Thursday, June 30, 2011

4" Iron Man 2 Fusion Armor Iron Man & Air Assault Drone by Hasbro

I saw these a K-Mart and thought they'd go well with the other Marvel Universe figures I picked up. The nice lady checking me out noticed the SKU# marked out on the Fusion Armor Iron Man's package and thought it must be clearance. I told her it was priced $6.99 like the other toy, but she insisted on calling toys to find out. When no one answered, she just gave me 30% off! "Thank You!"

These figures came with stands featuring a slotted tray that holds a 3-part pseudo-technical transparency detailing different portions of the character's armor. Children might like this kind of extra- makes it a little more fun, though the slots don't hold the cards separately very well.

I purchased the Air Assault Drone only because I was impressed with his heft- he was bigger than all the rest, and so I felt I'd really be getting a good value for my money- and who doesn't like a "big" robot, right? I've had a problem properly aligning his elbow joints to make his forearms match up with his upper arms, and his joints suffer mildly from his weight- he's not quite as stable as the other figure. Still, it's amazing they can put such detail in such a small figure

My favorite of these two is definitely the Fusion Armor Iron Man! I love his color, and he comes with a hand cannon that rocks hard (careful, you'll shoot your eye out)!

He lacks very little of the articulation that the Marvel Universe Iron Patriot enjoys- he can't look straight up, nor does he have the cut thigh joints like I.P., though his profile is more sleek...

I already have a blue Marvel Select Stealth Armor Iron Man that I (laughs) STILL haven't opened, so that's kinda fun... you know how I love to play BIG Toy /Little Toy  :D   I believe there is an actual 4" "Stealth" Iron Man in the Marvel Universe line of figures, but the price on this Fusion Armor Iron Man was too good to pass up. I should swing by K-mart again this weekend and look closer at what they have left of this line of Iron Man 2 action figures- they are COOL!

More Later- Keep Having FUN!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

Yes, It's time for another rousing edition of Hey, Mr. Postman! here at The Super-DuperToyBox... this one all the way from the great City of Hong Kong! More DC Super Friends! These haven't been easy to find at a decent price stateside... did a lot better having it shipped from the other side of the globe, oddly...

*DC Superfriends Running Action Flash by Mattel
Hooray Flash! He will really round out the collection alongside Hawkman and Aquaman!

*DC Superfriends Throwing Action Batman by Mattel
Don't look at me like that- I know damn well I already have one of these!  I liked this variant color version as much as the other, so I bought him, too  :D  I really like the sculpt/design on these Batman figures- the ball-jointed head on them gives them so much personality...

IN OTHER NEWS- tomorrow is the last day for you all to submit pictures for the Red White and Blue toys post at Eclectorama! Get with it! The Texas Taco Tackler awaits!
Here's the details...

1) Submit one JPG image to me by Wednesday, June 29, 2011 of some Red, White and Blue Toys. They can be any combination. This is open to every one, not just people in the USA, every one has some sort of Red, White and Blue Toys! It can be patriotic themed or just a Red toy, a White toy and a Blue toy. It just has to be all in one picture.
2) Include your first name and if you have a website you want linked to.
3) Send your picture and info (see above) to eclectorama [at] studiohowell [dot] com, with "Some RWB for ya!" in the subject.

I just love seeing everyone's pictures! Eclectorama is a favorite of everyone and was one of the first sites I frequented before starting The Super-DuperToyBox!  Chunky is a prince for hosting the monthly toy photos from everyone- Thanks B!

I will get back to some real posting soon- have been busy with band rehearsals with both my bands for some upcoming performances, working on new paintings, the physical fitness regimen, and work of course- REAL busy!
More Later!  E-mail ChunkyB the Photo!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Toy Shopping

Had a wonderful Sunday off, so I decided to run around town and buy some toys  :)

*Hasbro Marvel Universe Dark Hawkeye, Thanos, Iron Patriot
I was never one for this scale of figure, but I saw Thanos at Wal-Mart & loved him! Dark Hawkeye is supposedly villain Bullseye posing a Hawkeye, doing dirty work for Norman Osborn- whatever. Just looked like a cool Hawkeye figure to me. And I'm a BIG fan of the Iron Patriot figure- VERY cool!

*Hasbro Iron man 2 Fusion Armor Iron Man & Air Assault Drone
While on the 4" figures kick, I saw these a K-Mart and thought they'd go well with my Iron Patriot. The dutiful lady checking me out noticed the SKU# marked out on the Fusion Armor Iron Man's package. Thinking it must be clearance. I told her it was priced $6.99 like the other toy, but insisted on calling toys to find out. When no one answered, she just gave me 30% off! "Thank You!" I like the heft of the Air Assault Drone, and I a fan of the variant so a Blue Iron Man rocks in my book. I already have a blue Marvel Select Stealth Armor Iron Man, so that's kinda fun  :)

*Hasbro Paratrooper Dive Captain America
I saw ChunkyB talking about the Paratrooper Dive Captain America on a fellow toy blogger's site, and when I saw it at Wal-Mart later on in the day, I could not resist. He looked sturdier than the other new Captain America toys we're seeing everywhere now. He has a parachute!

