Saturday, December 30, 2023

MOTU Origins Teela & Zoar, Flying Fists He-Man

 I found the MOTU Origins Flying Fists He-Man for $10.00 at a local Big Lots recently, and the Teela/Zoar 2pk for under $30.00 shipped from an eBay seller around the same time. I didn't have the Flying Fists He-Man back in '86, being a young teen, my interest in girls was increasing while my interest in toys dissipated. The head/neck transition is less jarring on the new Origins figure, but by and large, Mattel remained faithful to their original design. I'm less interested in this action feature than I was the great price and additional He-Man with vac-metal armor and full power sword.

Flying Fists Demo:

I like the additional head with wind-swept hair, which we've seen before. Of note, you can only interchange the head, hands, & boots on this Origins figure due to the internal workings of the action feature housed in the torso and how it connects to the limbs and pelvis. 

Flying Fists He-Man has the same action feature that my Origins Terror Claws Skeletor, which interested me more than the former, due largely to his impressive Terror Claw accessories. While the claws are more fun and less clunky than He-Man's mace and shield, the latter has some vac-metal treatment, and I like the figure overall. They have that unsightly Battle Grip, but I display my figures mostly face-forward. Interestingly, they don't have the dial that drove the action feature of the original figures, but that wheel was put in the sculpt, just above the waist on the back of the Origins figures. Flying Fists He-Man came with the same mini comic as Terror Claws Skeletor, "Under Seige". I had neither of these in the '80s, but they are fun.

It's also noteworthy how similar in design the Battle Armor and Flying Fists He-Man are. The Battle Ram Blog entry on Flying Fists He-Man revealed an early concept drawing that predates both figures and appears to be of direct influence on their aesthetic. Below, Flying Fists He-Man with my Origins Battlefield Warriors Battle Armor He-Man...

I had Zoar as a child, and the plastic on this Origins feels slightly cheaper than the 1983 version. I don't have my original Zoar for comparison, but this one seems nearly identical in appearance! And I already have more than one Teela, but this one has her own thing going on.

The first Origns Teela had darker tones overall, which reminded me more of my Teela from '82...

I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite among all my Teelas, but this update did come with a sword, updated knee sculpt, and the ponytail. Below, the Zoar 2pk Teela with Snake Teela, Eternian Goddess, and the first Origins Teela...

Snake Teela has the same sword as Zoar 2pk Teela and her ponytail headsculpt, but horned shoulder pads and different boots...

Zoar goes well with my Sorceress figure and Talon Fighter, all pictured below atop my Origins Castle Grayskull which I love as much today as when I got it in 2021! The MOTU Origins line has consistently been my favorite since it hit shelves in September of 2020- I haven't bought everything, but I did buy most of it, and the line is still going. It has been like traveling back to 1982, but even better with updated articulation. So much fun!

Zoar's action feature:

I was initially more interested in the Skeletor/Screeech 2pk due largely to the variant Skeletor, but I'm glad I got both sets. Teela may have had more updates than Skeletor, but I loved his repaint!

Below, Zoar 2pk Teela with Flying Fists He-Man with my Origins Battlecat...

I have a tone more MOTU stuff to show you here on the Super-DuperToyBox, both Masterverse and Origins, so stay tuned for plenty more of all that! Until then, Happy New Year! Play with Toys and Have Fun with Your Life!

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Sunday, December 24, 2023

Figures Toy Co. Batgirl & Catwoman

 I've had this Figures Toy Co. Catwoman on ice for awhile now but decided to open her with the Batgirl I just got. Figures Toy Co. has been making replica Mego figures for a long time- I'm unsure if that came to an end with Mego's reemergence on the scene five years ago, but I have a few in my collection I've acquired from their eBay store. I buy my new Mego figures from ZLC Collectibles, Movie Posters Etc., and Absolutely Retro.

... and Batgirl takes a ride with my Mego 50th Anniversary Batman 

My Mego 50th Anniversary Joker seems like a good partner in crime for Catwoman ...!

Looks like Batgirl will swoop down from above to help Batman and Robin apprehend Catwoman and Joker ...! Be sure to check out the Mego Museum online and take a trip back to the halcyon days of Mego and the World's Greatest Superheroes!

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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Mego 50th Anniversary Joker, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, & Green Arrow

I've had these Mego figures on ice for at least 7 months now, Green Lantern maybe longer- but since I just posted on the Big Lots Exclusive Mego Superman, Batman, & Robin, I thought I'd circle back to show you these. Another wave of Mego DC Superheroes I preordered is due to drop in February, so I might as well keep it going! Check out the video:

Below, Mego 50th Anniversary Green Arrow with my Figures Toy Company 8in. Green Arrow
which was basically a Mego reissue that doesn't feel quite as sturdy as the 50th GA ...

Green Lantern wasn't part of the original Mego World's Greatest Heroes lineup back in the '70s, but the character has received more love here in the 21st Century. Below, 50th Anniversary Mego Green Lantern Hal Jordan with my 14" Mego Green Lantern Hal Jordan and 8" Green Lantern John Stewart ...

Below Mego Green Lantern & Green Arrow with my Mattel Retro-Action Green Lantern & Green Arrow, which have been in my collection for twelve years. This line was one of several over the years that appealed to Gen-X kids like me that had 8" Mego figures- I have several in my collection that I treasure to this day, carded and loose.

