Saturday, July 31, 2021

MOTU Origins Scare Glow, Trap Jaw, Orko

 Three more of the MOTU Origins figures I received awhile back from my BBTS preorder were Scare Glow, Trap Jaw, and Orko, from the notoriously "missing" second wave that also included Man-E-Faces. All these characters are present in the included mini comic, "Double Trouble", detailing Skeletor's ruse to steal the Cordite Crystal from Castle Grayskull's cache of magic artifacts, disguised as Orko!

Like most collectors, I was excited to finally receive Scare Glow, the originally 1987 version released long after I'd moved on from Masters of the Universe, into adolescence. Regardless of the debate surrounding this character being the actual ghost of Skeletor, or a spirit conjured to terrorize the inhabitants of Eternia, I'm mad for everything about this figure, including the fabric-textured cape and signature glow-in-the-dark feature. Awesome!

Below, Scare Glow with my MOTU Origins Alfredo Alcala Skeletor from the Rise of Evil 2-pack. It took some time and patience to have these figures, due to Mattel's distribution woes, but I love the design of these two characters. 

Another MOTU figure I did not have as a kid in the '80s was Trap Jaw, released in 1983, featuring interchangeable arm weapons, and an articulated jaw. Like all the MOTU Origins figures, Mattel recaptured this colorful evil warrior, faithful henchman of Skeletor!

Below, Trap Jaw with my MOTU Origins Rise of Evil 2-pack Kronis- his retconned alter-ego before being disfigured in an attempt to overpower Skeletor. I found Kronis to be initially underwhelming, but far more interesting beside this new Trap Jaw...

MI was just beyond my interest in MOTU when the premiere for Filmation's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe dropped in September of '83, but my appreciation of the character has warmed with age. Like Scare Glow and Trap Jaw, I did not have the original Mattel figure, which featured a rip cord to send the wheeled figure spinning. I prefer this updated figure with his articulated, floating base...

Below, Prince Adam introduces Orko to the Sorceress in Castle Grayskull's throne room... a little known fact: Orko was first conceptualized as "Gorpo", later changed by Filmation to Orko, the O on his chest enabling animators to flip the cells, saving time and money.

These are three great additions to my MOTU Origins collection! Be sure to check out the Battle Ram Blog to see more about Mattel's original Masters of the Universe line from the '80s!

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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Masters of the WWE Mr. T

I don't normally contribute to the economy of eBay action figure scalpers, but the distribution of both the MOTU Origins and Masters of the WWE action figure lines have been hit or miss, often a miss regarding the latter. As the months wore on, I came to terms with having seen very little of the wave Mr. T was part of, and bit the bullet. A child of the '70s and '80s, Mr. T was certainly part of the pop culture kool-aid I was drinking, and the figure I wanted most from this line.

Mr. T gets both the fisted gauntlet that the MOTU Origins Fisto includes, as well as a chopping guantlet the the recently solicited Jitsu will likely come with. I love the interchangeability of parts between these lines- smart toy designing that adds a lot of play value! 

Like other figures in this line, Mr. T's armor can be removed, more or less changing him to a more straight-up wrestling figure. I love his colorful outfit, and the head sculpt is perfection! 

I did manage to find my Masters of the WWE Jake the Snake on the pegs months ago, wave mate to Mr. T, and another favorite from this unexpectedly fun action figure line. See my recent post on the Masters of the WWE Kane and MOTU Origins Castle Grayskull as well!

My Masters of the WWE Roman Reigns shares the same fisted gauntlet as Mr. T...

I love both of these corresponding action figure lines, and have more to share! Recommended!

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Friday, July 16, 2021

MOTU Origins Deluxe Ram Man

I scored this MOTU Origins Deluxe Ram Man free using Amazon points I'd accumulated in the last couple months, my nostalgia strong for the 1983 version I loved as a child. An extra hand, head, and axe that pegs into the end of the handle of the original axe included make this figure truly deluxe.

Ram Man's spring loaded legs were a feature of the original figure, now activated merely by pressing down on the figure, unlike the previous lever activated spring release. I'm not usually crazy about play features that hinder a figure's articulation, but with Ram Man it's somehow charming...

Below, Temple of Darkness Sorceress greets He-Man, Man-at-Arms, and Teela, who bring Ram Man into the fold of Eternia's Heroic Warriors when knighted a protector of Castle Grayskull ...!

There is added articulation on this updated Ram Man- his neck is somewhat limited by the armored head, though the soft plastic of his helmet gives a little. Hinges at the elbows, wrists, and knees give a little more dynamism to him, but you won't get the kind of poses other MOTU Origins figures can. Below, Ram Man attacks Castle Grayskull intruder, Beastman ...!

And finally, Ram Man with my MOTU Origins Deluxe Battle Armor Skeletor and He-Man. I enjoyed getting deluxe figures in this line with extra accessories, especially the alternate heads. While I didn't have the Battle Armor Skeletor as a kid, the He-Man and Ram Man figures are certainly in the spirit of their '80s counterparts. Recommended!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Masters of the WWE Kane

 I haven't bought every Masters of the WWE figure I've seen in the wild, but have picked up a few that fit most seamlessly with my ever-growing MOTU Origins collection. Kane categorically resembled that aesthetic, as though he were just another Masters of the Universe villain. I did like the other WWE figures in this wave, who were also a good fit in my MOTU Origins collection, but not in the way Kane the Demonic Red Machine does!

A pistol and blast effect were included, as was a short mini comic with an illustrated cross sell ad for other figures in the wave, just like MOTU of the '80s. It appears Kane's robotic right arm will swap parts with the MOTU Origins Roboto I have on ice; I love interchangeable parts between these lines- great design for unlimited playablity!

If you collect Masters of the WWE or MOTU Origins, the Funko Primal Age Batcave is a must-have- I love mine almost as much as my new MOTU Origins Castle Grayskull! I had the original Castle Grayskull and the Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fangs as a kid in the '80s, so this Batcave stirs my nostalgia for playsets of that era. 

Below, Kane with my Masters of the WWE Roman Reigns, Jake the Snake, and Ultimate Warrior:

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Friday, July 2, 2021

MOTU Origins Rise of Evil Keldor & Kronis 2-pk

Target exclusives have confounded action figure collectors, particularly the recent Hasbro G.I.Joe Cobra Island figures, but lo and behold, Target suddenly restocked this MOTU Origins Rise of Evil 2-pk, which was also plentifully available on their website. I would have paid more for the Keldor figure in a deluxe package alone, having little interest in Kronis. The character is so much less interesting than Trapjaw, who he would later become. The Keldor head sculpt is superior to Kronis' less defined features. Regardless, I loved having these two in front of my new MOTU Origins Castle Grayskull...

The star of this 2-pk is, without a doubt, Keldor, who can be transformed into a deluxe Skeletor by switching heads. This fourth Skeletor head sculpt in the Origins line is based on the '80s mini comic artwork of Alfredo Alcala. The jeweled red eyes, cape, and extra armor paint really make him special!

Below, Skeletor battles Prince Adam for control of Castle Grayskull ...!

And finally, below, this Alcala Skeletor with my standard issue MOTU Origins Skeletor, Panthor, and Deluxe Battle Armor Skeletor! See more of the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe line at the Battle Ram Blog!

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