Saturday, August 29, 2020

Marvel Legends Deadpool 2 Cable

Uncharacteristic of most my experience hunting Marvel Legends at Walmart, I stumble upon four of the new exclusive Deadpool 2 Cable action figures on my first try recently. I was excited about this Cable from the moment he was solicited, and thought he would be harder to track down before the scalpers pinched them all. I became a fan of the character while writing this blog the last ten years, reading as many of the early issues of X-Force that I could hunt down in the dollar comics bins around town, going on to read Messiah War  and several other Cable TPB related to the series later.

The likeness to actor Josh Brolin is stunning for a mass produced 6" action figure, and his paint/sculpt detail are also very accurate. Armed to the teeth, Cable can attach his grenade launcher or shotgun to the barrel of his large assault rifle, and also has a sidearm that can be holstered onto the figure. While mildly cumbersome, the poncho overlay does add a lot to the look of the figure, and can easily be slipped off without removing his head.

While odd timing for release of these figures, a full two years after Deadpool 2, I really enjoy having this Cable, and am considering picking up the others coming out in the 4th quarter of this year. The detail, articulation, and accessories are about as good as they can be - recommended

I couldn't do a post on this figure without a comparison pic with my Marvel Legends Endgame Thanos BAF, both characters portrayed expertly by actor Josh Brolin...

And finally, Deadpool 2 Cable with my Marvel Legends Comic Deadpool Wave Cable- a fantastic action figure true to artist/creator Rob Liefeld's original design from the early '90s. Pictured further below with these figures are my 10" ToyBiz Cable and 3.75" Marvel Universe Cable. I sold off most all my Marvel Universe collection two or three years ago, but held onto my Cable and a few others. I hope we see Cable in the next Deadpool movie, Brolin nailed it!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Hasbro G.I. Joe Classified Wave 1

I was fascinated by the new Hasbro 6" G.I. Joe Classified figures since I heard about them, and after much consideration, I went all in. While in some aspects different from the 3.75" Joes I played with as a child, for myself they capture the essence adequately. Packed with accessories, these figures have the same range of articulation the contemporary Marvel Legends figures enjoy, and premium sculpt and paint apps. Check out the video:

I've had limited exposure to the G.I. Joe franchise in my adult years, but was attracted to the Classified series largely for their compatibility with my 6" Marvel Legends collection. Below, two pairings featured in the video: Duke with Marvel Legends Gamerverse Capt. America, and Scarlett with Marvel Legends Endgame Black Widow.

I've also preordered the smaller second wave of G.I. Joe Classified, as well as the Cobra Commander Regal and Profit Director Destro variants through Hasbro Pulse. I'm unsure I'll get much further than that, but we'll see what pops up. Recommended! 

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Marvel Legends Gamerverse Starboost Iron Man

I preordered this Gamerverse Starboost Iron Man from Target back in February, finally receiving him last week. While there are a lot reused parts from the first Gamerverse Iron Man, the chest overlay and beefed up boots set him apart, and the colorway makes him appear like a totally different figure.

Hasbro included a second set of blast accessories with this Target exclusive, in addition to extra fisted hands. I'm not crazy about Marvel Legends retailer exclusive releases, otherwise known as "fan channel exclusives- they are sometimes hard to secure, most particularly in the case of  Walgreens. Spotty distribution and multiple retailer websites of varying dependability make the experience unfavorable and exhausting. That said, we are living in a Golden Age of action figure collecting, and few of us could afford to buy everything anyway. Hasbro is just helping us skip a few, and they have too much money anyway.

Below, Starboost Iron Man with Marvel Legends Deadly Origin Black Widow
another Target exclusive figure I preordered this year that did not disappoint ...!

Below, Starboost Iron Man with my other Marvel Legends Gamerverse Iron Man...

And finally, Starboost Iron Man with my Juicetin Customs boombox accessory!

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Monday, August 3, 2020

Marvel Legends Warpath & Pirate Deadpool

Everyone is hot to get the much anticipated Strong Guy BAF, assembled by purchasing all seven of the figures from this line, but I am not invested in that character enough to throw down $150.00. While there are several cool figures in this wave, I settled on Warpath and Pirate Deadpool for now.

I knew I'd pick up Warpath immediately upon his solicitation months ago, and was delighted to find him in the wild at a local Target, where I'd get an instant 5% discount using my card. I love the big shoulder pads, though they are pegged onto the shoulders and will pop out during posing. The articulation is pretty good, save for the hair limiting neck range, even sporting butterfly joints at the shoulders. Unfortunately, my particular sample has somewhat gummy knees- larger Marvel Legends suffer from this often. I really need to get some clear nail polish and fix a few of mine. I love the head sculpt of this figure though- he really looks like Warpath.

A big miss here were Warpath's signature vibranium bowie knives- he even included extra gripping hands. I'll need to find some custom knives at some point, but this figure could have been so much better by their inclusion, perhaps with sheaths on the back of his utility belt. That said, I can see Hasbro releasing this later in his Uncanny X-Force black and silver, armed.

I read about Thunderbird first around the time New Mutants cut ties with the X-Men, becoming X-Force under Cable's Leadership. I also liked the character's inclusion in Uncanny X-Force Vol.3, with that fantastic art by Clayton Crain. I felt James Proudstar was an interesting backstory, brother of  slain X-Man Thunderbird,  reluctantly joining X-Force to avenge his tribe after betrayal of Emma Frost and the Hellions.

Above, Warpath with Marvel Legends Cable, and below with Wolverine, Colossus, and Storm...

Is there any other reason to buy a Pirate Deadpool other than it's a Pirate Deadpool? I've taken a pass on most of the other Marvel Legends Deadpool figures released in the last two years, all of them great, but caved when it came to Pirate Deadpool, whose undeniable singularity tops them all.

The articulation on this figure is somewhat limited due to his skirt and cape, but the sculpt and deco on Pirate Deadpool are fantastic. I wish the pistols in his belt were removable, but that bothers me less on this figure in than past figures somehow. Hasbro included a katana and rapier swords, as well as a separate flintlock pistol with a painted deco. Both swords can be stowed in the belt loops at his side, which can also accommodate the flintlock in a pinch. The sheer uniqueness of this figure demand it's purchase based on his aesthetic merits alone. I was unaware of Deadpool's buccaneer adventures detailed in Vol.2, Issue #14 (2009), but am now curious.

Below, Pirate Deadpool with my Marvel Legends 1st Appearance Deadpool... I have at least a couple other Deadpool figures I haven't opened, but had little interest in most other Deadpool figures after that fantastic 1st Appearance Deadpool...

I had a lot of fun shooting these two figures, and I know a lot of fans were excited about the Strong Guy BAF from this wave, which looks great. I liked most of the other figures in this wave, but wanted to keep things to a dull roar and watch my spending. If you were reading X-Force in the '90s, there are some key characters here, and the Pirate Deapool is just too fun to pass up.

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