Thursday, December 30, 2021

Imaginext XL Deluxe Bat Tech & Defender Blue Batman, Imaginext Batman Vs. Riddler

As predicted, I did pick up a couple more Imaginext XL Batman figures, both new to the line, the Deluxe Bat Tech XL with lights and sounds, and the XL Batman in Defender Blue. I'm kind of a fan of variations on a theme and love the unique deco on these 10" figures. The Defender Blue Batman is a repaint of the black/yellow version Fisher-Price produced first, but the Deluxe Bat Tech Batman has some unique sculpt, and a lot of translucent parts, including the limbs and head. The light/sounds feature is activated by pressing his red belt buckle (video below).

Below, XL Deluxe Bat Tech and Defender Blue Batman with my Imaginext XL Bat Tech Batman, who's deco is also a unique variation on Batman's outfit. I'm happy with the cool, dark tones of this trio. Yes, these are for kids 3-8, but as an adult I enjoy them as I would any large vinyl toy- I love their exaggerated stylization, and chunky dimensions. If Funko put one in a window box with Japanese writing on the outside, they'd ask you fifty bucks for it- maybe more for a red variant.

See/hear Imaginext XL Deluxe Bat Tech Batman in action:

While shopping for other action figures, I happened upon this Batman Vs. Riddler 2 pk. While I did sell off all my Imaginext figures a few years ago, I was so charmed by the classic presentation of these characters, that I had to pick it up. The Fisher-Price Imaginext line is a fantastic, successful toy line I'd recommend for any kid, vast in scope with countless minifigures, fun playsets, and vehicles. Recommended!

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Friday, December 24, 2021

12in. Spin Master Metal Tech & Bat Tech Batman Figures

I'm somewhat a fan of "big, dumb action figures", like these 12" Spin Master Batman figures, and picked them up compulsively, based on the dazzle of their metallic finish. These wouldn't be the only DC figures of this category I've owned, having picked up a similar Mattel Superman back in 2015, and authored many posts on this blog featuring those '90s era ToyBiz 10" Marvel figures. Sure, they aren't the collector grade figures in my collection, but perhaps more fun in ways. Countless numbers of Marvel and DC figures have been produced by Hasbro and Mattel, respectively, but Spin Master took the sculpt and finish to another level with these two Bat Tech figures.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with these ten-dollar figures, which visually display a lot of bang for the buck. I'm not sure I've seen these particular finishes on Spin Master's 12" Batman figures and was taken with them on the spot- they make a fantastic pair on the shelf! I may have preferred a cloth cape, but the vinyl used may clean better with water after rough play with the target age demographic. It had a papery thin feel I didn't care for that came out of the package wrinkled. An industrious customizer might retro-fit a cloth goods cape, but mine will likely stay as-is.


Below, 12" Spin Master Bat Tech Batman with 4" Spin Master Bat Tech Batman and 10" Imaginext Bat Tech Batman. I'm sensing a theme here, perhaps directed by Warner Bros. or whomever oversees editorial decisions regarding DC characters. Children are growing up in a different era of technological advance than I did, certainly- untold fortunes were likely spent on research to arrive here, I'm sure. Whatever the case, I think it's fun in the same way I like the futuristic take on Batman Beyond.

And finally, the 12" Spin Master Batman figures with some other favorite Batman figures in my collection: 14" Mego Dark Knight Detective, 8" Mego Batman, 6" Mattel Total Heroes Batman, 7" McFarlane Batman Beyond (Inque), 4" Kenner Shadow Wing Batman, and 6" Mattel DC Multiverse Ninja Batman...

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Monday, December 20, 2021

MOTU Origins Mysteries of Castle Grayskull Deluxe Accessories Pack

I was lucky to have snagged this Power-Con Exclusive MOTU Origins Mysteries of Castle Grayskull accessories pack from a Mattel Creations second chance sale back in September. It would have been nice to get some of the other MOTU Origins items in that sale, but things sold out fast. This was the item I wanted most, but the exclusives frustrate most of us. At $30.00, it's an acceptable value, but paying over twice that may be ill-advised. Regardless, the embossed trap door box looks fantastic, and collector friendly- the items can be pushed back into the plastic tray for display.

I think the main attraction for collectors was the Ancient Cosmic Armor. Mattel's MOTU Classics Castle Grayskull included a static figure of this, but this may be the first articulated representation? At any rate, this figure certainly calls back to the cardboard cutout from Mattel's 1982 Castle Grayskull...

True to the parts interchangeability of MOTU Origins, the neck peg will accommodate other figures in the line, making this an extra fun/nostalgic accessory for the new Castle Grayskull. ...

The Orlax of Primera and Dwell of Souls base can slot onto the Origins Castle Grayskull floor, giving the dungeon sticker a more 3-dimensional aspect. Truth be told, you will get more functionality out from under the castle's second floor. The bendy wire will hold a figure, if somewhat loosely...