So yeah... all Marvel today. Shocked? I actually like Marvel a lot and have some cool Marvel toys, but yeah- this is kinda rare for me. I'll tell you though: I've already opened all these and taken about 140 pictures, and I like these a lot. The Marvel Universe toys in particular have some impressive articulation & detail for such tiny figures. I'm 98% sure I'll buy a few more!

More Later- Have A Great Week!

Friday, June 24, 2011

DC Super Friends Superman & Batman (Variants)

You've already caught a glimpse of these DC Super Friends action figures in the last two posts- now it's time for a closer inspection. These are variants of the DC Super Friends Superman w/Slam & Bam Wall and Batman w/Throwing Action by Mattel from 2007. There were regular versions of these characters available, but I chose these instead- I have dozens of conventional Batman and Superman action figures from a variety of toy lines already, and I really liked these a lot.

My love affair with these action figures started upon seeing this Superman variant on some guy's YouTube channel. He seemed mildly annoyed by the red sleeves, but I absolutely loved it (shut up, I'm not kidding)!   From there I began searching for more information on these toys, and was doubly pleased upon discovering several Batman variants (I bought two).  I thought they's make a colorful pair! I'd love to see these outfits used in the (laughs) upcoming DC reboot- boy, would that cause an uproar! :D

The DC Super Friends figures have a lot in common with the DC Imaginext and  DC Hero World lines produced by Fisher-Price, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel Toys. These also remind me of the Mattel Batman: The Brave & The Bold series, in their chunky, pre-school design.  While limited in their articulation, they do have cut joints in the wrist and a ball-jointed neck in addition to shoulders/hips/elbows- two simple things that greatly improves their "expressiveness". While many of you action figure collectors may disregard these as "cutesy" or "kiddie" toys, I appreciate the design of these as much as any DCUC, DC Direct, or Marvel Legends figure. Their happy colors and bulky tactile appeal make them both comforting and inviting- "Play with me, I'm cute!" Like any good toy, these are made for play.

Like the Batman: The Brave & The Bold toys, there are holes cut into the backs of Batman & Superman's capes, exposing their accessory clips. I feel as though this line was abruptly cut short, as there appears to be little use for these and there weren't many characters produced.

Superman comes with a Slam & Bam Wall accessory- setting the figure on the ledge sets of it's mechanism, collapsing the wall...

Batman's Throwing Action accessory doesn't function quite as smoothly, possibly due to the kinked air hose leading from the pump to the weapon/projectile... though I have the ultimate accessory for this toy already, so I don't really care  :)

And now a couple group/collection shots!
From left to right: Batman: The Brave & The Bold Batman by Mattel, DC Super Friends Batman, & DC Direct Reactivated Series 1 Batman

From left to right: Batman: The Brave & The Bold Superman by Mattel, 12" Kenner Superman (1996), & DC Super Friends Superman.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

DC Super Friends "My First Batmobile" by Mattel

This certainly isn't my first Batmobile- more like my fifth Batmobile. Hell,  it's my third Batmobile this month  :D  But whoever recieved this as their first would be hard pressed to top the experience that is Mattel's My First Batmobile! My first was probably a Corgi Juniors or Mego Batmobile back in the 70's- not a bad start. More recently, I received a Hot Wheels Arkham Asylum Batmobile, and an Imaginext Batmobile that I love. I also have a really great Batman: Brave & The Bold Batmobile I'd recommend to anyone. While these are all quite wonderful, they pale in comparison to the toy I'm about to show you.

Though listed as "new", this was predictably dusty, had some scuffs on the body, and the box was slightly mangled. But at twenty-five clams (shipping included), five bucks less than it retailed for new in 2007, I wasn't gonna complain. All the parts were there, in working order. I saw a lot of these for $40 to $60, so I grabbed this one on sight!

The headlights and rounded hood/front end on this car reminds me of a Dodge Neon or Volkswagon Beetle somehow. Styled simply, much like the action figures from the DC Super Friends line, there is enough on this toy to make it appealing but not overbearing- it looks sensibly like the Batman that rides in it. The fins on the rear and roof are more of a rubbery plastic, increasing it's durability as well as safety for younger children. I liked the rear end on this car a lot, by the way- sporty!

The button on the passenger side of the hood deploys the wings from the car's undercarriage, announced with an electronic sound...

The button on the driver's side of the hood activates several different combinations of sounds and lights inside the car's dashboard, under the engine, and in the headlights. Rolling the cars wheels activates the headlights and squealing tires with roaring engine sounds- aircraft noise sounds when the wheels are rolled with the Batmobile's wings deployed. Impossible to walk away from, People! Far too entertaining  :D

Press the bat-shaped hoodscoop to launch the hidden capture net from behind the Batmobile's grill... a bit of a cranky operation that takes a firm hand! The car seats two comfortably, locked into adjoining brackets on the seat and the figures back...

