature Series Wolverine, 2" Heroes & Villains Wolverine, Marvel Legends 10.5" Wolverine, and Marvel Universe 3.75" Wolverine. See the video above for more figure comparisons with both these Wolverines!

More Later- Make It FUN!