Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Funko Primal Age Wonder Woman

 I found this Primal Age Wonder Woman on eBay for cheap, and though she is the first 5.5" Funko figure I've purchased, I have considered their Primal Age and Savage World offerings in that scale. Then Mattel dropped their MOTU Origins line, which kept me very busy. But this figure fits in particularly well with other 5.5" fantasy action figures- Wonder Woman is based on Greek Mythology, so her warrior queen aesthetic is a little more seamless transition than some of the other Primal Age figures in my opinion.

Primal Age Wonder Woman with Legends of Dragonore Pantera...

Below, Primal Age Wonder Woman with a couple other females in other 5.5" scale, 

 ...and a tussle with Legends of Dragonore Onitor, Merciless Hunter of Darkazia!

Her cape can be unbuttoned at the neck and removed, which does help some of her balance issues and makes her look a little more like she did in the Golden-Age comics. I'm really happy with her!

This particular Funko Primal Age figure fits in visually with my Legends of Dragonore, so I think I'll display her with them and what is really her castle, the Funko Primal Age Batcave that I love so much! I don't know if I'll pursue any more 5.5" Funko figures, but I've checked them out more than twice in the past. Regardless, it's really fun to have The Amazon front and center!

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Friday, December 1, 2023

Legends of Dragonore Wave 1

 I had been watching this Legends of Dragonore for the last year on BBTS, and recently bit the bullet only a few days before it sold out on their website- I'm unsure if they will come back, but a Wave 1.5 in variant deco is up for preorder. Since Mattel started dropping MOTU Origins in 2020 my interest in 5.5" figures has been greatly rekindled, so Formo Toys' Legends of Dragonore proved too difficult to resist! Check out the video:

Like Mattel's MOTU Origins line, the parts on these Dragonore figures are interchangeable, and to my delight they possess a little more articulation than Formo Toys advertised- they all have boot top swivel, and the males have swivels above their wrist guards. The two females seem to have a swivel at the wrist, though one of mine seems immoveable. 

The comparisons of the Legends of Dragonore to Masters of the Universe are obvious, and like a lot of MOTU fans I'm drawn to other 5.5" fantasy action figures. I had some Remco 5.5" figures in the '80s that mixed well with my original MOTU figures, so these kind of take me back to that era, much like the MOTU Origins do.

Since Skeletor and all his friends in my MOTU Origins collection recently moved in the new Snake Mountain, my Funko Primal Age Batcave was free for the Legends of Dragonore to move in! A perfect fit! Watch the video above to see a bunch more photos of the figures interacting with the playset features. 

I'm not sure I could be happier with these figures- they aren't quite as flush with accessories, not do they have the articulation MOT Origins have, and they cost more, but they are beautiful to look at and feel substantial in your hand. The sculpt and deco are top notch on these and I look forward to Formo's second wave and dragon figures they have previewed recently. Recommended!

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Sunday, November 26, 2023

MOTU Masterverse Battle Cat, 40th Anniv. & Battle Armor He-Man, Teela, Prince Adam

Plowing through some more Masterverse I've been collecting this past year! When Mattel dropped solicitations for both the Masterverse and Origins line, I decided then and there to stick to the Origins line- firmly rooted in my nostalgia for the original '80s toys. I stuck to that for a few years, but after picking a couple Masterverse figures up I was hooked! I've done three posts on Masterverse villains, so I figured it was time to bust open some of the Heroic Warriors!

Prince Adam and Teela are Revelations figures based on the Netflix series, but Teela transforms into a pretty traditional look with the tiara crowned alternate head. Price Adam has a secondary laughing head, as well as two swords- one translucent/sparkly, the other metallic/standard. 

The Masterverse 40th Anniversary He-Man pairs well with my New Eternia Skeletor...

I believe another, beardless Battle Armor He-Man is coming out in the Masterverse line, but I love this one- his shield w/the family crest is fantastic, I love the way it pegs onto the left arm bracer and his back. He even has a sheathed knife in his boot!

Below Battle Armor He-Man Vs. Mer-Man and Beastman...

The Masterverse Battle Cat with my Origins Battle Cat...

