Thursday, July 31, 2014

DC Comics Presents: Batman Adventures #1

Picked up this 100-page Spectacular of DC Comics Presents: Batman Adventures #1 last Wednesday at my local comic shop! This is a really collection of reprints from Batman Adventures #2 and 27, Batman: Gotham Adventures #2 and 4, and short from Adventures In the DC Universe #3, but fun nonetheless! Head over to my post at Batman: The Animated Toys Blog to read more about it, and get a peek at the forthcoming action figures inside the DC Collectible's Summer Fall Portfolio 2014-15, styled after the classic Bruce Timm animated TV show! 
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Batman 75th Anniversary Goodies!

Picked up my FREE Special Edition Batman: Detective Comics #27 this Wednesday, in celebration of 75 years of the Dark Knight Detective! Even the bags us comic book shoppers goods were put into at the local comic shop were special, featuring the same art as the Special Edition cover on one side, and "75 Years of Batman" on the other. The Special Edition has mostly reprinted material, some of which I read in various Batman titles this past winter, and reprint of Bob Kane's original tale. What can I say though, it was free...

I also picked up a free DC Collectibles Summer/Fall 2014-15 Portfolio, featuring some action figures I have on preorder, and a lot of exciting Batman action figures coming to retail soon. But the real treat was a Batman mask given out today, one of four available, the one I got fashioned after Frank Miller's seminal Dark Knight Returnsfitting as this read was pivotal in my lifelong love of comics and Batman.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Imaginext Ninja 2-pack

I most often go for the DC Imaginext characters, but have ventured further into Fisher Price's blind bag series figures that weren't comics related and loved them too! This ninja 2-pack was on sale at Target a few weeks ago, and having passed on them once, I couldn't for a second time. The set is loaded with great accessories, and the red outfits reminded me of The Hand ninja clan that caused Daredevil and Wolverine so much trouble over the years...

Included with these ninjas are a pair of sai, a ninjato sword, a bow and arrow, a pole axe, and a sort of chain whip that may be a nod to the kusari-gama. Armed to the teeth! Twin slots are molded onto the backs of their torso overlays to carry these weapons, which securely hold them in place...

I love the sculpt on the ninja's overlays, and the fierce expressions on their tiny faces! They have the typical Imaginext articulation: wrist and neck swivels, hinge-swivel shoulders, and U-hinged legs...

Their torso overlay/hood can be removed to maximize their articulation...

Now it's time to play! Who better to pit these deadly assassins against than the Imaginext Batman I picked up this spring...!

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day from the Super-DuperToyBox, here in the heart of America! I loved this cover page on a recent copy of the Comic Shop News 2014 Summer Preview- the artist wasn't credited, but it looks a lot like the classically trained illustrative style of Alex Ross to my eyes. A masterpiece! I'm enjoying a busy summer working on my new Super Fun Hot Wheels Blog- roll by and join in the fun!