I love the Green Arrow and Green Lantern, but there is a particular charm to the original Mego Joker- that face sculpt/deco and outfit are iconic in the history of action figures, if I dare say, and a childhood favorite of mine and countless others! 

Below, Mego 50th Anniversary Joker with Figures Toy Co. 18" Joker

Below, Mego Hal Jordan and Green Arrow with my new Big Lots variant Superman, Batman, and Robin with some of the Mego 50th Anniversary World's Greatest Superheroes reissues. Mego had so much to do with my love of superhero comics and action figures back in the '70s, so having Mego reappear back in 2018 and revive the World's Greatest Super-Heroes line has been fun! 

These are fantastic additions to my Mego Collection! Be sure to check out the Mego Museum online and take a trip back to the halcyon days of Mego and the World's Greatest Superheroes!

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Friday, December 15, 2023

Mego Big Lots Exclusive Superman, Batman & Robin

A year ago I was enjoying Mego's 50th Anniversary World's Greatest Superheroes reissues- a dream come true for a '70s kid like myself who spent more than one Christmas playing with my new Mego figures under the tree! I was challenged to find any of these Big Lots variant figures in the area, making several trips out this fall in search of these, unable to find the Joker variant. I kinda hate that Big Lots, of all retailers, has these exclusively, but I had to have them! Check out the video:

If you had told me in 2010, when I started this blog, that Mego would reappear on the scene in 2018 and we'd have all this toy greatness from our childhood again, I would not have believed it. So much fun! Check out my Figures Toy Co. Mego Batmobile replica!

Below, my Big Lots Exclusive variants with last year's Mego 50th Anniversary World's Greatest Superheroes reissues. The variants have better fitting outfits, Superman sporting the Fleischer chest emblem from the 1940s, and Batman's cowl, chest emblem, and belt an homage to the '60s TV Batman. Based on the response, and demand on the secondary market, I believe Mego could have sold more of these at some of the online retail outlets, but I'm just a fan. I'm mad for these and haven't completely given up hope on the Joker.

Below, the new Big Lots variant Superman, Batman, and Robin with some of the Mego 50th Anniversary World's Greatest Superheroes reissues and a Figures Toy Co. Green Arrow reissue! So much more Mego to show you here on the Super-DuperToyBox, and another new wave on the way this February! Be sure to check out the Mego Museum online and take a trip back to the halcyon days of Mego and the World's Greatest Superheroes!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Funko Primal Age Wonder Woman

 I found this Primal Age Wonder Woman on eBay for cheap, and though she is the first 5.5" Funko figure I've purchased, I have considered their Primal Age and Savage World offerings in that scale. Then Mattel dropped their MOTU Origins line, which kept me very busy. But this figure fits in particularly well with other 5.5" fantasy action figures- Wonder Woman is based on Greek Mythology, so her warrior queen aesthetic is a little more seamless transition than some of the other Primal Age figures in my opinion.

Primal Age Wonder Woman with Legends of Dragonore Pantera...

Below, Primal Age Wonder Woman with a couple other females in other 5.5" scale, 

 ...and a tussle with Legends of Dragonore Onitor, Merciless Hunter of Darkazia!

Her cape can be unbuttoned at the neck and removed, which does help some of her balance issues and makes her look a little more like she did in the Golden-Age comics. I'm really happy with her!

This particular Funko Primal Age figure fits in visually with my Legends of Dragonore, so I think I'll display her with them and what is really her castle, the Funko Primal Age Batcave that I love so much! I don't know if I'll pursue any more 5.5" Funko figures, but I've checked them out more than twice in the past. Regardless, it's really fun to have The Amazon front and center!

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Friday, December 1, 2023

Legends of Dragonore Wave 1

 I had been watching this Legends of Dragonore for the last year on BBTS, and recently bit the bullet only a few days before it sold out on their website- I'm unsure if they will come back, but a Wave 1.5 in variant deco is up for preorder. Since Mattel started dropping MOTU Origins in 2020 my interest in 5.5" figures has been greatly rekindled, so Formo Toys' Legends of Dragonore proved too difficult to resist! Check out the video:

Like Mattel's MOTU Origins line, the parts on these Dragonore figures are interchangeable, and to my delight they possess a little more articulation than Formo Toys advertised- they all have boot top swivel, and the males have swivels above their wrist guards. The two females seem to have a swivel at the wrist, though one of mine seems immoveable. 

The comparisons of the Legends of Dragonore to Masters of the Universe are obvious, and like a lot of MOTU fans I'm drawn to other 5.5" fantasy action figures. I had some Remco 5.5" figures in the '80s that mixed well with my original MOTU figures, so these kind of take me back to that era, much like the MOTU Origins do.

Since Skeletor and all his friends in my MOTU Origins collection recently moved in the new Snake Mountain, my Funko Primal Age Batcave was free for the Legends of Dragonore to move in! A perfect fit! Watch the video above to see a bunch more photos of the figures interacting with the playset features. 

I'm not sure I could be happier with these figures- they aren't quite as flush with accessories, not do they have the articulation MOT Origins have, and they cost more, but they are beautiful to look at and feel substantial in your hand. The sculpt and deco are top notch on these and I look forward to Formo's second wave and dragon figures they have previewed recently. Recommended!

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