Friday, June 15, 2018

12" Marvel Legends Black Panther

I'd been building up some points for a few months, and cashed in on this Amazon Warehouse deal, the 12" Marvel Legends Black Panther. At south of twenty-five bucks shipped, it was a solid deal. The package was damaged, but I was going to pluck him anyway. He may have been returned for his warped right arm, commonplace in this figure, which was easily fixed with a hairdryer and cold water bath.  I loved the 6" Marvel Legends Black Panther Wave, and Klaw/Shuri 2-pack, and this big Panther is the pride of them all. Check out the video:

The paint is good on the big Panther, but the sculpt is sublime, the minutiae of etched detail in the suit artfully rendered, The portrait of T'Challa/actor Chadwick Boseman is almost plain by comparison, but is effective enough- at least the skin tone improved from the 6" Panther. His shoulders don't allow for  complete vertical positioning against the torso, but the articulation is otherwise exceptional. There's no waist swivel, but the torso joint makes up for that, and the butterfly shoulder joints are great for a character like Black Panther- bonus points for the great toe joints! The extra hands, head, and spear round out this a fantastic figure! Recommended! 

The 12" and 6" Black Panthers make a fun BIG TOY/little toy scenario!
See more in the video above!

Black Panther with my Marvel Legends 12" Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk, and Daredevil:

More Later- Make It FUN!