Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Marvel Legends Series 14.5" Hulk (2017)

I tried to walk away from Hasbro's new 1:6 scale Hulk, but he was too cool to pass on twice. I'd been lucky to get the Iron Man last year at a discounted price after it and Capt. America warmed the shelves too long, but worried this Hulk might move faster- even at the $75.00 TRU price tag. The reviews have been mostly positive, and at a towering 14.5", there's a lot of figure for that price, and hefty as well. His articulation is generous, including a magnificent torso joint that moves laterally as well as centrally, double jointed limbs, surprisingly versatile hips, and even toe joints! Like the Legends Series Iron Man, Hulk has the appropriate accessories, and not so many I'm overwhelmed- I love the Savage Hulk variant head! Check out the video:

While I haven't been crazy about every one of these 1:6 scale Marvel Legends Hasbro has released recently, I did pick up the beautiful 12" Iron Man exactly one year ago, which I am mad for! Be sure to see the post w/video on that!

I have a nice little collection of Hulks in the Super-DuperToyBox collection, a childhood favorite born from my love for The Incredible Hulk TV show airing on CBS Friday nights as a kid ('78-'82). Below, the 14.5" Legends Series Hulk with my Marvel Select Hulk, ToyBiz Marvel Legends 1st Appearance Hulk, Marvel Avengers Hulk, 4" Marvel Universe Hulk, 12" Titan Hero Series Hulk, Walmart Exclusive Hasbro Avengers Hulk, and Marvel Select Avengers Hulk ...

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Super-DuperToyBox eBay Clearance Sale!

Upon moving recently, I came to the conclusion that thinning the collection a little would make sense, so I began selling off some items that have been in my collection for some years. I plan to really dig in and unload some Marvel Legends, Marvel Select, Marvel Universe, DC Universe Classics, DC Action League, and DC Collectibles as time permits. For now, step on over to the Super-DuperToyBox eBay store to see what I've been working on recently- I'll likely post updates here on the blog from time to time as I upload new items for sale from my own personal collection. Sorry, Continental U.S. sales only. I don't plan on quitting the blog anytime soon, and just recently bought a bunch of cool new toys- I just wanted to downsize what I have, and make room for some new things that interest me. More to come!

6" Amazing Spider-Man Movie Series Peter Parker Spidey & Ultimate Comics Spidey (2011): 

6" Iron Man Concept Series Figures (2008):

3.75" Armored Avenger Series  Inferno Armor & Sonic Storm Iron Man (2010):

Marvel Universe 3.75" Greatest Battles Deadpool and Taskmaster 2-pack (2010):

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Jada Avengers AOU 6" Hulkbuster

This Jada Avengers AOU 6" Hulkbuster was an impulse buy, fueled by an ongoing interest in more unusual character variants, imported vinyl, and/or "arty" pieces. Heavily stylized and more statue than action figure, the Hulkbuster will make a stunning display with some vinyl Marvel Funkos I have. The metallic paint is gorgeous, and of course the matching 2" Iron Man that rides in Hulkbuster's cockpit make this toy a must have- check out the video:

Also seen in the video above, a 1.75" Jada Nano Metalfigs Hulkbuster I picked up a week ago. I was pleased with the other Nano Metalfigs I'd picked up this summer, and thought he'd display well with my Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora and Star-Lord. It now appears that I have a fledgling group of diecast Iron Man/Hulkbuster- may have to pick up the 4" Jada Iron Man ...

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Funko POP! Homecoming Spider-Man

Marked down at 1/2 off, plus my Target Red Card 5% discount, I found it too hard to resist this Funko POP! Homecoming Spider-Man! I love the classic elements of this updated Spider-Man. most notably the small spider emblem on the chest, combined with the updated panel lines throughout. Check out the video:

I love how Marvel Studios has redesigned the Spider-Man costume in recent years! Pictured below, the Funko POP! Homecoming Spider-Man with my Funko POP! Amazing Spider-Man I got back in 2013.... 

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

DC Direct New Frontier Green Arrow Revisited

While moving recently, I rediscovered my DC Direct New Frontier Green Arrow, beautifully sculpted to emulate the late Darwyn Cooke's art in his retro-Atomic Age masterpiece. As painfully fragile as a lit of Green Arrow action figures with small parts are, this was still a beautiful piece from what in retrospect seems to have been a special era of action figure production, bringing long marginalized characters to the forefront, comic art-inspired lines from companies like DC Direct, and huge collections like MOTU, the revival of Marvel Legends, a new Masters of the Universe line, and much more. The new Golden -Age of Action Figures, as Canadian Kal calls it. I started this blog nearly seven years ago in the midst of that special time, long ago enough to look back fondly upon it   :)
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