Friday, July 31, 2020

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Goldar

I've had a few Power Rangers throughout my action figure collecting of the last 10 years, including a handful of SH Figuarts Super Sentai- the Japanese franchise upon which the American Power Rangers were based on in the '90s. My interest in Power Rangers is based in my interest of the Super Sentai/Kamen Rider aesthetic, with no real nostalgia for the American adaption, as I was a busy college student by then. Regardless, a cool action figure to mix with my other figures is at times considered, particularly one as singular as this. And being a 6" Hasbro, Goldar will fit right in with my diverse Marvel Legends collection. 

Goldar includes an extra set of hands, and a nice sword with a lightning effects accessory. His wings are hinged at the back and top, and are mildly cumbersome to pose. They do have a nice sculpt, consistent with the great detail throughout the figure's armor. This figure shipped for $17.50 from an eBay seller, making him a fantastic value. Based on Goldar, I may be interested in other Lightning Collection figures, particularly any unusual villain.

Goldar was derived from the Japanese Sentai Zuyranger character, Grifforzar, a goon of Lord Zedd in the American Power Rangers, but I'm more interested in his candidacy for one of my many Marvel Legends villains. Though limited due to his bulk, Goldar has similar articulation to a typical Legends figure, and blends visually with their colorful cast of characters.

Above, Goldar with the fantastic Marvel Legends Doctor Doom that dropped 
earlier this year, and with the recent Marvel Legends Demogoblin BAF...

Above, Goldar duels my Marvel Legends Loki, and below 
standing with my Marvel Legends Iron Man 2020 from a recent post...

Above, Goldar with my Marvel Legends Endgame Thanos BAF
and below with my Marvel Legends 2018 Walmart Exclusive Thanos...

And finally, Goldar with Marvel Legends Vulture, Thanos, Loki, Doctor Doom, and Magneto!

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Marvel Legends Magneto (2018 Apocalypse BAF Wave)

This modern version of the Marvel Legends Magneto was from the 2018 Apocalypse, inspired by the character's look from Uncanny X-Men Vol. 4 (Marvel, 2016), and drew some criticism from collectors who wanted an updated classic Magneto. I picked him up loose for cheap on eBay, won over by the unhelmeted portrait featuring Magneto's white mane of hair. Also included were a translucent pair of hands and lighting effects accessories.

For whatever reason, I never posted photos of this figure on the Super-DuperToyBox, circling back here to do so while doing a post on the Hasbro Power Rangers Goldar. While highlighting links to other figures included in that post, I realized I'd never posted about Magneto on the blog. While the 10" Toybiz Marvel Famous Covers Magneto is my all-time favorite, I do like this figure- in spite of the initial disappointment in his 2018 release, Magneto has become somewhat desirable by collectors more recently.

I won't go into a great deal more regarding this figure, as I originally picked him up to complement future posts on Marvel Legends X-Men figures. No disrespect to this great Marvel character, but he serve's his secondary purpose in my Marvel Legends collection fine. While not what would be considered a fan's pick, there's a lot to like here. Later on, Hasbro released a classic Magneto in a 3-pk with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver that looked nice enough, but my interest in the other figures was peripheral at best. Hence, this is the Magneto in my Marvel Legends collection...

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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition Ronda Rousey & Jurassic Park Amber Collection Dr. Ian Malcolm

While I don't collect WWE or Jurassic Park, I picked up these figures purely on their merits as action figures. And at a nearly 50% discount, they both had more than enough personality and accessories to convince me to purchase them. I thought they'd make a comical pair that shared a common level of realistic features.

I've watched zero hours of WWE, and knew nothing of Ronda Rousey, though I do vaguely remember her inspiration, WWF star Rowdy Roddy Piper. I liked all the accessories that came with this Ultimate Edition, especially the kilt. Also included are extra gripping hands, leather jacket torso slip-over, leather jacket arms, and three different head sculpts. There is some good articulation on this figure, particularly the elbow range on both the bare arms and leather jacket arms. She even has swivel boot tops and toe joints. She has better articulation and accessories than any of Mattel's female DC figures ever had. I'd go so far as to say that if Mattel put as much effort in their DC figures as they have their wrestling figures, they may not have lost the DC license to McFarlane Toys.

The Jurassic Park Amber Collection has appeared to be a cool, if limited,  line with some great dinosaurs. I've personally only seen a couple of the characters from the Jurassic Park franchise in the line, with one more forthcoming. It would seem they would put at least a couple more in there, but their dinosaurs are likely the big sellers- 1:12 scale action figure collectors who don't even have an attachment to the franchise are buying them to complement what they collect. And Mattel's dinosaurs do look cool, but an action figure of Jeff Goldblum kind of falls into the same category for myself, as such a singular actor. He came with a translucent amber base and extra set of hands to hold his road flare and cup of water, both props from the movie, albeit the latter almost superfluous.

