Sunday, July 17, 2022

Mego 8in. Classic Superman


I somehow avoided this particular Mego Superman in spite of buying three others within the last six months, which paid off, eventually getting him for free using Amazon points. He is spectacularly colorful and evokes the same delight my childhood Mego did in the '70s. The major motion picture starring Christopher Reeve thrilled my young eyes in 1978, and Superman became the cornerstone of my love for superhero comics, as he did for a world of other six-year-olds.

Like the Megos of the '70s, the belt is a band of fabric- I always lamented we could not get a plastic belt on our Superman, but this works fine aesthetically. I like the notched boot tops on this figure, but he can be difficult to pose in them. The yellow S shield is on back of the cape as it should be, and Mego included a translucent green Kryptonian crystal. I like the spit-curl head sculpt, and I think Mego nailed the classic Superman colors- he's perfect. 

Visit the online Mego Museum to see all the news regarding Mego's triumphant return, 
and peruse the galleries to reminisce about the halcyon days of Mego in the '70s!

Below, 8" Classic Superman with my new Mego Justice League Superman. I was content with this movie version as my 8" Superman but could not resist picking up the classic version for free using Amazon points. I'd have a difficult time choosing between the two but was surprised at how enamored I was with the Justice League Superman.

An abbreviated 8" Mego Justice League is starting to take shape after adding Superman to my Robin, Batman, Green Lantern, and Flash. My preorders of the new Mego Green Arrow and Shazam will arrive in the next couple months!

Below, my very new 14" Mego Classic Superman- while very similar, the figures boots and head sculpts, and even skin tones, are very different from one another. As I child, I had both the 12" and 8" Superman figures, which were also different figures. Having new Mego DC figures in two different scales has been thrilling- I love it!

And finally, my new Mego 14" and 8" Classic Superman figure with DC Direct Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Superman and DC Direct Super Friends Superman on card, 7" DC Direct History of the DC Universe Superman, impossibly tiny 1" Heroics Superman, 6" DC Universe Classics Superman, and 13" DC Direct Deluxe Classic Superman.

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Saturday, July 9, 2022

MOTU Origins Fisto & Stridor

Fisto is from Wave 5 of the MOTU Origins line, like the Faker and Evil-Lyn I posted on almost a year ago, but I'd been saving him for the Stridor I knew would be coming. I never had the original Fisto that Mattel produced in 1984, but was sure I wanted this burly hero in my modern MOTU collection. Like the other figures of this wave, Fisto came with the "Sucker Punch" mini comic- I'm fond of these and think it was a smart inclusion on Mattel's part. Adult nostalgia fulfilled while bringing the character's stories to kids playing with them.

Below Fisto duels with Wave 7 Jitsu... 

Stridor came with an extra, horned battle helmet, a corral base w/flight stand, and blast effects accessories. His bridle bit is held in place by the toy's spring-loaded jaw. As with Fisto, I had stopped collecting MOTU as a child when the original Stridor dropped in 1984, but this MOTU Origins update has it all over that one with superior articulation, accessories, and even a base. Visit the online Battle Ram Blog to read all about the original Masters of the Universe line I loved as a child in the '80s.

Stridor's corral base is yet another diorama piece to expand your Castle Grayskull playset, like the Battlefield Warriors Battle Armor He-Man/Battle Cat set, the Mysteries of Castle Grayskull accessories pack, and not pictured below, the Wind Raider Assault Lander. Mattel's inclusion of bases for the Origins vehicles & playsets with the same green stone as Castle Grayskull really brought a lot of play value to collecting this fantastic revival of the Masters of the Universe toy line- hands down my favorite of the last 2-3 years. Recommended! 

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