Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Dungeon Diorama

It had been a while since making a diorama for my action figure photography, and I'd been wanting a new background for the MOTU Masterverse figures I've been collecting. This is the simplest diostructure I've made, I just wanted a sizeable, but simple "fantasy" background. Like the others I've produced, this setup is collapsable, held together with magnets imbedded at the base.

This began with two 24 x 24" pink foam insulation squares, carved with a couple bamboo picks I made back in college sculpture class. The magnets at the base were inserted after priming, then the pieces were painted, washed in dark gray, and finished with two coats of acrylic varnish.

As you can see below, a 7" NECA figure is dwarfed by the diostructure's enormous 24 x 24" back wall (the floor is 24 x 18"). I could possibly add some ivy foliage or Coat of Arms shields on the back wall, but I'm enjoying its simplicity for now. See the posts on my Sci-Fi Lab diorama and my Street Scene diorama made in 2018, and stay tuned for my next post on the NECA Dungeons and Dragons Ultimate Warduke!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

MOTU Masterverse New Eternia Man-At-Arms & Trap Jaw

These Masterverse figures arrived from Amazon last December as part of the most recent New Eternia Wave. I had preordered them almost immediately upon solicitation, their classic representations of each character a big draw for me- a kid who witnessed the 1982 debut of Mattel's Masters of the Universe line.

With two separate head sculpts and two unique helmets, this New Eternia Man-At-Arms feels like a deluxe figure- if that's not enough, the extra fists and ball and chain accessory surely put it closer to that classification. Like Ram Man, we got a weapon clip on the figure's armor to stow his mace. The helmets fit snugly onto both heads, too- I can't praise this figure enough for its looks and functionality. 

Masterverse New Eternia Man-At-Arms with my MOTU Origins Man-At-Arms:

Below. Man-At-Arms with some of the other Masterverse Heroic Warriors: 


I didn't have Trap Jaw in 1983 but was still playing with Masters of the Universe and had four figures from that year in my collection. The accessories are always part of the appeal of a character like Trap Jaw- this New Eternia version features a unique jaw-clamp accessory that can be changed out with the figure's standard magenta jaw. Also included is a sword that can be sheathed on the figure's back. Delightful!

Masterverse New Eternia Trap Jaw with my MOTU Origins Trap Jaw:

Masterverse Trap Jaw with Beastman, Mer-Man, and Skeletor...

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Monday, February 12, 2024

MOTU Masterverse New Eternia Deluxe Ram Man


I picked up this Deluxe New Eternia Ram Man at a discounted price on the secondary market recently, quite late to the game- a tremendous oversight as this is one of the best Masterverse figures produced, with a fantastic sculpt/deco, loaded with accessories.

When the Masterverse line first dropped in 2021, it wasn't clear if we would be getting traditional representations of all the Masters of the Universe characters, or if the line would only follow the Netflix Revelations series. We did begin seeing classic representations though, accelerating with the New Eternia launch. We get a classic Ram Man in the New Eternia series that hits all the right notes and beyond.

Below, Ram Man with his head & chest overlay that are purportedly based on designer Mark Taylor's concept art, featuring goggled eyes and chest armor- I'm unfamiliar with the horned devil insignia, but shouldn't it be a ram's head? I love the clips on the back of this additional armor for stowing his axe!

Clawful is no match for Ram Man!

The third head sculpt features another concept drawing with a fully masked helmet and an orange key insignia on the back, the symbolism of which I cannot find anything about. I really like this beefed-up combo!

Below, Masterverse Ram Man with my MOTU Origins Ram Man
which was also a deluxe offering in that line, and one of my favorites...

Below, Ram Man with some of my other Masterverse Heroic Warriors: Jitsu, Battle Armor He-Man, Teela, and Fisto. I can't say enough good things about the New Eternia Ram Man, which has to be my favorite of them all. I have more Masterverse and Origins to show you here on the Super-DuperToyBox- thanks for reading!

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Saturday, February 10, 2024

MOTU Masterverse New Eternia Webstor, Faker, & Jitsu

 Webstor, Faker, and Jitsu were all Masterverse figures I collected on the secondary market last year, coming into the game late after three years of telling myself that Mattel's MOTU Origins line was all I was interested in. But over time I was swayed by this fantastic 7" line of Masters of the Universe figures- the more recent New Eternia figures most especially.

The only figure of these three I didn't have from the original MOTU line in the '80s, this Webstor has fantastic detail in the face, with its translucent red eyes. His grapple gun has retractable claws, the line of which can be fed through the backpack like the original toy. The added spider arms are articulated as well.

Masterverse New Eternia Webstor with my Mattel MOTU Origins Webstor:

Masterverse Webstor with my other MOTU "creature" villains: 

My childhood Faker action figure from 1983 was one of my favorites, and this New Eternia version does not disappoint! I'm particularly fond of the sculpted chest panel revealing the character's robotic nature. The figure was featured on cross-sell art with a magenta chest armor at some point, contrary to the figure's orange chest armor, homaged here on the New Eternia Faker.

Masterverse New Eternia Faker with my Mattel Origins Faker:

Masterverse New Eternia Faker with my Masterverse 40th Anniversary HeMan:

Masterverse New Eternia Faker with my New Eternia Skeletor:

Jitsu was one of the last figures I got from the original MOTU line back in '84, and another childhood favorite I regretted selling until picking up the Origins Jitsu, and now this 7" Masterverse New Eternia version. They kept the vac-metal hand and added a gnarly jaw muzzle- so great!

Masterverse New Eternia Jitsu with my MOTU Origins Jitsu:

Masterverse New Eternia Jitsu with my Masterverse Revelation Fisto

I've been loving these 7" Masterverse figures and have several more to showcase here on the Super-DuperToyBox! I never could afford the 6" Masters of the Universe Classics line from a decade ago, but these are easier to acquire at retail instead of that old pesky MattyCollector site. Stay tuned!

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