The monochromatic outfit of  Dr. Malcolm is offset by touches of silver and blue in his jewelry and belt and boot buckles. The facial portrait really looks like actor Jeff Goldblum, complete with translucent shades, and is the reason to buy this figure. I've had a Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Grandmaster/Korg 2pk for quite awhile that I've neglected to open- I'll need to compare the Mattel and Hasbro Jeff Golblum figures some time.

Below, Dr. Malcolm with my Mattel DC Mutiverse Batman Ninja BAF...

These are just a couple of new characters to mix with my smaller Mattel action figure collection- they are complete unrelated, but struck me as an odd couple- can you imagine a reality show or movie starring Rousey and Golblum? Ha!

Mattel DC Multiverse Croc BAF would make a somewhat appropriate nemesis for Dr. Malcolm to cross paths with, Rowdy Ronda Rousey stepping in to administer the beat down...

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Juicetin's Customs Action Figure Accessories

Just a quick post to recommend Juicetin's Customs, from whom I received some great product and customer service recently while getting some 3-D printed crates for my FEXT Sci-Fi diorama. I've loved using this set for my Marvel Legends and some Transformers the last few months, and was happy to find a little something to change up the space if I want. There are all kinds of accessories for your 1:12 scale action figures available from Juicetin's Customs, including weapons crates, coolers, cameras, weapons, powers and blast effects, and more.

What really drew me to Juicestin's Customs were the boomboxes I saw on his Instagram feed! I love the sculpt, and commissioned both a smaller one for my 6" Marvel Legends figures, and a larger one for my 12" Marvel Legends figures. I expect his repertoire will expand as time goes by, and saw some items made specifically for what's current in the action figure market, like a boat for the recent Mezco 1:12 scale Popeye. Definitely keep an eye on the custom accessories artist! 

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Invincible Iron Man #150 (Double-Sized 15th Anniversary Issue, 1981)

I picked up this fun issue of Invincible Iron Man for a buck back in February, resolving to make a short post about it eventually, and five months later, here we are. The conclusion of the previous issue #149, "Doomquest", finds Doom and Iron Man are double-crossed by one of the former's lackeys while crossing a time machine platform in furious battle. If you picked up only this double-sized issue back in '81 however, it almost would not have mattered- Doom and Iron Man literally drop out of the sky into Camelot, have adventures with King Arthur and his armored knights... what else could a kid need?

Doom will not recognize the authority of King Arthur and his knights, but Iron Man pleads with him to be cool until they can figure a way out of their time displacement situation. Unfortunately, Doom has his own plans, using the opportunity to find Morgan Le Fay, whom he makes an alliance with to destroy King Arthur and Camelot for her assistance in retrieving his mother from the bowels of Hell!

With help from Iron Man, King Arthur and his knights defeat Doom and Morgan Le Fey's undead army. The witch escapes the armored Avenger through a dimensional portal at the last moment with the shard of Excalibur she used to attack Camelot, vowing vengeance on he and her brother, King Arthur.

Crushed by his chance to free his mother from Hell, Doom is persuaded to combine scientific skills with Iron Man, using their tech to make it back to present day. Though a truce is met out of necessity, the mortal enemies vow to resume their rivalry 24 hours after their escape, bidding a bitter farewell upon their mission success!

Artist John Romita Jr. is certainly working in the Marvel Method here, employed by his father before him, far removed from his later, more unique style. Bob Layton finished the art, also co-plotting the issue with writer David Michelinie. This is a real slice of the kind of Bronze-Age Marvel I was raised on, and would have loved as a nine-year old!  Circle back and check out my posts on the Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Iron Man and Doctor Doom!

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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 (All-New, All-Different)

This second version of the Spider-Man 2099 suit appeared at the end of 2015, part of Marvel's All-New, All-Different , coinciding with the 3rd volume of Spider-Man 2099, featuring Miguel O'Hara, Spider-Man of the future. I read the Spider-Man 2099 Vol.1 TPB ('92-'93), and was delighted when Miguel returned in issue #17 of Superior Spider-Man in December of 2013, but that's about as far as I got. Regardless, I found this figure quite some time ago at a Walgreens way out in the county- though I'm a big fan of Miguel's original costume, this figure caught my eye.

While addition hands and an unmasked Miguel O'Hara head would have been a welcome inclusion to this figure, it is pretty fantastic in sculpt and paint detail. And his articulation is fantastic, the highlight being Spider-Man's deep butterfly joints at the shoulders. I've heard this was the buck used on Sunfire, but I've not yet unboxed mine to compare. I'll always regret not picking up the original Spider-Man 2099, but I am loving this version.

Below, Spider-Man 2099 with the Marvel Legends Big Time Spidey 
from my last post, and Iron Man 2020 from another recent post...

Below, Spider-Man 2099 with Spider-Gwen, and the running change 
in this Marvel Legends Sandman wave, Spider-UK...

Below, Spider-Man 2099 with my Marvel Legends Infinity War Iron Spider...

And finally, Spider-Man 2099 with my Gamerverse Velocity Suit Spider-Man 
and Spider Armor Mark III form the recent Marvel Legends Demogoblin Wave...

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