Tuesday, July 2, 2024

G.I. Joe Classified Grunt, Hawk, Falcon, Nunchuk

 Grunt, Hawk, Falcon, and Nunchuk are four more G.I. Joe Classified I picked up recently, Grunt being the only 3.75" Joe I had as kid in the '80s. As I said in my last post, I only had some of the earlier G.I. Joe figures back then. But what modern action figure collector can deny what a cool line of figures the Classified Series has been?

Robert "Grunt" Graves
Grunt really feels like G.I. Joe to me, based loosely on the '80s 3.75" Infantry Soldier I had. He comes with a generous number of accessories, including a conventional M-16, but it's the G.I. Joe rifle I prefer.

Grunt also came with a fully closed helmet and a 
flip-down coordinates device attached to his chest harness...

General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy
Hawk came with two sidearms and two shotguns, and two pairs of goggles- one for over his helmet and one to wear over his eyes. Still, I had to lay out the Action Force pistols I had for Hawk to review. Small details like the tiny gold star and dent in his helmet make a lot of these Classified series near import quality- fantastic!

Vincent R. "Falcon" Falcone
Falcon came with what felt like a few less accessories that the other Joes- a knife and a great shotgun, but no sidearm. That's no problem for me since I have some far superior Action Force weapons. His backpack is the same Wolf Spider from my last post has, which pegs onto his back only marginally better. I also wish his ankles angled forward better and his suspenders fit his torso tight, but all complaints aside, I do like the figure.

Ralph "Nunchuk" Badducci
Nunchuk came with nunchuks, of course, which stow onto the back of his belt, but it's his gnarly swords are what I love about this figure. What could scream '80s louder than a ninja in camouflage? Really had a good time with this one! 

Pitting Nunchuk against my Classified Red Ninjas would be natural, 
but my Marvel Legends X-Force Wolverine also came to mind ...!

And finally, this new batch of Joes with the Night Force Team I reviewed in my last post. The number in this outfit rivals the number of Classified figures I've opened so far. There's a lot more where that came from, rest assured! Yo Joe!

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Saturday, June 29, 2024

G.I. Joe Classified "Night Force Edition" Big Ben, Wolf Spider, Tunnel Rat

It's been a minute since I posted on any G.I. Joe Classified, but I recently bought another haul of them, including these Night Force Edition" figures, Tunnel Rat, Big Ben, and Wolf Spider. Before we get too far, full disclosure: I know nothing of the characters in this post. I had some of the first 3.75" G.I. Joes in the early '80s but it didn't go far beyond that. That said, the Classified line is so good that I bought a lot of what came out the first three years, pumping the brakes in 2023 to focus on Masters of the Universe and Mego. I had to come back, though- these three figures are great examples as to why...

Tunnel Rat 
I won't bore you with the packaging for all these, but the others looked like Tunnel Rat's, basically. I've heard Hasbro is going back to a plastic window, but I probably care a little less about that as I typically open my action figures.

The bandolier, purse, and sidearm holster somewhat crowd the figure's torso, but he looks cool. Oddly, the mainline release of this figure has camouflage makeup on his face and arms instead of this Night Force Edition. I'm told the likeness on this figure is of Larry Hama, longtime G.I. Joe comics writer.

Tunnel Rat has a ton of great accessories, including a sniper rifle with collapsible bipod...

In the dark, Cobra Officers are no match for Tunnel Rat ...!

Parth "Wolf Spider" Varma

Wolf Spider came with an alternate mask that's okay, but the helmet with night goggles is the look/mode that interested me. Hasbro included a small cord for him to rappel with, which was way too much fun...

Wolf Spider came with a small sidearm and a knife, but I love the shotgun with collapsible stock- I wonder if there will be an alternate colorway of this Night Force Edition... 

David "Big Ben" Bennett

Big Ben lives up to his name in stature- this big figure comes with three respectable firearms, including a sniper rifle with a removable cartridge and collapsible bipod. And the silencer for his sidearm holsters into a loop on the back of his belt. Nice.

Perhaps his most fun accessory was the alternate gas mask head...

I'd been sitting on this Action Force Weapons Pack Bravo in anticipation for all the Joes I bought in 2022 and never opened, so I thought now would be a good time to bust that out. My only real complaint about the Classified line are the rubbery weapon accessories, a lot of which are lacking any paint deco. They aren't all bad, but the Action Force accessories are amazing...

My Marvel Legends "What If" Captain Carter would be a good battle partner for Big Ben!

Below, the Night Force crew with some dollar store bikes I customized. It was fun to bust out some more G.I. Joe Classified, some of the best domestic action figures out there, well worth the $24.99 retail tag. Recommended!

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Monday, June 17, 2024

Figures Toy Co. JLA Batman

 This "Justice League of America" edition of Figures Toy Company's Mego Batman has a few differences from the original Mego Batman, including the scalloped cuffs as opposed to oven-mitt gloves, blue shorts, and a much smaller chest emblem. The pupiled eyes are important to me because the Mego Batman of my '70s childhood was this version, not the first version with removeable cowl. Below, Figures Toy Co. JLA Batman and Vintage Replica Batman, and again with my Mego 50th Anniversary Batman...

While I'm a black trunks sort of Batman fan, I do love the bright colors of this JLA Batman, but hated the miniscule chest emblem. I opted to procure a larger Mego style vinyl sticker to cover it and outfitted him with some Figures Toy Co. '66 Batman handcuffs and batarangs. Another outstanding Mego Batman in my collection.

JLA Batman apprehends Mego 50th Anniversary Joker with Mego Robin...

Below: JLA Batman with my variant Mego 50th Anniversary Robin 

I have no idea how Figures Toy Company was able to produce such faithful replicas of all these Mego toys, but wonder if they can continue since Mego was reborn in 2018, and recently reissued more exact replicas of past DC Comics figures. I don't know what that looks like on paper, but it allowed me to have the Batmobile and a pupil-eyed Batman. And finally, JLA Batman with a couple other 8" Figures Toy Co. DC heroes, Shazam and Green Arrow!

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