Weighing in at nearly 5 lbs, over a foot long & nearly as wide, I was a little concerned where I'd keep this whopper! That concern faded as the toy became a mobile fixture in my home, rolling from one end of the living room to the other and sometimes to my desk or the dining room table, played with all the while. I really love this Batmobile and am pleased with my purchase-  there are some toys you get and like, and there are some you can't stop playing with  :D

*A more comprehensive photo gallery of this toy at Cool Toy Review

UP NEXT: DC Super Friends Superman and Batman Action Figures!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

It seems I never run out of older toys to discover on the internet- having only began toy collecting as an adult less than a year ago, there was a lot to explore.  If you've been keeping up with The Super-DuperToyBox, one might imagine my delight when I found these:

*Mattel DC Super Friends Superman w/Slam & Bam Wall and Batman w/Throwing Action.
These chunky, colorful action figures from 2007 are right in line with the kind of toys I've been enjoying lately (DC Imaginext, Batman B&TB, DC Action League). The same day I ordered these, I got an Aquaman & Hawkman which I showed you last week. And by the way... why didn't anyone tell me about these??!  (Bubba, ChunkyB- I'm lookin' at you!)  Actually, Bubba did in a post on the Hawkman from this series a little while back. Like the Super Friends Hawkman, I chose the variant Superman & Batman figures from this toy line- sometimes I'm just that kinda guy  :D

*Mattel DC Super Friends My First Batmobile
Try not to laugh too damned hard, but when I saw a video of this on YouBoob awhile back (where I first saw the Superman variant), I squealed like a little girl  :D  DEEE-Lighted, Friends! I questioned my own sanity at purchasing such a whopping BIG vehicle, but I found one for five bucks less than it went for retail in '07, and I just (laughs) couldn't pass it up  :D 

Yes, I have opened it, and have been playing with it non-stop for the last few days- it has a variety of sounds, lights, pop-out wings, and a hidden net launcher in the grill! Principle photography has already been completed- there will also be videos, a parade, dancing bears, and a twenty-one gun salute with fireworks as I rocket past the stratosphere fueled with unbridled excitement over this most kickass Batmobile  :D 
Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Articulated Monster Podcast

A few weeks back the guys at the Articulated Monster Podcast sent me a prize for sending in a listener question, the envelope ruthlessly slashed at the bottom, & the said prize missing! While this made me laugh out loud, it was mildy disturbing that someone would steal toys from me- especially considering the volume of expensive action figures that arrive here every month! Mario was kind enough to send me another, however- what a guy!

Apropos of the podcast's title, a Series 4 Werewolf Lego Minifig arrived today :)   He's a cute little guy! I was surprised at how utterly diminutive these are in person. These are blind-bagged, sold for two or three bucks retail. I saw a rack of them at Target a few weeks ago. While I'm not a Lego collector, I can see the appeal of these- the surprise aspect is fun & there are so many to collect!

A BIG thank you to Mario, and all the guys at Articulated Monster- I love the show, and appreciate the gift very much  :)  Keep doing what you're doing!  Everyone be sure to get over to the podcast and send a listener question in (  It's fun listening to them talk about toys & you might win something cool!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Imaginext Croc, Groupshot

I neglected to give you a good look at the Imaginext Croc I got last month, and since I just posted about the Imaginext Batmobile & Catwoman w/cycle, we'll stop here and do so. The "Killer" was missing from Croc's moniker on this children's toy for obvious reasons, and as JBoy pointed out, there's hardly anything threatening about this little character... unless one should keel over from an overdose of extreme cuteness! And if he doesn't make you smile, you'd best check your pulse  :D

The figure is really different from the others- it could stand alone on it's own novelty unrelated to the DC Superfriends label, just an anthropomorphic gator in a fanboat. Killer Croc has been depicted many ways since his first DC Comics appearance in 1983- with/without tail, dinosaur-like head & feet/more human head & feet. Croc's "gator-boat" is a fun accessory- turn the dial on the engine's side and the fan on back spins, like on an airboat used for transportation in the Everglades. There aren't wheels on the underside of the boat, still it scoots around/maneuvers donuts easily on the smooth surface of my drawing table. He has the same swivel/hinge joint in his shoulders as the other Imaginext figures, though his head doesn't turn. His scaly texture runs up his arms and onto the entire back, as on his face. He's very simple, but at six bucks, also very affordable.

And now my favorite part: the group shot  :D   I've managed to really get a pile of these Imaginext guys, first taking interest because of my pal, The Bubbs- artist, toy expert, & father to many. As I said in my last post, cute kiddie toys were not necessarily my thing, though I soon became a big fan of their compact size, lower price point, economy of design, and playability. They are fun to play with like a toy should be!

Just the figures themselves: a.) Joker  b.) Croc c.) Mr. Freeze  d.) Penguin  e.) Batcycle Batman  f.) Batmobile Batman  g.) Robin  h.) Flash  i.) Green Lantern  j.) Hawkman  k.) Catwoman

Be a Good Kid- Go Play With Your Toys!