The saddle on the Origins Battle Cat is made of firmer plastic, and the Origins He-Man sits atop his mount better than the Masterverse, which has more articulation than the Origins. In spite of this, the Origins Battle Cat has a wider range of side-to-side motion.

Below, Origins Battle Armor He-Man with Masterverse Battle Armor He-Man, 
and Masterverse Teela with Origins Teela...

I have a lot more MOTU to post here on the Super-DuperToyBox, both Masterverse and Origins. Be sure to visit the Battle Ram Blog online to read all about the history of the Masters of the Universe line that began in 1982- a favorite memory of my childhood!

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Saturday, November 25, 2023

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Black Lighting (Gold Label)

 I bumped into this McFarlane Toys Gold Label Black Lighting at an out of the way Walmart today, and though I find some of these figures to have problematic articulation, I often like their sculpt/deco, and one is released that I am compelled to buy. I had to have this one!

Below, McFarlane Toys Black Lightning with my DC Direct Black Lightning, my favorite design for the character that debuted in 1977, created by writer Tony Isabella and artist Trevor Von Eeden...

Blow Black Lightning with the Ted Kord Blue Beetle I got recently, also a Gold Label...

Below Black Lightning with another McFarlane figure I found at the same Walmart way out past the county line, Wally West Flash, which was released again in two-tone blue...

...Black Lightning with my Black Adam Series Hawkman...

And finally, Black Lightning with McFarlane Toys Green Lantern John Stewart, Jay Garrick Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman. This figure fits in great with a lot of my McFarlane DC Multiverse- because of his flashy design and bold color, he mixes well with the retro-styled figures I tend to gravitate towards. Makes me want to find some more McFarlane figures- Recommended!

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Friday, November 17, 2023

MOTU Origins Talon Fighter & Point Dread, King Randor, Whiplash

I'm pretty sure I was still into Masters of the Universe in 1983 but did not have the Talon Fighter & Point Dread- not sure I remember being aware of it really, but there was no getting away from Mattel's advertising on TV. Though a fan favorite, I contemplated taking a pass on this, but I've really enjoyed the vehicles/accessories in the Origins line that are extensions of my Castle Grayskull. 

The base separates in the middle to allow the lower half to function as a gun/tech bunker. Two figures can fit into the Talon Fighter cockpit. Below Prince Adam in the Talon Fighter and Zodac at the gun bunker...

I doubt I will utilize the handle to fly my Talon Fighter around the room, but you can still perch him atop Point Dread with it inserted in the craft's underside. Below, the Talon Fighter/Point Dread atop my Castle Grayskull...

 I've had these King Randor and Whiplash figures on ice for over a year (I'm a busy guy), so I thought it was time to crack 'em open and get a good look. They are spectacular and did not disappoint...

This is the second time I got an Origins mini comic without any dialogue- not sure why international cards/packaging leave out the words, but it's mildly disappointing for me. I loved the mini comics I got with my original Masters of the Universe figures as a kid that were made before the Filmation cartoon, with a more fluid lore/backstory- they left a lot to the imagination, but Alfred Alcala's art is seared in my memories of 1982-83!

Is it just me or does King Randor look like the Burger King? I love how simple the crown is. His chest armor is from Jitsu, and the cape from Keldor in the Rise of Evil 2-pk. Never had the original King Randor, far past action figures as a young teen in 1987.

Below, Prince Adam meet with King Randor at Castle Grayskull with Man-At-Arms 
and Teela, while Eternian Palace Guards watch from the towers above...

Like King Randor, Whiplash was not part of my childhood MOTU lineup, released after my interest in toys dissolved in 1984. Reminds me a lot of Spider-Man's nemesis The Lizard.

Below, Whiplash atop Snake Mountain with some other villains in my MOTU Origins collection: Tri-Klops, Webstor, Trap Jaw, Scare GlowClawful, and my new Snake Teela...

STILL having fun with my MOTU Origins figures three years after the line debut! It has really brought back the joy of one of my favorite childhood toy lines, and I've collected farther into the Origins line than I did the '80s. Visit the Battle Ram Blog to reminisce about the early years of the Masters of the Universe line! 

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