Monday, July 17, 2023

Super Joe Unlimited Silver Edt. Commander, Agent-X2 Synthetic Humanoid

I was pretty happy with my last Super-Joe Unlimited order from White Elephant Toyz, that I picked up the boxed Silver Edition Commander, and another clear synthetic Humanoid body and accessories to employ the silver Agent-X2 head I had. The new box art is collector-friendly with it's two-part plastic tray with no ties. I love the retro aesthetic of the whole presentation. 

The Silver Edition Commander has a different chest insignia than my other Super-Joe soldiers, and his silver armor really makes him stand out as the leader my team needed! These were not inexpensive figures to be had, but they are beautiful- their toyetic, retro-appeal is really authentic.

My silver Agent-X2 head has a body again, after initially losing his to an extra Atomic Mike "Klone" head I had purchased with my last order. I ordered the olive flight suit and silver accessories again but opted for a gray tool belt instead of black. 

It's funny, they look like they are in the band Devo, or are the artist duo Gilbert and George or something! I guess you could pretend these are good OR bad guys... android types, could go either way! A delightful pair, nonetheless- decked out in all their gear!

My Super Joe Unlimited collection more than doubled in size within just a couple weeks, but I'm really looking forward to adding Gor and Krusher! Darkon needs some more green teammates! Recommended! 

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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Super Joe Unlimited Darkon, Agent-X2 Synthetic Humanoid, & Atomic Mike

White Elephant Toyz recently dropped more figures and accessories for their Super Joe Unlimited line, which initially impressed me so much, I had to get some more! Check out the video:

Darkon is the first deluxe boxed figure I've got from Super Joe Unlimited line, my first three purchased a la carte, head/body/armor/bodysuit. The box did not disappoint with it's retro charm, and in collector-friendly, without tape or ties in the covered plastic tray. Delightful! I'm hoping Gor and Krusher will be released soon!

I felt Darkon would be much cooler in White Elephant Toyz new flight suit for these 1/9 scale figures and a pair of their red "bullet boots" -his Dark Matter Armor fits over the flight suit fine.  I picked up other accessory packs with my last order as well, that included belts and extra weapons.

I bought a clear/gold Atomic Mike "Klone" head to switch with the silver "Agent-X2", but can't make up my mind which one to display, so I ordered another crystal body/jumpsuit/boots so I can enjoy both!

The new belts and jumpsuits fit the figures perfect- I picked up a black for Darkon and olive for the Atomic Mike Klone. The gray Super Joe/Big Jim weapons and silver "Space Walk" weapons packs give the figures tons of options. Recommended! 

Below, Darkon and the Atomic Mikes with my other Super Joes in their Atomic Armor ...!

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