Like the Wind Raider and Battlefield Warriors He-Man/Battle Cat set, the Orlax/Dwell of Souls base gives us more diorama options for Castle Graykull. I love the expansion of this playset through vehicles and accessories, and almost have to expect a Point Dread/Talon Fighter set now, right ...?

The watery details of the Spirit of Grayskull accessory were somewhat lost in the mold's color mix, unfortunately- a clearer translucent blue or perhaps smoke would have come off better in my opinion, but I don't believe it's too small, as some have complained- it's a good fit in the shorter left turret, pegging onto the floor where the canon normally sits.

While I enjoyed official Mattel accessories to my Origins Castle Grayskull, a casual glance at any big box retailer's toy aisles would reveal an assortment of sci-fi and/or fantasy toys to complement these MOTU toys. We mixed our toys a lot in the '80s, and I think MOTU has a lot of that inherent play compatibility. I have used a couple small Imaginext Jurassic World raptors in the backgrounds of several photos, and more recently picked up a small dragon with a hinged jaw out of the bin toys end cap at Target....

MOTU Origins has been my favorite action figure line of the las t two years, unexpectedly tapping into my nostalgia for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe that I loved back in 1982! The figures interchangeable parts, vehicles with flight stands, and Castle Grayskull playset have made this so much fun. Mattel's MOTU team claim there is lots more to come, and I'm excited to see what they'll drop next!

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Monday, December 6, 2021

Super Hero Adventures Mega Mighties Thanos

 This Super Hero Adventures Mega Mighties Thanos was really intended for small children, but it's oversized features and simplified styling reminds me of an import vinyl or designer toy. Playskool produced several other characters in this line, such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Capt. Marvel, and Black Panther, as well as some Star Wars and Power Rangers figures, but this Thanos is unique among them. If an extra hand and/or head were included, Playskool could triple the price and call it a designer vinyl. While I've little interest in most the others, I compulsively picked this up at Big Lots for ten bucks- a larger figure and better play value than your average Funko POP...

The obvious comparison to these Playskool Mega Mighties would be the Fisher-Price DC Imaginext XL figures, also measuring in at 10 inches. Thanos has a waist swivel, traded for hip articulation in the DC XL figures, and enjoys a ball joint under his head for a little more expression. Otherwise, they are very similar, with swivel wrists and swivel/hinge shoulders. Below, the Imaginext XL Batman in Bat-Tech Blue from my last post...

And finally, Mega Mighties Thanos with some others in my collection: 4" Marvel Universe Thanos, 8" Marvel Select Thanos, and 7" Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet Thanos ...

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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman XL (Bat Tech Blue)

After enjoying the Imaginext Batwing and Apokolips Armor Batman minifigures in my last post, I happened upon one of those Imaginext XL Batman figures with a deco I had not previously seen. As I said before, I sold off all my Imaginext stuff in a collection purge, but I'm always looking because it's such a great toy line. When Fisher-Price dropped a few of these 10" Imaginext XL figures awhile back, I took notice. Yes, these are for kids 3-8, but as an adult I enjoy them as I would any large vinyl toy. It's oversized features, articulation, and soft goods cape are exactly like the minifigures I loved- I'd like to have three or four of the different Batman variants to line up in a display. 

Below, Bat Tech Batman XL with my Imaginext 

Again, the Fisher-Price Imaginext line is a fantastic, successful toy line I'd recommend for any kid, vast in scope with countless minifigures, fun playsets, and vehicles that will set their imagination alight. These XL figures are very affordable at ten bucks each, and are sturdily constructed for rough play. Mine will sit on the shelf where I can simply enjoy it's clean toyetic design- perhaps with a few more in a small collection. Recommended!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Imaginext Batwing and Apokolips Armor Batman (Bat-Tech)

I sold off all my Imaginext figures during a two-year purge of my collection, but curiosity got the best of me when I saw this Batwing and Apokolips Armor Batman from the Bat-Tech series. There were a few other characters in the assortment, including a Shazam and Black Adam, that all feature light piping through their chest emblems that can be illuminated by plugging into the Fisher-Price Bat-Tech Batcave playset. While that all certainly looks fun, I'm uncertain I have the room, nor want to budget for another entire line in my collection.

While the Imaginext Bat-Wing may need the port on the Bat-Tech Batcave to light his chest emblem, the Apokolips Armor Batman's entire back is molded in translucent plastic that can be illuminated by almost any light source from behind...

Below, Imaginext Apokolips Armor Batman with my McFarlane Toys Hellbat
and Imaginext Batwing next to my Mattel DC Multiverse Batwing...

The Fisher-Price Imaginext line is a fantastic, successful toy line I'd recommend for any kid, vast in scope with countless minifigures, fun playsets, and vehicles that will set their imagination alight. Recommended!

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