Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Lanard Alien Warrior & Drone Xenomorphs & Hunter Predator

 I was thrilled to see images of Lanard Toys 7" Xenomorphs on Instagram recently, and pleasantly surprised to find Predator figures as well on the county-wide hunt that followed soon after. I liked the smaller 5" Xenomorphs Lanard sold with the 4" Colonial Marines last year, and held onto mine. These 7" Lanard figures have pretty basic paint and articulation, but are perfectly serviceable. 

This Hunter Predator was one of three available, and has a great ball jointed waist with good range, and a little ankle pivot as well. The box insert doubles as a pretty good diorama base for the figure, whose only accessory is an interchangeable shoulder cannon. He's simple, but the packaging is exciting, and a decent value for south of ten bucks. People are already customizing the paint deco on these figures, because the sculpt detail is there.

This would be an affordable stand-in character for your 6" Marvel Legends, G.I. Joe, or 7" DC figures. Below, my Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Punisher gets the drop on Hunter Predator...

Like the Predator figure, the Lanard Xenomorph figures have a box insert that doubles as a display diorama, if a little less dynamic. I LOVE the box art on the Xenomorphs though- very splashy and colorful. I almost hated to open them. I love the art!

The Xenomorphs had more exciting accessories, the facehugger pod/egg included with the white Drone just like what came with one of my smaller 5" Xenomorph. It's great to have two of those, but I really like the lab canister that came with the blue Warrior Xenomorph.

The 7" Xenomorphs have more toned down colors compared with the 4" Xenomorphs, but I did like the wild colors those smaller figures were folded in. The construction/articulation on both is pretty much identical, save the delightful jaw hinge on the larger figures. Fun!

Like the Lanard Predator, these 7" Xenomorphs make great stand-in characters to compliment a variety of action figures that may be in your collection, like the Iron Man 3 Iron Monger in my Marvel Legends collection, or Beastman, Skeletor, and Panthor from my MOTU Origins collection...

Below, my 7" Predator and Xenomorphs with 10" Playmates Skull Island Kong, another figure I bought last year that isn't necessarily a collector grade figure, but fun nonetheless, that can compliment your other toys. Recommended! 

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Friday, January 15, 2021

Masters of the WWE Universe Jake the Snake Roberts

I started paying more attention to these Masters of the WWE Universe figures after discovering Mattel's MOTU Origins line, which share the same modular/interchangeable parts, allowing customization of your figures between lines. It was brilliant for Mattel to engineer these figures this way! I'm almost completely out of the loop regarding the characters of the WWE, but some of these fit so seamlessly into the Origins line, it's like having another MOTU figure. Like the origins figures, the WWE figures get a minicomic foldout cross-sell sheet showing other figures in the wave- really want the Mr. T!

Jake's removeable faceplate reveals his serpentine facial features, the MOTU callback being the Snake Face character from the '80s. He comes with a rubber snake, and his armor can be removed to expose a scaled chest- he'll be displayed in my collection like this!

Below, Skeletor with Panthor and Beastman welcoming The Snake into their Lair of Evil, 
the Funko Primal Age Batcave! While I can hardly wait for the MOTU Origins Castle Grayskull, the Funko Batcave has it's own charms, and fits my MOTU Origins figures perfectly. Seriously, if you don't have this playset, go buy it now- I predict they will increase in value because of the recent MOTU merchandise push.

Below, Jake the Snake with my Masters of the WWE Ultimate Warrior
another character from the line that fits seamlessly with my MOTU Origins figures...

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

MOTU Origins Panthor

During my county-wide hunt that produced the MOTU Origins Prince Adam Sky Sled last weekend, I also found Panthor at another local Target. Collectors have bemoaned Mattel's initial exclusivity agreement with Walmart, and we're all glad things opened up for all the other retailers her in 2021. There will be a Walmart exclusive flocked version of Panthor this year, which I will pick up if I see it.

I never had Panthor as a kid in the '80s, but gee-whiz he looks cool with Skeletor in the saddle! This Savage Cat fit nicely with his Master in the Funko Primal Age Batcave I picked up this past year. I bought the Funko Batcave because I could not wait to get the forthcoming MOTO Origins Castle Grayskull, and scored it for twenty-five bucks, but it's every bit worth sixty or more if you have the opportunity!

The Funko Primal Age Batcave is the perfect place to stage 
Prince Adam's escape from Skeletor, Beastman, and Evil-Lyn ...!

...left in Prince Adam's place is his alter ego, He-Man, Most Powerful Man in the Universe!

Panthor is of course the same sculpt as Battle Cat, which was a vast improvement of the 1982 original, a reused mold from a 1971 Tarzan and the Jungle Cat gift set, used again in '76 for the Big Jim Tiger Trail Set. That toy had no articulation- still, we loved it as kids. These new cats are a fantastic start to the MOTU Origins Series, carrying the spirit of the legendary toy line, with updated articulation for better play.

If you own a MOTU Origins Skeletor, pick up his mount, Panthor! Recommended!

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Sunday, January 10, 2021

MOTU Origins Prince Adam Sky Sled

Mattel's Masters of the Universe Origins line has mercifully been released from it's 2020 Walmart exclusivity, and has started showing up for preorder on several online retailer sites, and on Target shelves as well. I've seen only a few of this Prince Adam Sky Sled at Target on my weekend hunt, enjoying an addition 5% off using my Target store card. I've waited a long time to get this set, and wasn't disappointed- check out the video:

As a kid in the '80s, I had the Battle Ram/Sky Sled toy, and hope Mattel will produce a Battel Ram attachment to peg onto the back of this new Sky Sled! A must for siege on the forthcoming MOTU Origins Castle Grayskull! Though I never had a Prince Adam figure in my youth, this set definitely evoked a sense of nostalgia within me. I love the interchangeable kick plates and turret ornament, but the flight stand might be my favorite accessory in this set- great for display! The turret moves left to right and includes the nifty blast effect pictured below...

Below, Prince Adam with my Origins Series Man-At-Arms and daughter Teela; I dove headlong into this revived line by Mattel, which has been so much fun. Now that Mattel can distribute these among a wider array of retailers, I look forward to seeing how far they'll take the line. Recommended!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Incredible Hulk No.141 (1971)

I love these one dollar Marvel True Believers reprints, and pulled this Incredible Hulk No.141 from 1971, introducing Doc Samson! Psychiatrist Leonard Samson helps General Ross and Major Talbot capture the Hulk, intent on using his inherent gamma force to reverse Betsy Ross' bizarre condition, turned to glass from an unfortunate blood transfusion with villain Sandman in issue No.138. Doctor Samson's calculations are inexplicably correct, and Betsy is miraculously returned to her corporeal form!

Later that night, Doctor Samson investigates a suspicion that remaining gamma energy from the transfer might enhance a person's physicality, and returns to the laboratory to test that theory on himself ...!

Doctor Leonard Samson then lives out his life-long dream to become the hero Doc Samson, and sets out to win the love of Betsy Ross. Filled with jealously, Bruce Banner resolves to do whatever necessary to win Betsy back ...!

In desperation, Banner returns to the laboratory, reviving his monstrous alter-ego in a horrific explosion! Doc Samson arrives on the seen, challenging the Green Goliath, resulting in a thundering brawl in the city streets...

Defeated, Doc Samson is spared further humiliation when Betsy breaks free of her father's restraint, rushing to the Hulk's fallen challenger. To Hulk's visible disappointment, Betsy's expression of concern for Doc Samson leaves the the behemoth again misunderstood and alone....

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